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  1. can you post or send me face pics of the cobras and it also looks like the mb photos are missing
  2. does this have a magnet or anyway to attach it to a cart?
  3. I would be interested if you are willing to pull the heads and cut a deal on those? I already have a set of the exact same shafts laying around.
  4. I have a 65g even flow blue 6.0 with a TM tip that isn't getting any use right now. It was smooth and very easy to hit for me but got kicked out of my M3 by a 6.5 smoke yellow (so I can also vouch for that shaft). Let me know if you'd be interested in the blue.
  5. Great job on the wedge. How did you strip that raw?
  6. which Vokeys are these and what shafts? I can't see in that picture.
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