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  1. lc1342

    Ping G425

    I have to ask what does that mean? lol.
  2. What is the turnaround for new order's?
  3. Any word on a single length set from Ping? I know a couple years ago they purchased patent's from Nike.
  4. Will an updated model be pushed to a later date due to Covid-19?
  5. I played one round yesterday with the 0211’s and they weren’t my favorite. I like the i500’s better. Played well with them today. Sticking with them. I recommend them. They cut through the turf well and still pretty long. Just on a bad day, they can hurt me. That’s more of the swing, not the club. I just kept hearing great things about the 0211’s. I wouldn’t say they are much more forgiving than the i500’s.
  6. Definitely a good guy. There has definitely been worse done.
  7. I’d be curious to know too. I still have my set. I like them a lot. On bad swing days, they can be brutal. I’d be curious to see if the i510’s will be more forgiving? I have a set of 0211’s coming just because I’ve heard so many good things. But I always come back to Ping.
  8. I would imagine the free agent route or end up with Ping.
  9. He’s off the website and they didn’t post him in their story today on instagram.
  10. I got suckered in after reading this thread. I ordered a set online.
  11. I know this is a 2019 thread but the Houston Open for 2020 is official for November 9th through the 15th. A little later from last year. Guessing it’s after the Asian swing?
  12. I just saw him tee off. It looks like he has the G410 right now.
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