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  1. Played the first round with these yesterday in some pretty wet conditions. They certainly exceeded my expectations for the grip. Never had an issue with footing and they are super comfortable. These things grip like crazy, I was picking broken tees and small sticks out of the bottom after the round. I would say they might run a tad large and the toe looks a little narrow but my wide feet had plenty of room.
  2. Yea I agree. I was able to get these at a discount for only $200 so I had to scoop them up!
  3. Yep like Taki said, anything aftermarket is running late right now. Touch it up and send it to get refinished in the off season.
  4. Very nice looking irons. Solid choice on the ferrels. I was going to ask if either matched anything you already had. Looks like you made a nice choice to match the grips.
  5. Finally home to check these out. They look very nice. Tried to change the color scheme to red, white and blue but they were already in production. Very pleased with the custom order, everything came exactly as I ordered.
  6. Just got these in. I will give them a go tomorrow afternoon. We had a good amount of rain this afternoon, anxious to see how they will do.
  7. Ordered on April 19th, they were delivered on April 27th. I would say that's pretty good turnaround time for custom stamped, colors, different than stock shafts and grips. I won't be home for another week to check them out, but extremely impressed with turnaround time.
  8. Ordered them anyways lol. Never had any Under Armour shoes or spikeless before. Im going to try to start walking some rounds instead of riding all the time so we will see how they do.
  9. Any reviews on the course with these yet? The spikeless has me on the fence with them.
  10. Just ordered these. Online says 2-3 week delivery. We shall see.
  11. Ouch. Well those might be off the list for now. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Looking at ordering some custom wedges. I'm leaning more toward the JAWS then the SM8. What kind of turnaround time are you guys currently looking at on either? I know there are tons of threads about custom wedges, but if you have some pics of your cool wedges post them up! Thanks
  13. Price is shipped to lower 48 and PP fees included. Not really looking for any trades, especially putters but send them my way. May be looking for cool Cameron blade/ mid mallet covers or New Pro V1 balls. 1.)**SOLD** Super clean Bettinardi Studio Stock #8. Plays at 34”. Comes with the white head cover pictured which is in great shape. Bought this to use while my gamer is getting refinished. Have since bought a few others and this one needs to go. My wife is starting to ask questions on why I have so many putters... $210...NOW $185 2.)**SOLD** New Craftsman Angry bombs f
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