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  1. Corey Paul Wedge Set - 52,58 These are in great shape. Very very zippy. Getting some good patina. Used for probably 3 rounds last season. Has Recoil 95 F3 shafts and newer golf pride midsized grips. Would really prefer to trade for a putter. Nothing in particular. 34 or 35in. Open to ANYTHING at this point... Fairways, putters, headcovers, shirts, shoes, rangefinders, shoot me something! I’d value these about $200 maybe? That would be my shipped price. Please DM me offers or questions *first face pic is 52, second is 58
  2. Standard spec. Blue dot 4-PW, 50 degree is orange dot. As it says in the add, I bent them 2 down so they play more like 1 down. 50 was not bent so that still plays 2 down. Matching serials except for 50, that was bought separate
  3. Thanks for the offer, but I already have my replacements! Shoot me any offers you may have! EDIT: *Feel free to shoot me a cash offer! Not looking for trades on these as I have my next set already.
  4. Hey! Looking for a U510 4 iron with preferably a regular graphite shaft. Could do stiff too. Also looking a set of Vokeys for 54,58 or 56,60 or even 54,60 would do! Matching shafts, 120g preferred. Thanks!
  5. TRADE ME SOMETHING! FULL VALUE, SOMETHING PLUS CASH, WHATEVER! IDEAS: GOLF BAGS SHOES (11.5-12 JORDAN, GFORE, NIKE) COOL/RARE HEADCOVERS SHOOT ME AN OFFER! WILL SHIP SAME DAY IF PAYMENT IS RECIEVED BEFORE 4PM!! - FREE SLEEVE OF TP5'S FOR EVERY SALE!! PLEASE DM QUESTIONS AND OFFERS! First up, Ping i210 4-PW + 50 Degree Glide 3 - Dynamic Gold 105 Regular $800 $750 now $640 for irons only, $100 for 50*, or $710 together! I love every single thing about these irons. Look, feel, etc. Only reason for selling is because I really need graphite shafts for lingering wrist issues. These are in excellent shape, new owner won’t be disappointed. They’re blue dot 4-PW (2 up) but I had them bent 2 down so they’re more like 1 down after all is said and done. The 50 is an orange dot but in my opinion plays the same lie as the irons. WOULD REALLY REALLY PREFER NOT TO SPLIT IRONS FROM WEDGE, but I suppose I will... Lab Golf 2.1 - 34in 72 lie $275 now $265! Now SOLD Mint condition, just can’t leave ol faithful behind. Comes with black headcover. Rapsodo MLM - $300 $old Works great! Now that I have a backyard range set up I want to save for a Mevo +. Only reason for selling. Awesome tool for the range Next, Ping G425 LST 10.5 degree head, Tensei Orange 50 S - $old Same story. Love this thing, just prefer a little more launch and spin. Also in great shape and comes with stock headcover. Please message with offers and questions! Thanks!
  6. Hey guys! I bought a set of raw Corey Paul irons that came with this 4i head. I was going to try my hand in DIY club building but I never got around to it. I was going through my golf thing this weekend, found it, and thought someone might have some fun with it. The rest of the irons in the set were awesome. No doubt in my mind that this club will make someone very happy. Not 100% on the loft, but seeing how the rest of the clubs gapped for me, I’d guess around the 22* range. If you have any questions at all please let me know. I’ll do the best to answer them. Not sure how to price this so let me know if I’m way off. I’ll say $70 shipped? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys just a couple of things sitting around. VA Composites Nemesys 65 Four Driver shaft - Ping tip - $old shipped Plays 45.5 in my LST. Has grip master grip on it. Took my driver in on trade with 2 shafts and the other one is a lighter option that I prefer just a bit more. TBC wool driver cover - $old shipped Gently used, still looks great Shoot any offers or questions you may have!
  8. Hello all and Merry Christmas! Looking to move this beaut. The head is in amazing shape. One tiny mark on the toe, other than that it’s great. The grip has 2 or 3 rounds in it maybe. Has a Fuji Speeder 57 gram regular shaft. These came on the SLDR drivers and it grew into probably my favorite shaft, so I matched the head with it. Just took a driver in on trade so it’s time to move this guy. Looking for $200 shipped. Open to offers OR possible trades. Things I might be looking for… -Cool mallet head covers -Cool driver covers or knit with tassels NOT poms (sorry, weird OCD thing) -Wedges (50, 54, 58?) -19* Hybrids (Ping G425, Cobra Radspeed) -Been wanting to try a Broomstick maybe? -Surprise me with something!
