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  1. Bill, I still have that set of TM rac CB's you sold me back in 05 or 06. They're still next to new. I hope you're tearing the seniors up down there in the "I'll Show You State"..
  2. Work hard, we all have the same idea in mind. ;)
  3. Bill, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post here. ;) I'm doing good, lots of lawn to mow and grass to grow. Hope things are good for you down there in Bolivar.
  4. [quote name='Dscvrr St Louis' timestamp='1395361270' post='8914393'] I would love to see comparison pics done more with each club in both left and right positions. Eye dominance makes things look differently even in photos. It would give a more true comparison. [/quote] If you'll notice, the photo comparisons favor the upper position, and it's angles, especially the angles. But please don't frame that gorgeous Callways MackDaddy 2 wedge against one of those off brand golf balls..
  5. Titanium sparks off green grass.. My son's Great Big Bertha was shooting sparks like he was hitting steel on a concrete sidewalk. Yes, titanium and grass will cause the sparks to fly.
  6. Outside, cold, haven't hit a ball since Del Mar...9 iron, Apex Pro's, 5 balls...either I'm really good or the Apex Pros with Recoil graphite's are freak'n awesome... And we all know what the answer to this ^^^ is .. .. They're that good..
  7. Well you can't say that Brad didn't put some thought, time and effort into this one.. p.s. In the time it took me to read the premise of this topic, one of our OEM's has come out with another "new" (smaller or larger) driver...
  8. Indeed, and I as well can't wait for this [email protected]#$%^n winter to end... One of the worst, if not the worst winter I can remember.. Here's to the 80's .. hot'n sweaty..
  9. Sure, and now you're going bionic on me. Heck, I won't stand a chance against you in golf, what with all the stainless steel, titanium, cobalt, and uranium parts and devices that they're souping you up with.. [size=4]I wish your surgeon's hands the skills beyond comprehension[/size] [size=4] [/size][size=4], and your nurses to be fleet of feet...[/size][size=4] [/size] The best to you Kevin..
  10. Kev Carter, I didn't know that you were ailing. Best wishes, and get well soon. Good guys are hard to find these days. And you're a good guy... [size=4] [/size]
  11. [quote name='GoIrish17' timestamp='1395246723' post='8904641'] [quote name='MrParr1Noid' timestamp='1395204331' post='8902529'] The snow's finally melting, and now...it won't be long.. [attachment=2128087:CALLAWRX2 030.jpg] [/quote] I can't wait to see what you think of the Recoils, Mac. I forget, have you gotten to hit the new sticks at the range or anything yet, or have [b][u]you hit the Recoils [/u][/b]previously? [/quote] Only in Carlsbad. That day, I hit so many balls and different irons with many different shafts that I can't remember which sets they were in. But I do reme
  12. The snow's finally melting, and now...it won't be long.. [attachment=2128087:CALLAWRX2 030.jpg]
  13. [quote name='Toph84' timestamp='1395202911' post='8902447'] [quote name='toc' timestamp='1395184386' post='8900357'] That's a GI ball cap, too chunky for me. Can't stand the offset of the bill. [/quote] And the top line is WAY too thick [/quote] Just you guys wait, I hear they're coming out with a "b" version..
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