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  1. Check out Seabrook island. It’s right next to kiawah. 45 minutes to Charleston but you get a nice quiet island with good golf right around there.
  2. Also Rivertowne is a good golf course. Michelle Wei was going to shoot 90 there before she withdrew. Yemen’s Hall is great, but private. Country club of Charleston is also fantastic but private. A late 18 at the Muni is also fun. Course is terrible but a ton of history and a Charleston icon.
  3. Rated highest is one thing, an enjoyable round is another. Don’t get me wrong, I think if you have the chance to play it- do.
  4. Resort courses in Kiawah are borderline not worth it. There are 2 private courses; cassique and river course that are wayyy better. Also Kiawah is not that far out of the way. PM me and I am happy to help.
  5. I just moved to Chester County, PA. I am looking for a good place or individual that can do club work. Reshafting and regripping mainly. I dont wanna take it to a big box store. I can even do all the work myself if some place has all the equipment .
  6. Update*** Pulled the shaft , easy . Anyone know what shaft goes in there?
  7. I have a Scotty Circa 62 #5 that I had to break the shaft to take it on an airplane, long story... But now I need to reshaft it. Can someone tell me where I need to apply the heat? What shaft this putter use? Im pretty comfortable with doing this kinda stuff but I am this one has me confused.
  8. Love the G/Fore shoes as well, super comfortable and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. How do the GFore shoes fit in comparison to FJ Dryjoys? Looking to order a pair and just want to pick the correct size. Thanks So I went samller whenever buying FJ, usually a 13, 12 in FJ. In G Fore I go true to size, so 13.
  9. Rivertowne is a great golf course. Better than the others mentioned on here. It is where Michelle Wei shot just about 90. Doesn't have the water views Stono has but far better golf course.
  10. I have zero issues with my g fore gloves. Only glove I use, the plastic they come in is paradigm to keep them last longer. Plus, its not that crappy sleeve titles or footboy give you, its basically a zip lock bag. Side not: G Fore makes the absolute best golf shoe I have ever worn, I won't wear anything else now. Well worth whatever they cost.
  11. Also I am wanting to port the wedge to make it lighter, not adding weights.
  12. I could not find anything about this I am reaching out to the Golf WRX community. Has anyone "ported" their own wedge? If so, how do you decide where to drill? What bit did you use?
  13. I am looking for a good place or person to do some club work in Dallas. I want to stay away from the big box stores considering they want $20 a club for reshafting. Plus I would rather support someone with a small shop or someone doing it on the side.
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