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  1. My question too. I wanted a set, but seems like pros are not switching and definitely not a 3 or 4-pw switch if they have i59's in the bag. That along with the price tag made a long time ping fan order the T100 irons. As well as the fact that T100 irons come with the AMT shaft I like as a standard, non uncharge shaft unlike ping. I already have the T100 and since they were forged, I ordered a standard set and bent them to my specs no problem. Did not have to wait the extra time for the custom T100 or pings.
  2. Kyoei KK MB is better than any of my miura sets including BB,MB, MC, 301’s. I love the grind on the KKs as well. I do go back and forth between the KKs and the MBs as the MBs are hard to beat. Just look and play great. I’ve been on an s55 kick lately for forgiveness due to more tourney play and man they are not nearly the same!
  3. I have a DF2.1 and it is very balanced. head is huge and has trouble fitting in my bag actually... However, it is great for a semi straight back and thru putting stroke. I have used Newports forever and always struggle with a pull. I changed to this, and now due to years of slightly opening the blade my miss is now a push! Can't win for losing I guess. But they are worth a try for sure. I really want to try the B2 as it seems legit and much smaller.
  4. Sorry as I may have missed this in the thread, but the current model 60 degree glide forged wedge's bounce/sole is compared to which new one? The S??? Which grind does this correspond too in the Vokey?
  5. Ok I see the details now. I use safari and it was not showing up when I posted it before. Weird. Is the 25% discount offered every year? That would make it a pretty reasonable JDM price.
  6. https://www.kyoeigolf.com/product/2021-kyoei-kcm-heritage-blade-iron/#shaft Does anyone know anything about these? The website is scarce with details as far as offset/lofts/etc. I have a set of the predecessor KYOEI KK MBs and they are very nice. Same finish as these. It appears that the bounce/grind is different than mine as mine are more of a pronounces 'Srixon' looking bounce where there is a distinct difference between the front 1/2 and the back 1/2 of the bottom of the iron. The face is different as well where mine are all the same finish, where this one is different that the rest of the iron. In any event, mine are super soft and feel better than the other JDM sets I have for sure. Just curious. Thanks.
  7. 0211 ST on sale now for ridiculously cheap price.
  8. I use my mevo plus outdoors on our clubs range with prov1x golf balls. I have no problems with all my wedges and irons getting picked up and data showing up, shot tracing, etc. But when I switch to drivers, it hardly ever picks it up and when it does, it will be one or two data points only. I hit prob 40 drivers yesterday after a full iron session that had no problems, and only 3 shots were picked up. However, the 'shot numbers' were changing so it seemed like the mevo knew it was a shot. It showed 4/4, 5/5 6/6 after my shots so it appeared to be counting them. Also the 'system status' indicator light seems to switch a lot between green and red---so system ready vs. armed and ready. I forgot to change back to irons to see if it did this as well when hitting them. But, I did not move the mevo and did not change from the area I was hitting the irons. The distance from the mevo to the ball remained constant. I have the roll as close to 0 degrees as I can get it and the angle of the kickstand is around 16-17 degrees. In the radar set up page on the app, it does not show this to be out of whack and is in acceptable parameters for my range per se. Radar sits level to my ball on the ground. I even tried changing 'tee height' in the settings to see if this made a difference and it did not help. anyway, any ideas to try would be helpful and appreciated. thanks in advance. If any of them work, I will report back as to what did the trick.
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