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  1. What are some fade bias 3 woods? Currently use sim max and has to much draw or hook for me
  2. I got fit this year and went from 24 handicap to 15 this year. I wasn’t sure how much it would help before doing it but if you have the money do it
  3. All these brands make a bunch different irons but only make one kind of wedge, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
  4. Why don’t most companies make forged wedges with smaller head? I use z785 and like the small compact head but have sm7 wedges right now and heads look huge next to the ball.
  5. kyle071353


    Got fit for these clubs this week and love them. Dropped my height from 125 ft to 105-110. I was using z545 before and honestly the head size is pretty much same size just with smaller top line. 15 handicap and very easy to hit and more forgiving than I thought
  6. Got fit for z785 last night love how they look down by the ball
  7. Is there any irons that have same feel as the p790’s but won’t launch as high?
  8. He did adjusted the lofts down. I can’t remember what my ball speed was. My 7 iron is my 180 club
  9. You also need to consider your dynamic loft. You can "swing down" and play the ball back all you want, but if you do any kind of flipping... that'll toss the ball up higher. What do your divots generally look like? Super deep... barely any at all? And, factually speaking... do you actually know your ball is flying too high with too much spin? It's kind of tough for our eyes to see the difference in 10 or 20 feet in a small object that's 100 something plus yards away. Have you been on Trackman or similar lately? I got fit for c taper shafts and lower my peak height from 150 to 135. The f
  10. So I probably have to steep angle of attack that makes the ball go to high? I normally play the ball more off my back foot, just feels more comfortable.
  11. Height of the ball during flight
  12. I thought with less spin that ball wouldn’t launch as high
  13. Guess I thought they were lower launching irons. My bad
  14. I am thinking about getting set of P790 irons, right now I have srixon z545 irons with c taper shafts that I was fitted for. I am 15 handicap. Even with the c taper shafts still hit the ball to high and I am high spin player. I thought with the p790’s would lower the trajectory and also lower my spin. On a windy day feel like I don’t have a chance with how high the ball is going. What do you guys think?
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