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  1. Ventus Velocore Blue 6x TM tip for sale. Shaft itself measures just barely under 44”. Has some cosmetic scratches from the tip install. Hardly, if at all noticeable at address and does not effect performance or playability. Bought from another WRXer. Only selling due to switching to a Ventus Black. Price set at $220obo to continental US, thanks!
  2. Wanting to preferably trade a Ventus Velocore Blue 6x shaft with TM tip for a Ventus Velocore Blue or Black 6x that plays at 45.5" or more. The shorter shaft feels a bit off and I want to hit hellacious seeds so here we are. I actually JUST bought this shaft from another user on here, absolutely love it. However, it is just a little shorter than my preferred length. According to previous poster, it is to play at 45.125" and was likely tipped about 1/2". The shaft itself is about 1/16th of an inch below 44". Has some cosmetic scratches near the adapter, but nothing that effects performance. I will list this as $250obo, but again, looking to trade, not sell. Quick add: Willing to throw in a couple bucks due to the scratches, but within reason. Thanks!
  3. Just the title. I see these getting listed everyone with the large markup due to limited quantities. These limited releases, how does one get into these? Specific stores or what? I'm so confused!
  4. I’m wanting to touch this thing up. Bought it at a great price but it has a true temper 95 stiff shaft. Wanted to sink in a nice driving iron shaft or at least something stiffer/heavier. Any thoughts to find something that’ll fit nicely at a non-overbearing price?
  5. If anyone is interested in the 54 & 60 & OP is willing to split, I am interested in the 48. LMK!
  6. It is time for a clean-up. Driver heads are ones I have let friends borrow and have seen better days. See photos for condition. Prices are OBO and split shipping. D Note: I have a Rogue Max 65-S w/ Callaway adapter & a Rogue Max 65-X w/ TM adapter I can include for an added cost. Driver Heads M4 8.5 w/ M3 headcover - $135obo Rogue 10.5 w/ headcover - $145obo Epic GBB SZ 10.5 w/ headcover - $125obo Putters Odyssey Metal X Milled 6 (34”) - $120obo Bettinardi BB8 (36”) - $200obo Cleveland 2135 TFI 1.0 (33”) - $60obo Additional photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/NSN14DJ
  7. Met an older gentleman who looked, acted and sounded like bad grandpa Johnny Knoxville. Most crude and hilarious stories I've ever heard. Also arguably the best putter I have ever played with.
  8. Tough one! I have two coming to my mind since I've actually gotten into golf. Hit a bad drive into some tall rough, got extremely lucky with the lie. Had about 250 out still, decided to take my 2I off the deck which I rarely do. Landed maybe 3 feet from the hole, it was on the 18th hole so they had to bring me back in after a rough round. 265 yard par 4 (very narrow, but still 265 yard par 4), believe I hit my 3-gapr, everything just felt right with it. I see it hit the front of the green, HITS the flag stick, then bounced just off the green. Got up & down for birdie still however. The almost hole-in-one/albatross still haunts me. HOWEVER, my most memorable shot will always be my first or second time out ever. I was about 18 at the time and naturally sliced my drive into another fairway. Well a group of 4 retired guys pull up next to me as their ball (in the correct fairway) lands right near mine. I urgently tell them to play through as I could be here a while. They insist multiple times that they are in no rush and go ahead. So here I am, with my $99 John Daly golf clubs I had just bought, shaking in my boots from like 150 yards away from the green with a tree in my way. Two of my friends are already on the green and my cart buddy is laughing maniacally. So I grabbed one of my irons and just go for the hail mary over the trees. By some miracle, it hits the green and sticks about 8 feet from the pin! My buddies throw their arms up, the old guys tell me I am a natural and a great shot. I rush to the cart and go "that was such a fluke". Missed the putt, guarantee I was well into the hundreds that day, but that shot will stick with me forever.
  9. Why did I read this thread? Just broke my heart. Literally zero. My longest hole out is 79 yards and all of my eagles have came from putts. Only been golfing a few years though, hopefully they'll come!
  10. I'd go your route, celebrate and take some photos. I'm still bragging about it! Only problem is, I don't see myself ever getting that damn hole in one!
  11. I think you'll love the JPX, don't overthink it.
  12. Agree with tomg, try to close the face more at address and don't get too focused on the hard wrist turn/face close.
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