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  1. BK and SF have one thing in common---they shop at the same shirt shop.... I'll that that in a Smedium please.
  2. Does anyone have a better idea of the TSi4 introduction data? Is this the early February Titleist date on here? My friend that is the rep said he believes it is going to be closer to summer for its release.
  3. My quattro just arrived. It is fantastic. Much better on the joints than the CCE mat and doesn't promote the 'hit it a little fat' swing flaw. You can tell thin, fat, nice shot every time. And customer service is superior with excellent shipping times. I am very satisfied. Paid 325 plus shipping. Arrived in 2 days from order.
  4. I don't think Earl is Cheyenne's dad. I think he is her granddad.
  5. Any one hearing new info? real spy pics found???
  6. Again you have no idea what my life has been and what struggles I have overcome. To call me ignorant based on you having not one idea as to what My life has been about—well is quite ignorant of you. Again, assumptions are seemingly your undoing.
  7. Haha. Not sensitive at all. I was just illustrating using his exact verbatim wording. But as to the second point—if jT can be claimed under his parents insurance, he is still a kid....
  8. honestly man, you are missing the whole freaking point. What anyone says or does outside my family means nothing to the way I live my life. If you worry about what some kid golfer said this much and it makes your nerve level go to the level that you have to bold and italic and underline a statement as if I am blind, that is your problem. not mine.
  9. Agree. They can do what they want for any reason they want. If you choose to buy or not buy based off their decision, then that is your decision. Whichever side you fall on, you should not be a hater of the other side just b/c they feel differently. This world has gotten out of hand. The hatred of the opposite point of view is just dang crazy.
  10. Naw see it has nothing to do with 'thick skin'--which in fact was used in the past to describe a certain ethnic population so you should be ashamed of yourself but back to the subject. It mainly has to do that I don't worry about what people say as it really does not impact how I live my life one iota. If someone calls me a name when I was a little kid, I never cared. I was taught that the only reason people use those words trying to hurt my feelings is that they are little people/insecure/feel less or feel jealous of me. You are making assumptions based off your
  11. Agree. sensitivity police are everywhere. If you are not offended by what was said, someone else will be offended at you for not being offended. I am outraged at you not being outraged!!!! 10 years ago, even the Huffington post wrote an article defining how this is a little out of hand. It seems to me that people in general desire to have a more meaningful existence than they really do--the desire to verify their self importance is too high. I see the word 'historic' used so often and freely in todays press, it is sickening. Historic is not if a female kicks a football in t
  12. When will the PGA and tours wake up and start 'protecting' their image and stop mic'ing up and having boom mics to listen to the players words? (since clearly they are worried about their image for dropping certain courses in the championship rota) The NFL got this a long long time ago. Do you think they would ever allow a TV station to center in on the players? could you imagine what they would say during a game??? the NFL ain't no idiots as they say... The PGA is a bunch of dopes. Bryson was right--why do you want to follow me around for 45 seconds afte
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