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  1. nice sticks! just picked up some iblades from another wrx'r, so beautiful. just waiting for my neck to heal up so i can put them in play. someone will be very happy with these! GLWS
  2. nice sticks i just bought a set from a wxr'r a few weeks ago. can't wait to put them into play this weekend, beautiful clubs. GLWS
  3. nice stuff. just bought some iBlades that i get tomorrow, can't wait to try them. killer deals. was looking for those mb's---always regret not waiting a little longer! glws
  4. Irons sold, thanks jwo! 3 wood is still available. Will listen to any offers. Thanks guys
  5. Club face pics above are PW and 9. Other faces look just as fresh. Can send more pics if requested, didn't want to overload the post. Thanks
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