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  1. Will any stores be posting these online similar to the Champions Choice release?? i’d trade my untouched 35” Champions Choice for one of these if anyone is interested … worth a shot
  2. 10/8/21 . Limited to 4,000 putters. Looks like worldwide golf shop sold out online already.
  3. Does anyone happen to know how many of these putters were made and if they will be individually numbered ?
  4. I too was able to order off Puetz, right after replying in this thread . Got an confirmation email as well. Praying
  5. Already OOS ? or not yet live? Can not believe I missed this drop this morning
  6. I was (still am) having the exact same issue with my driver. I am hitting my 3 wood just as far as my driver and much straighter. The hope is that the mini driver will provide slightly more distance than the 3 wood while still finding fairways. Order was placed on Sunday for the 11.5 degree and this club can’t arrive soon enough.
  7. Was anyone in the United States able to snag a pair of the regular (not BOA) Victory Tour 2 in this color?? I’m pretty confident Nike never even released these on their site. Went from coming soon to sold out. Very unfortunate
  8. Pretty lame that these are now showing as out of stock. They never even went live on the website
  9. I thought the white and volt colorway of the Victory Tour 2 was supposed to release this morning.. is that not the case??
  10. It’s too bad that the greatest collection Nike ever put together for a major, never went public
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