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  1. Three items for sale. Will ship via USPS Priority. PM with any questions! Happy to send more pics. Scotty Cameron California Del Mar 35” - $250 $225 This is the 2012/2013 version. Refinished by PutterSpa two years ago and barely used since then. Overall in excellent condition. A few very minor nicks, and handful of blemishes in the finish, but that’s about it. Grip is a Superstroke Flatso 2.0, and comes with Studio Select headcover. Scotty Cameron Red X2 Center Shaft 34/340G - $125 SOLD Got this used at a charity golf outing using the gift card I
  2. Man those are beyond sweet! I put an order in a month ago for a carbon DH89 in brushed blue oil with the tai treatment. Cannot wait to get it, but its killing me I have another 4 weeks to wait.
  3. I’m far from an expert but I completely agree. It’s a dead giveaway.
  4. I saw one the other day from lazerwizard on eBay. Immediately reported as a fake and the seller was furious... wonder why. Similar look to the one OP mentioned.
  5. Thanks folks. It’s now part of the collection ?
  6. Hate to be one of those guys, but I could use an opinion. Been looking to add one of these to the stable for a long time, and this one is basically mint. Seller claims its BNIP and sat at a golf shop for years. Looks legit to me, but the only thing that gives me pause is the paintfill in the third cherry dot in the cavity - looks like there is a swirl in the paint of some kind? Normally I’d chalk it up to a bad refinish, but supposed to be brand new. I know these were heavily knocked off, so wanted to hear your thoughts before I commit. On a side note, where can i get replacement w
  7. I could be very wrong here but I thought they were around 310g with no weights. Then adding two 20g weights at 33” gets 350g, 15g weights at 34” gets 340g and 10g at. 35” gets 330g. Again, could be very wrong. Never thought of the weights as being for MOI, just “customization” or really the ability for Scotty manufacture a single head that could be all weights, which is less costly and more profitable. It’s not like they were taking weight out of the center of the putter and relocating to the weights.
  8. Extend it. I like older 350g heads but I’m 6’5 and putt at 35”. Never had a problem extending 2”. Beautiful putter btw! Have the exact same one and it’s one of the best he made!
  9. Pretty sure they’re 330g unless marked otherwise. There’s a 340g version, but it says so on the sole.
  10. Willing to sell the prototype headcover separately? If so, drop me a PM.
  11. The head shape was changed slightly between gen 1 and gen 2. I believe gen 2 had parallel bumpers, where as gen 1 has bumpers that curved down slightly. See this old post below for more info.
  12. The head shape is different from a standard Newport PP. It’s the closest retail offering to the tour-only 009 head shape that so many love. Also, the Mil Specs were offered in a variety of length, weight, loft and lie options. Now, they’re coveted for both head shape and the heavier heads (340g, 350g) that were very rare for Scotty’s before the introduction of removable weights.
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