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  1. If you have to manufacture an outrage maybe it isn't that big of a deal.
  2. I enjoyed it for what it was. I had it on DVR so I fast forwarded a bit at times. I like the premise because everyone thought the 2 good golfers could beat the pro who was handicapped with a hacker. Didn't end up that way.
  3. I wonder if the admins every check IP addresses to see who those trolls reinvent themselves as.
  4. Two guys, both extremely rich and famous, screwing with each other over peanuts and it turns into this. Now we have people taking sides, critiquing his golf ability (which is probably better than anyone on this thread) and now accusations he is trying to kill spectators. Some people wake up just looking for their daily outrage.
  5. What a find!!! You just hand them that at the gate and they will wave you in!
  6. As someone who uses drones daily....those were drone shots.
  7. Great job by DJ. You could really see what that meant to him. I always though DJ put forth a facade when it came to dealing with the media, it was always basic answers and sometimes just flat out screwing with them. Today it broke down and you saw a little of what was on the inside. It is nice to see someone fulfill a dream while being at the pinnacle of their sport.
  8. Par is just a segmented measuring point, the total score is what counts.
  9. ....at least they talk about the game and not if the announcer makes noise when he talks.
  10. LOL......announcers covering the PGA Tour should focus their commentary on that facet. Am's don't play the same game.
  11. Of all the sports I follow....golf fans are by far the whiniest group.
  12. Yup....and it is mostly announcer related. The infatuation baffles me.
  13. Golf viewers are a grumbling bunch.....
  14. Format is fine. It is a good way to reward the overall performance for the last year. Those who didn't do as well should have a progressively higher mountain to climb.
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