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  1. Hey guys! A couple items for sale today. Just have my eyes on some new clubs. Feel free to shoot me offers. All prices include shipping! TRADE INTEREST INCLUDE: -MEVO OR RAPSODO MOBILE LAUNCH MONITORS -19* HYBRIDS -NEW OR VERY GENTLY USED LARGE POLOS -CAN MAYBE BE TEMPED WITH DRIVERS Cobra Forged Tec 2016 6-GW w/recoil stiff shafts - $375 Awesome clubs. Will probably regret selling these. Golfpride midsized align grips were put on this year and are still in good shape. Callaway Mac Daddy CB 54/58 w/elevate stiff shafts - $old Love these as well. Gently used by me. Have a few face scratches but nothing major. Brand new golf pride midsized grips have only a handful of rounds on them.
  2. Hello! Just a couple today. Prices include shipping from Madison WI. As always, shoot me a message with questions and offers! PXG Gen 2 Gunboat 34in - $200 $190 Great condition. A few small nicks. Absolutely nails with this from 3/4 feet but I seem to lag putt better with a blade and that’s my glaring weakness. No headcover but will ship protected New Level 4995 HB 24* Stiff - $80 $70 Has a Steelfiber stiff shaft. Just don’t use this guy as much as I thought I would. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hey guys! Looking to move a few things today. All prices INCLUDE shipping. Shoot me a message with any offers and questions! First is a set of hi toe wedges. 56 and 60 degree. They have the c taper lite 110 stiff in them. Just installed align midsized grips this season. Just going the Callaway CB route because I need more help and I’m finally accepting it. Looking for $OLD Second is a 52 degree PXG 0311 wedge. I used this as the gap with the hi toes. Same c taper 110 shaft but just has the PXG midsized grip. Looking for $old SHIPPED Thanks for looking and once again, shoot me over any questions or offers!
  4. Hey guys! Moving on from ol’ faithful. Club is in great condition. Put a align midsize grip on it this year. Atmos blue 7s -1in (tour length) Comes with headcover. Looking for $185 shipped. Might be interested in a few trades. They would include… - 14* mini drivers - 5 woods - 3 hybrids - Greyson polos (Large) - Fore ewe driver knits Message with questions and offers!
  5. Hey guys! #dadbod has finally caught up to me. Sadly juuuuust a little too snug in these. They’re all very very gently used and in amazing condition. The Greyson polos are my favorite, pretty bummed to let them go. I’d prefer to keep them all together and sell as a lot, but I will split up in groups of two. I won’t ship individual shirts. I’d go $old shipped for the 2 Greyson polos, $50 shipped for the Nike and Puma polos. Thanks for looking!
  6. I know I’ll probably regret this. I got one of these right when they came out and got rid of it. Wanting it back, I spent quite some time trying to find another one and jumped on this one right away when it came for sale. However, I have a 9mo old that loves playing 9 holes with dad, so I bought a Jones players bag to put 8 clubs in and throw over the shoulder. Seems that 95% of my rounds are done this way, so this bag has been sitting. This thing is mint, other than a couple of scratches on the legs. Shipping will be a bear, so I’ll say $250 shipped. Definitely open to offers if you think I’m way off. Also might be interested in putter trades! Specifically armlock, or 35in blades. Thanks for looking!
  7. Good morning all! Selling this beauty today! My golf time as been cut due to buying a house and having a baby. Would like to see this get used more and have some pocket change for diapers. This thing is practically mint. Comes with stock black LAB headcover. I’m looking for $300 shipped. I miiiiight be interested in a putter trade plus cash. I’d like to get at least $150 cash on top of the putter you’d trade. So a putter valued around $150. Message with any questions you may have!
  8. Hey guys! Going through a few un used items as I prepare to move this weekend. Pricing includes shipping! Message with any questions! Thanks! Cobra Big Tour w/Hzrdus Yellow 70g stiff- $old Only reason for selling is because I can’t hit fairway woods off the turf and I rarely use this off the tee. I’m going to a 2 hybrid set up. Has a few cosmetic flaws on the crown. Tried to point them out. Face is good and the club still preforms great. Brand new midsize align grip. No headcover for this guy. Bushnell Tour V3 - $140 Bought this used off here last year. In mint condition when I bought it, in mint condition now. Works great! Comes with case that has a clip. Thanks for looking!
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