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  1. I’m wanting to touch this thing up. Bought it at a great price but it has a true temper 95 stiff shaft. Wanted to sink in a nice driving iron shaft or at least something stiffer/heavier. Any thoughts to find something that’ll fit nicely at a non-overbearing price?
  2. Flexible pricing, would prefer to stay under $65 but if it’s a newer wedge, flexible!
  3. See title. Jaws preferred but open to options, <$75
  4. If anyone is interested in the 54 & 60 & OP is willing to split, I am interested in the 48. LMK!
  5. It is time for a clean-up. Driver heads are ones I have let friends borrow and have seen better days. See photos for condition. Prices are OBO and split shipping. D Note: I have a Rogue Max 65-S w/ Callaway adapter & a Rogue Max 65-X w/ TM adapter I can include for an added cost. Driver Heads M4 8.5 w/ M3 headcover - $135obo Rogue 10.5 w/ headcover - $145obo Epic GBB SZ 10.5 w/ headcover - $125obo Putters Odyssey Metal X Milled 6 (34”) - $120obo Bettinardi BB8 (36”) - $200obo Cleveland 2135 TFI 1.0 (33”) - $60obo
  6. Met an older gentleman who looked, acted and sounded like bad grandpa Johnny Knoxville. Most crude and hilarious stories I've ever heard. Also arguably the best putter I have ever played with.
  7. Tough one! I have two coming to my mind since I've actually gotten into golf. Hit a bad drive into some tall rough, got extremely lucky with the lie. Had about 250 out still, decided to take my 2I off the deck which I rarely do. Landed maybe 3 feet from the hole, it was on the 18th hole so they had to bring me back in after a rough round. 265 yard par 4 (very narrow, but still 265 yard par 4), believe I hit my 3-gapr, everything just felt right with it. I see it hit the front of the green, HITS the flag stick, then bounced just off the green. Got up & down for bird
  8. Why did I read this thread? Just broke my heart. Literally zero. My longest hole out is 79 yards and all of my eagles have came from putts. Only been golfing a few years though, hopefully they'll come!
  9. I'd go your route, celebrate and take some photos. I'm still bragging about it! Only problem is, I don't see myself ever getting that damn hole in one!
  10. I think you'll love the JPX, don't overthink it.
  11. Agree with tomg, try to close the face more at address and don't get too focused on the hard wrist turn/face close.
  12. Would love to see Louie overcome those two runner-ups and pull it off again this year.
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