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  1. Price is shipped to lower 48 and PP fees included. Not really looking for any trades, especially putters but send them my way. May be looking for cool Cameron blade/ mid mallet covers or New Pro V1 balls. 1.)**SOLD** Super clean Bettinardi Studio Stock #8. Plays at 34”. Comes with the white head cover pictured which is in great shape. Bought this to use while my gamer is getting refinished. Have since bought a few others and this one needs to go. My wife is starting to ask questions on why I have so many putters... $210...NOW $185 2.)**SOLD** New Craftsman Angry bombs f
  2. Had one of those today. Went out on 40 and came in 33. Best 9 holes of my life at 3 under. Why can’t I put two of them together?! Still trying to break the elusive 70.
  3. PayPal’d and shipped to CONUS. Trade items- Newish in good working order rangefinder with slope. V5 shift, coolshot 20i, NX9 etc. New ProV1 balls. Will add cash if needed. 1.) 35” Spider Tour Black with sight line. I bought this to use while my Scotty is at the custom shop. Never used a mallet and it cost me 26 strokes in one round. Bought a Betti blade for backup at the same time. Comes with original head cover. Used 1 round and could pass for brand new. $old 2.) Waste Management Spider head cover. I bought this brand new, unopened off BST for stupid money
  4. I like the PRG magnetic blade cover I bought not too long ago. Magnets are strong and definitely not going to just slip off while riding on the cart or something like that.
  5. I don’t mind companies putting out new equipment every year or every two years. The thing that bugs me is every company has bold new claims for every release using “tech” terminology that honestly is almost embarrassing. It would be refreshing for a manufacturer to come out with a new club, whether it’s irons or a driver or whatever, and not claim stupid gains in performance or forgiveness and just say we updated the colors and graphics for anyone looking for something new and shiny. Obviously the tech has changed from 20yrs ago, but every year it’s something “new” that ultimately doesn’t amou
  6. Mavrik 5 wood and vokey wedges are sold. Will listen to reasonable offers for the Vapor Speed.
  7. Good Afternoon everyone. All prices are PP and shipped to Lower 48 states. Prices firm. **Only trade item I am looking for is a P790 or SIM UDI with stiff/xstiff graphite shaft in good condition. I can make up some cash on my end if needed. Mavrik Max 18* 5wood- I have hit maybe 15 balls total with this club. Like new condition with a few small marks on the face. Clean top line and crown. It has the 70g Evenflow Riptide 6.0 stiff shaft and GP Align tour velvet grip. It plays at 42.75“. Comes with original head cover. $old Nike Vapor Speed 10.5* Driver
  8. Been an expensive year for me so far. Driver- Nike Vapor Speed to GBB Epic(2017) 3hy- Nike Vapor Flex to Mavrik 5w Irons- Z585 to P790(‘19) Putter- 2014 Select NP to Spider Tour. (Still in testing) 11 clubs for me this year. I usually change the bag up every 3-4 yrs
  9. Glad to see him play like he did today. He’s had a rough couple of years and you could definitely see he was having a good time. Even if he doesn’t hang on to win it, at least he got that feeling back of playing well which can only help him, even if he does have a not so good round tomorrow. I personally hope he pulls out the W even though I’ve never been his biggest fan.
  10. Lucky me. I thought it was a long shot but I called the course to see if they had any info. Whenever we rented the clubs back in September, they still had record of it for damage purposes. GBB Epic 9* head. Still nice to get some feedback on both from you guys. Appreciate it!
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