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  1. People may think my reasoning for my wedge gapping is ridiculous (48/54/60) with a 46 degree pitching wedge, but I find that I hit my wedges much better when I take a little off from a full swing. I also tend to hit wedge shots by taking a lot off. I can pretty accurately hit my 48 down to the gapping of my 54 and 54 down to the 60 with a fair amount of confidence. My 60 is used for a lot of the awkward shots around the green. This probably doesn't help you much, but good look.
  2. I purchased a Callaway Epic Speed this year and had the Evenflow shaft in it. I am typically pretty decent with driver accuracy with an average distance of around 270. I was however very inconsistent when using this driver. Distance varied 20+ yards because I had a hard time hitting the center of the face. I purchased a Velocore Blue S6. The feel and consistency changed immediately. I was hitting the center of the face much more often which increased my accuracy and distance. I have not tried the non velocore version. On a side note I tried the Black in a stiff and I lost the ability to find the center of the face all together. I was shocked at how different the two shafts felt and the performance differences. I would find a place that you could try them. Im stuck with a $300 shaft that I cant use.
  3. A few years back I worked at a big box golf retail store and a lot of the processes they had in place made zero sense to me. I ended up leaving before they fired all of their PGA Professionals just because by looking at the numbers I could see the writing on the wall. I will sometimes go back to see how things are and its extremely sad to see how bad it looks with very few people shopping. We do have a local store that has excellent customer with knowledgeable staff and that place stays busy constantly. I could go on and on about why a lot of these big box stores are failing and at the time when I tried to point out some of these issues to management they were all ignored.
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