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  1. Nice find! You’re going to love it. I have two of the 350g heads, both of which I had refinished by BOS. One oil can and one black oxide. I have a lotttttt of putters and these are my favs. They age like fine wine. Incredible feel that newer Scotties just can’t compete with. Hang onto it!
  2. Not just you. I’ve had one for a few weeks now, and I’d say the ball gets stuck like 40% of the time. I actually get surprised when I get 3 in a row that return properly. The ball rolls true where I have it set up, butI haven’t checked to see if my floor is level front to back. Even so, I do like the mat more than my Big Moss 3x9 mat mostly due to the distance markings and alignment lines.
  3. I was fit into these yesterday at TrueSpec in NYC with KBS C-Tapers.. I’m coming from the JPX 850 Forged w/ S300s, with the main goal of tightening dispersion and taming my block miss in the longer irons. These honestly weren’t even on my radar... I was thinking more along the lines of JPX 921F, or P770. I tested (1) T200, (2) 921T, (3) Srixon ZX7, (4) Honma TR20 V and (5) the X Forged CB. The T200 probably felt the best to me. Most sets were a modest improvement over my current gamers, but the X Forged were hands down the best. I was fit into a shorter shaft (I’m 6’5 playing +1.25
  4. I’ll take the WH Pro #1 too! Lol another PM sent.
  5. I’d say $400+ for a mint 340g Newport Beach. Yours is nearly perfect except for a few top line marks. Maybe $300 as is?
  6. I’ve been playing the 850F for the past six seasons and plan to get fitted later this month for a new set. Definitely gravitating toward the 921F, but am also considering the P770s. Has anyone done a combo set of the 921F and 921 Hot Metal Pros? Love the high and mid irons in the 850F, but hitting the 4-5 can be a chore sometimes. I’m an ok ball striker 7 handicap, but my natural miss is low on the toe, which pretty much means the longer irons are my nemesis. The minimal offset and more “player” shape of the HM Pros are making me think a blended set could be an ideal solution. Thinking either
  7. Good point. Had one of the Circa #6’s back in high school. Everyone on the team called it the a** putter ahah. Looked awesome but never worked for me.
  8. There was a Golo 6 as well with that general head shape.
  9. After wanting one for years, I finally placed an order for a carbon steel DH89. Came out even better than I was expecting. Can’t wait to game it in the spring.
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