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  1. Looks good to my eye. Here’s a comparison to the “Scotty” on the neck of mine.
  2. OG buttonback. But $1500 might not be enough these days….
  3. I’m 6’5 and tried a 36” putter a few seasons ago. Felt more comfortable but putter worse with it so went back to 35”. Definitely putt better without the extra length.
  4. I’m at 16 after selling four on the BST last week. Oh, and I have #17 arriving any day. Lately I’ve been gaming the DH89 b/c I got it in the off season and have wanted to put it through the paces. I’ll probably end up rotating between that and some of the heavier carbon Scotties I have like the Mil-Specs or AOP Newport Byron Morgan DH89 SC Mil-Spec 350G SC Mil-Spec 350G (yup, 2 of them) SC AOP Newport 350G SC Classics Newport SC Studio Stainless Newport Beach 340G SC Studio Select Newport SC Studio Style Newport 2 350G SC TEI3 Newport 2 SC JAT Prototype Mannkrafted MA/66 Ping Redwood Anser star shot finish Ping Redwood Anser black finish Oddy Protype #2 Oddy Protype 2Ball Oddy White Hot Pro #1 #17 is a SC Asia Spec Circa ‘62 #3 350G
  5. They have refinished 4 Scotties for me within the past two years. Two 350g Mil-Spec heads, a JAT Prototype, and a 350g Studio Style NP2. Their work is exceptional. They also offer about a dozen more finish options than the custom shop, including several finishes for the older raw carbon heads that the custom shop abandoned. I've always known what I wanted when I've sent them something, so can't speak much for their customer service if you have lots of questions, and their website needs a lot of work.... would be super useful to have several photos of each finish. But as for the work itself, you can't do better. Example photos of the 4 I've sent them below.
  6. @GolfGuitarsCars is correct. The 350g heads sell for quite a premium over the other models listed by OP and for good reason. The only way they would sell below $300 today if is the head is so damaged it’s barely recognizable. If you prefer the heavier weight, don’t give this option a second thought. Also, skip the custom shop and get it refinished by BOS. Far more finish options, including stripping the Pro Platinum off and going with a raw oil can / black oxide (I have two 350g one in each of these finishes).
  7. Hey everyone, Cleaning out the extras and slimming down the putter herd. All prices include USPS shipping w/in the continental US. Open to reasonable offers and trades for nicer Newport-style putter heads. PM me with any questions! Thanks, Brendan. Summary of items: SIM Max 10.5º Head Only w/ HC - $225 SOLD Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs #8 - $150 SOLD Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs #9 - $150 SOLD Toulon Odyssey Portland - $175 SOLD PXG Gunboat H - DEMO - $125 SOLD Mizuno JPM 850 Forged GW-4i - $350 $325 LINK TO FULL SET OF PHOTOS on iCloud https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0z5Uzl7VSPgS7 SIM Max 10.5º Head Only w/ HC - $225 SOLD Played all last season, but still in excellent shape. Crown and top line are flawless with the exception of a pinhead sized mark in the top-line paint. Not visible from address whatsoever. Comes with matching headcover. $225 shipped. Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs #8 - $150 SOLD Really beautiful 8802-style head that is in nearly mint condition. 9.9-10. Plays 33” and comes with matching headcover, which has seen better days. Golfpride Tour Classic grip. Seems like completed sales on eBay are around $150, so I’ll price it there. Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs #9 - $150 SOLD I went through a #9 phase a few years back that never worked our, and this is the last of the bunch I had. Like the #8 for sale above, this is in fantastic condition, also close to mint. Plays 35” with a SS Flatso 2.0 in great shape. No headcover, but will ship well protected. Toulon Odyssey Portland - $175 SOLD Originally 35”, I extended it to 36” to experiment with given I'm 6'5. Should be fairly easy to get it back to 35”. Superstroke Pistol GT Tour grip w/ 50g countercore weight included. Comes with original headcover. Overall in solid shape. Top line is basically pristine, and face shows normal wear. One blemish on the heel side, which is cosmetic to the finish only. PXG Gunboat H - DEMO - $125 SOLD I won this in a raffle at a charity outing a few years back. One of the people involved in the outing worked as a fitter for PXG back then, and donated it to the raffle. Honestly no idea what this is worth, so I’ll price it at $125. In very good shape overall. Couple of finish blemishes here and there, and some signs of rust on the sole plate, but overall barely gamed. Plays 35” with PXG-branded SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0 and matching headcover Mizuno JPM 850 Forged GW-4i - $350 $325 Heavily played for the past 6-7 seasons, but still plenty of life. Golfpride MCC +4 with three wraps. S300 shafts that play about 1.25” over standard I believe. Originally ordered 1º flat, but no idea what the actual lies are today. Picture of club against measuring tape is 6 iron.
  8. Wedge prices moving from $99 to $159 over a 20 year period equates to a 2.4% compound annual growth rate. Looking at inflation data over the same period, the consumer price index (CPI) advanced at a 2.0% CAGR over the same 20 year period, which is pretty darn close. If wedge prices advanced at the same pace of overall inflation, they would cost $148 rather than $159. So overall, no one should be surprised by wedge prices today.
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