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  1. I just ordered myself a set of T100S w/ LZ 6.5 shafts. Good to hear lots of positive reviews over time on here. The gapping of my wedges was my only concern, but I think I'm just going to bend my 50 to a 49, then also have a 55 and 60. Can't wait! Only downside is that that Titleist says they are backordered until February. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get to see them sooner though.
  2. I really have a hard time believing these irons will ship in February. That just seems super quick with the lack of information out there so far. I know the X Forged CB and Apex MB's went up for preorder pretty fast after pics surfaced, but those always get less hype than the Apex Pro line. Hopefully I'm wrong!
  3. Well it looks like we just got the Callaway driver leak, so the irons should be coming any time now...
  4. I agree. If that's the direction that they decide to take the Apex Pro, then it's pretty clear as to what the differences will be between these and the X Forged CB line. In the past, it seems like they have been very comparable to eachother. I'm just ready to see some pics!
  5. I wanted to check back in on this... I'm currently 36, and a member at Lomas Santa Fe. La Costa's Junior Executive membership lasts until you are 45, while Lomas only goes until you are 40. The initiation is a little steep for my price range, but the monthly is solid, and it would hopefully be somewhere that I could stay for a long time. If there are any members of this club on here, I'd be interested in your opinion on the culture and quality of the membership. Thanks!
  6. I've been gaming the 2019 Apex Pro's since they were released, but recently tried the 2021 X Forged CB's and loved them. They didn't feel a ton softer than my current clubs, but I gained a couple MPH ball speed and still felt great. I really don't want to pull the trigger on the X Forged CB's until I can at least catch a glimpse of the 2021 Apex Pro's, since everyone keep raving about how smooth they look. This is really a true test of my golf equipment patience (or lack thereof)!
  7. 1. TPI! (next closest is Stadium Golf Center in San Diego, CA) 2. Encinitas, CA 5. 3.2 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero - Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.0 5. Callaway Fitting Event - Golf Mart Del Mar 6. TSi3 7. Sure thing.
  8. I highly recommend Maderas, if you do not mind driving about 40 minutes from PB. Encinitas Ranch is great for the views and conditions, but it's a pretty easy track. Never played Barona, but I hear it's great!
  9. I've currently got the Utility Trouper, and looking to make the move over to the VLX stand as well. The listed weight of each is within 0.5 lbs, but which one carried a little lighter, in your opinion?
  10. Found my old Hoofer from high school recently (circa 1999). Cleaned it up and it's ready to game again!
  11. Anyone hear of any Orange County driving ranges that have opened? I’m in north San Diego county, and I really expected my course to be open any day now. Some Rancho Santa Fe clubs are back up and running for walking only. I’m sure it’s coming soon, but just getting antsy!
  12. I had the same issue. There is no way to check the status online. You just have to call. When I spoke to them, they said they will ship by May 4th at the latest, but hopefully sooner.
  13. Bonobos Highland Tour pants and Linksoul Boardwalker shorts.
  14. Thanks for posting! I agree that it looks like a dry weather shoe. I may go with the white/red colorway, just because that looks like it won't hold dirt as much as the blue. Either way, we all know how hard it is to keep that boost foam clean, no matter what color you get.
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