  9. Just got these on trade. Oh man are the gorgeous. Really good shape. I just don’t think I’m quite ready for them. Honestly I hit them just fine, I could just use the extra cash and have confidence with the gamers. They have Dynamic Gold 105 S300 shafts, white golf pride tour wrap grips, and custom ferrules. Lies and lofts are stock to my knowledge. The face pics go… 4,5,6 7,8,9 PW The address pic is a 7 iron. Looking for $450obo shipped on these. Only trade interests would be… 2021 drivers, stiff or reg flex Possibly an at home launch monitor like a Rapsodo or Mevo Shoot me a message with offers! Thank you!
  10. Probably my favorite driver I’ve ever owned was the 2017 M2 D type. Awesome drivers!
  11. Hello all! Juuuuust purchased a couple iron sets and I can’t decide which ones I like more. So you guys get to pick. Whichever one sells, I’ll game the others. First, 718 Titleist TMB 4-PW w/Project X PXI 5.5 These are in great shape. Absolutely gorgeous irons. Only flaw is a couple nicks I’m the 6 iron. See attached pics. Looking for $600 shipped Second is a set of Cobra forged one lengths 5-GW. The 5 iron is the forged utility. These have the Fujikura pro 63i graphite stiff shafts in the 6-GW, and the recoil F3 graphite shaft in the utility. 6-GW have the golf pride jumbo grips in good shape, the utility has a different midsized grip. I had the variable version of these and wanted to try the one length. Awesome clubs in good condition. Looking for $500 shipped for these Once again, you guys make the call! Open to offers on both! pin 12/12
  12. Great club, great condition. Just trying to clear out what I don’t use! Looking for $200 $160 shipped. Please let me know if you have any questions or offers! Would trade for... Titleist Stand Bag 5 wood (stiff or reg flex) 52,56 wedge set Armlock putters Open to most things
  13. Happy thanksgiving! Great club, just can’t find a spot for it in my bag! Tensei orange 80 stiff shaft. BRAND NEW golf pride midsized grip. Took a few range swings with the new grip, that’s it. Comes with headcover. Amazing condition, could pass as new if you ask me. Looking for $220 which includes shipping. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!
  14. Hey guys! I have a very gently used Sim max driver. Has 2 little tiny marks on the white paint above the face, first time I noticed them was taking the pictures, other than that it could pass for new. Has a Fujikura speeder 57 regular shaft. No headcover but will ship protected. Brand new golf pride midsized grip. Used 3 rounds maybe. I’d do $220 shipped. I’m most interested in trades though. for similar year/shape drivers. Regular flex preferred but would take stiff. Or if you’re looking to downgrade, I would do my driver plus cash for your 2021 driver. Let me know what you have and we’ll go from there!
  15. 1. City, State? Madison, WI 2. Handicap? 10 3. What is your current putter? Taylormade Bandon 1 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? Yep! 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? I've been looking to get back into a L.A.B putter and this looks amazing 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutley!
  16. Juuuuust took this in on trade, and in true WRX fashion, went to my local shop over my lunch break and bought a TP Bandon 3. Now trying to move this one. The cycle continues. Really really good condition. Comes with headcover. I’d do $old obo with shipping. Only trade would be a 62* wedge plus cash. Thanks!
  17. Hello all! For sale this morning is my very gently used pair of Corey Paul customs. They come with custom paintfill, matching ferrules, Recoil 95 F3 shafts, and brand new Golf Pride tour velvet midsized grips. I bought these with an iron set off here. They weren’t gamed by the previous owner (as far as I know) and have only been gamed by me for 2 18 hole rounds. These things are ziiiiiiippy. They bite very hard. I’m just more comfortable hitting full shots with my CBX wedges. Looking for $200 shipped. Open to cash offers. Trades would be a set of Callaway CB wedges or Cleveland CBX wedges. Preferably 52,56,60 or 50,54,58 would probably work. I can add cash on top. Shoot me any offers or questions! Thanks!
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