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  1. Some guys don't know bling about Bling. Bling's the way of the world..
  2. "On your decision/choice to super comfy, is it proper to put down a certain class or group of gofers to justify 'your choice' of apparel/shoes? "
  3. Golf, the great escape in life.
  4. "Not anymore, when you attain that age the rates usually increase without corporate discretion. Corporations don't mind sticking it to the 'old guy'. True
  5. I would stick with the Tourstage z 101's .. er .. uh .. I mean the PR 202's.
  6. That's what I'm saying, I can carry by bag about 290 before i have to set it down.
  7. Stand bags would be good enough. I'm old, I'm not with it, not in the know but ... golf was more fun when everyone walked. But like i said, I'm old. But i still carry it around 290.
  8. Bill, I still have that set of TM rac CB's you sold me back in 05 or 06. They're still next to new. I hope you're tearing the seniors up down there in the "I'll Show You State"..
  9. Work hard, we all have the same idea in mind. ;)
  10. Bill, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post here. ;) I'm doing good, lots of lawn to mow and grass to grow. Hope things are good for you down there in Bolivar.
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