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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Up for sale is a set of Titleist 718 TMB 3 thru PW. Shafts are PX 5.5 flex. Standard length, lie and loft for Titleist. The 3 iron is shafted with a Tour AD DI 85s hybrid shaft (original steel shaft will be included). Asking $800 shipped. I'm willing to split the set: $175 for the 3 iron $625 for 4 - PW set pin 11/26
  2. Regular or stiff shaft. Wouldn't mind combo sets. Gen 1 or gen 2
  3. All prices include shipping and fees. Will try to send out the next day after deceiving payment. 1. Air Jordan V low world grey in size 9.5. Never work out, only tried on. Lace locks included. Asking $265 2. Tour AD DI 5 in stiff flex with PXG tip. Tipped 1 inch. Some metallic paint specs, not really noticeable but want to be accurate with condition. Asking $165 OBRO 3. Tour AD BB in regular flex with PXG tip. Not tipped. There’s some epoxy rattling inside the shaft. Asking $165 OBRO 4. Evenflow Riptide CB 60 in stiff flex. No adapter. PXG grip. Asking $75.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Is this just old epoxy, or something else?
  5. I pulled an adapter off of a Diamana BF and it seems to have a “cap”. I’ll admit - I don’t pull too many so this might be typical. A question I have is, should I drill a hole through before installing a new adapter?
  6. One item for sale. Price includes shipping and fees. No trades, just look for a quick sale. PXG 0317X Gen 1 19 degree Standard PXG length Aldila NV 2KXV Blue stiff shaft Stamped DEMO $165 to your door
  7. Both shafts sold. Only driver head and cover. $245 shipped.
  8. Two items for sale. Prices include shipping and fees. Thanks for looking. 1) PXG 0811x w/ cover Asking $245, shaft sold 2) Black Tour AD DI 7s shaft for fairway Shaft is tipped 0.5” Standard size GP grip Asking sold
  9. Adding a few items: Four boxes of Vice balls - 3 Vice Pro (green and red) and 1 Vice Pro Plus (white). New and sealed. $Sold Eights sleeve of Pro V1 (4) and Pro V1x (4). New. $70 shipped.
  10. So I'm going to hang it up for a bit. Rather than have these items sit, I'm hoping I can find a good home for them. Prices include shipping and fees. For reasons stated above, no trades. I'm open to reasonable offers, and please let me know if you'd like additional pics. PXG 0811X with ADDI 7s (no tipping), 9* Plays at 44" SW is D0 (I think) PXG HC includes $400 375 340 PXG 0341X with ADDI 7s (0.5" tipping), 15* Plays a hair under 43" No sure about SW HC also included sky mark (see pics) $360 340 300 PXG 0317X with stock shaft, 19* PXG standard length Stamped DEMO HC also included $300 280 230 PXG Mini Gunboat H, 375g head 33" HC included $Sold Bushnell Pro X2 No box, case is beat (no zipper) Perfect working condition $Sold
  11. Hello everyone, With my surgery coming up, I won't be able to play for at least a year, so these need a new home rather than sit in my closet. PXG 0311 5 - GW PX LZ 5.5 shafts GP CP2 standard size grips Lie is 1* flat, standard lofts Mizuno playing lengths (5i plays at 37.75") Asking $sold. Price includes shipping and fees. I can send additional pics. Thanks in advance.
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