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  1. These are my dream set of irons. Completely wrong shaft though. Kinda wanna buy anyways... haha
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Driver, 19° hybrid for me. I've tried so many 3 woods and I just can't hit them. The way I look at it, I want to have zero doubts with any club in my hands. If I hit a good drive on a par 5 and want to try to reach, I pull the 3 wood out and instantly tense up. 98% of the time I ruin a great drive with a horrible 3 wood.
  3. As the title states! This thing is mint. Grip is also practically brand new. Only reason for selling is because I have another armlock that beat this one out. Ships with stock head cover from Madison WI. Looking for $170 $150 shipped. Shoot me questions or offers! Thanks!
  4. Howdy! I few things I’m trying to move. Prices include shipping from Wisconsin. Cash is king, but I’d be open to a couple trades. Message with offers! Thanks! Trades: - 19* hybrid - stiff/x flex - 5 Woods - stiff/x flex - Cool blade putter covers, or other covers for that matter (TBC, Lamb, etc) On to the goods! Cleveland RTX 4 Raw 54,60 105g stiff Penley graphite shafts - $130 $120 sold Great condition, awesome patina. Honestly don’t know a ton about the shafts. They feel and perform amazing. Bought these from another wrx member and
  5. Hey guys! Moving a few things today. Open to offers, SHOOT ME TRADES. Interests include: -Utility irons around 21/22 degrees S or X flex (Preferably Titleist) -Hybrid around 18/19 degrees S or X flex (Preferably Titleist) Prices include shipping from Madison WI. Shoot me a message with any questions or offers! SM7 46,50,54,60 Steelfiber 125 X flex custom pink paintfill - $370 NOW $340 NOW 46° SOLD - Keeping the rest for now... Awesome set of wedges. I got these because the Steelfibers match my irons. Amazing shaft, however, I play the 95s
  6. Hey guys! You guys know the deal with these bags. They’re amazing. I just want stand legs back in my life. The bag is very gently used. I think I took it out twice. I’m looking to get $100 shipped -PXG gen 1 0311t 4-PW Steelfiber 110cw X ...decided to keep for now So I just recently bought these locally. Played one round with them and they were great! However, I think the shafts are wrong for me. AS YOU CAN SEE, they have normal bag chatter, and the finish has worn off of the faces on most of the clubs. This makes them look pretty worn. They
  7. Hey guys! Selling a big tour in excellent condition. No headcover but will ship protected. Looking for $180 shipped but open to offers! Any questions let me know! Thanks!
  8. So ever since my son was born and my playing time basically went away, I’ve been tinkering with putters. This is one of them. It plays 37in and has a Jumbomax 17in grip on it. It’s not bent or altered at all to play as an armlock, but you can, and it surprisingly works out okay! I played with it one time yesterday and I just don’t see me gaming it long term. My putting tinkering will continue. With that being said, I am open to putter trades. I’d be looking for a 34 or 35in mallet. But, cash is ultimately king. I’d ship it to you for $120. This putter is in really good shape.
  9. Tennessee flag Cayce fairway cover. Perfect condition! $60obo shipped
  10. Evnroll Tour Stroke up for sale! Tinkered with this for a bit. Plays about 35.5/36. Has the wrist lock grip on it. Not sure how heavy the head plays but there’s a strip of lead tape on the bottom from the previous owner. Looking for $120 shipped. Open to offers, no trades! Thanks for looking!
  11. Hey guys! I picked these up on here a few weeks back thinking they’d kick out my gamers. They just didn’t! Awesome irons. Looks, feel, these check all the boxes. However, with the birth of my first child, I could use the cash! Standard loft and lie as far as I know. They have Pure grips that are still in decent shape. I’m looking for $old shipped DM me know if you have any questions, or would like some more pictures. Thanks!
  12. Please don’t ask me why. I finally get my short game dialed, and I try a new putting style. Although I must say, it was a fun experiment, but I refuse to let myself stray away from what’s working right now. For sale is a 38in Odyssey Stroke Lab V Line with a brand spankin new SuperStroke wrist lock grip. I play a 35in putter normally and the extra 3in worked nicely with the grip. The putter itself is in great shape, easily 9/10. It will ship with head cover as well! I’m asking $old shipped but I’m definitely open to offers. Trade interests would be Cobra fairways, or bags.
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