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  1. The guy that sold it to me havent cut it either so he is taking no responsibility of this, its like the 4th guy in the chain who done the cutting and cant find him. Guess i can secure the fibers with som epoxy than regrip and hopes for the best! thanks guys
  2. Hello! Bought a Ventus Blue velo 6X shaft, then when i should changed the grip it was damaged under the grip. Some grafit is missing probably is the shaft not cut correctly. Can i use it or is it going to break into 2 pieces by time? what you guys think? @Fujikura Golf
  3. Im playing a Titleist combo set as this T100 4, 620CB 5/6, 620 MB 7-P and really happy with them, beautiful irons!!
  4. Very Interesting! Have it right now in my TSI3 9, but have not got the chance to try it yet but looking forward to it...
  5. Have someone tried Diamana RF 60TX shaft? Should be played in TSI3 9.
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