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  1. Being a Muni guy, 5 hours can be the norm. My buddies schedules almost always mean a weekend go out. While I do have some flexibility to go out on a weekday once in awhile, it isn't that often. So we are generally limited to weekends. And we are NOT crack of dawn players anyway. Plus- many of the Muni's and Semi Private courses have "Men's Clubs" on weekends locking up tee times until about 10:30/11. Although, recently, they are at least trying to speed things up and 5 hour rounds are a bit rarer on most courses. But there are still some stragglers who will slow things down. Last season
  2. It isn't always JUST the S or R "flex" that gives the club it's feel. Flex(Kick) POINT can make a big difference as well. A S with a low kick point will launch higher and feel 'softer'. A high kick will launch lower and fell 'stiffer'. I found that a Stiff with a low kick gave me too much spin and tended to go left and balloon a bit. At least with my swing- I swapped it out for a high point and Launch angle lowered, spin dropped and went left much less often. Now the lefts are MY fault!
  3. Only seen it twice since Graphite became a thing for normal players. A similar break to that one, and one right above the hosel that sent the driver head off into the woods. But that was quite awhile ago, probably 15-20 years ago. I would have hoped that quality control would have improved since.
  4. You should be able to try two things, you can mirror cast to your TV if it supports that option. So you can send it to the TV. OR- You should be able to install the Amazon 'Silk' Browser to your Firestick, then go to the Master Website from there.
  5. I've read a few good reports. However- in the chart they list "Fastest". What do they consider "fastest"? 95+, 100+, 105-110+? And what about sidespin? If it works at 103-105 and finds more fairways, I'd certainly give them a shot.
  6. The Coaching Staff of the 1989 Yankees- including Gene Michael, Stump Merrill, Billy Connors, Mike Ferraro and a couple of others. They had 7 and I went out as a single, and the Pro said, go ahead and join the group on the tee. I went to the starter and he said. "Hold on a sec..." He checked with them (I recognized them from INSIDE the Pro Shop looking out the window) and they called me over said "Yeah- no problem, kid (I was 28), we're just having some fun." I didn't give away that I knew each of their names and/or who they were for at least a couple of holes before I went Fanboy and got all
  7. Tell 'em: "I don't have one, don't care, usually shoot mid 80's with my Buddies" Or, if I'm on the course and someone asks: "What's your handicap?" I look at my bag and say "how many clubs in the bag today?" It usually gets a chuckle and we just go out and have some fun. No interest at all. Don't play in comps, don't play for money. When I play with my Buds, they each get a stroke a hole, except for Par 3's (unless it's a particularly tough one, which is decided on the tee box) and they play straight up against each other. Nothing on the line other than a round of beer
  8. Maybe since it was "Custom Fit" to your specs... No need to ever change anything, so no wrench?
  9. I've had several sets on and off over the last 30-40 years. I would pick up a set at a Flea Market or something in Florida for $40 or some ridiculous amount. Put them in the bag for a bit then sell them on for the same or a bit more. I really liked them... in Florida. Nice high flights that would stop on the pool tables for greens I encountered. Not so much up here in the Northeast. They were best suited for the fairways... ANY kind of juicy lie in the rough, or if the ball sat up a bit, it was really hard to not to pass straight under the ball... There was always at least one complete swing a
  10. I have always suspected that the growth in head size, with similar weight spread out over that 440/460cc, causes me to "lose track" of where the club is as any given time in the swing. 3W's, with their more compact heads "feel" better. I know where it is at the transition because I can feel the weight at the end of the shaft. Some of my longest drives were with a 7* degree <very> shallow faced driver, with a head size about what my M2 FW is now. I've tried a heavier shaft, but that doesn't help, because it's the weight at the END of the shaft that I can sense.
  11. It would most likely depend on it's location on the course. If it's in constant shade it won't like a short fast cut. They might have to keep it a bit longer to keep it alive. It would be the 'one' green you need to know about it being a tad slower.
  12. Believe me, I asked it to myself. To be honest, they were more "casual" players- a bit fast and loose with the 'rules', a few mulligans and no real score keeping that I could see. They were just out having fun with the buds. So that's why, I think, it wouldn't have mattered if they were sharing carts. It didn't really bother me too much, since I was walking to my ball while they were off looking or playing their balls. Other couple of times I was out with single carts, they did what you'd hope. But- They still "swung by" each others ball to check it out, then peel off to the
  13. The few times I've played with single carts, it has taken the exact same time or longer. In one case, I was paired up with a 3, (I was walking) and each had their own cart. They tee'd off and they all went to the first ball. He hit, then they all went to the next ball, then came near me until I hit mine, and so on... And this went on for the whole round. I don't know if they were being stand offish and didn't want anything to do with me, or didn't get the concept. Not a full course, so there was no real rush, but I have a feeling it would have made no difference. Thankfully, the co
  14. Well, I picked a day to get out for the first round that wasn't going to make it any easier. 30mph sustained winds with 40+ gusting. From a totally different direction that the course normally plays in. But I picked up pretty much where I left off after last season... Full on quackers off the tee after the first 3 holes. Everything else was fine. Even putting (noodles in holes). Once I got back on the fairway, game was pretty normal.
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