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  1. I have a sponsor for Hartford Golf Club. May go that route. Going to take the plunge soon.
  2. @metsmc Thanks for the reply; I was beginning to worry I was the only person who played golf in Connecticut. Let me know what you think of Hartford and good luck in the state am. I have inquired at Wampanoag, Farmington, Avon and Hartford golf club. I need to make a decision in the next couple of months to get in before I turn 40 and take advantage of reduced initiation.
  3. Moving to Farmington CT in the next month and looking for club options. Some considerations will be turning 40 this summer, 4 kids ranging from 6 - 14, all play golf somewhat, but pool, tennis and friends are an important piece as well. The company I work for is willing to sponsor the initiation and dues. I play off 7~ and try to get out 2 or 3 times a month to play and a couple times a week to practice. Would be interested in a weekly game so locating a likely group would be ideal. Convenience is a big factor, so being able to get a time to play without a lot of notice or re
  4. Thanks for your service. I lived in FloMo just across the street from Bridlewood up until two years ago. It was a pretty fun course, but was super slow pace on weekends. The conditions were hit or miss for me. I really like Grapevine muni. Best public track out that way.
  5. Are there any members at Twin Creeks on here? I joined recently and looking for a regular group.
  6. I saw this, but did not hear what was said...any idea?
  7. I had a chance to go watch this morning for a couple of hours. What an awesome course. The fairways and greens are as impressive as I have ever seen. Conditions were damn near perfect. Love these old style tracks.
  8. I like Zac Blair this week. Hopefully the rain stays away.
  9. Been out to Mira Vista when Michael Martin was there. Saw Monte there too. Tremendous facility....but I live in Flower Mound, so it's about 49 miles door to door.... Welcome to DFW! For the longest time it was a picnic for public golf. Lots of capacity, cheap prices, lots of great courses. Not quite what it used to be... Thanks for the welcome. Ironic as we are in Flower Mound as well. I played Trohpy Club in a tournament yesterday and was not overly impressed with the facilities. This was on my short list of courses to consider given the proximity to FM. I am going to look a
  10. Sounds like I am in the same boat as you. I just moved to the DFW area and am looking to join a club also. I am interested to see what responses you get here.
  11. No tipping on either club, and I should have been more clear. The ping does indeed have a blueboard in it.
  12. I have had these two for a while because they are just that solid. Both clubs are in great shape, normal wear on the sole, crown and topline clean. As far as I know they are both standard length. Headcovers included on both. Cleveland 100 shipped in US Ping 75 shipped in US untitled_150425_0002.jpg by 3$ Maddy, on Flickr untitled_150425_0001.jpg by 3$ Maddy, on Flickr untitled_150425_0003.jpg by 3$ Maddy, on Flickr untitled_150425_0004.jpg by 3$ Maddy, on Flickr untitled_150425_0005.jpg by 3$ Maddy, on Flickr untitled_150425_0006.jpg by 3$ Maddy, on Flickr untitled_150425_
  13. I am in Utah as well. I would recommend you go see Corey Badger and have him look at things and you can get fitted there. He is a great guy and by far the best I have found in the Salt Lake City area. Let me know if you need any more details. We should get out and play sometime.
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