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  1. For sale is a Ping TR Anser 2 1966. 33in, pp68 grip, 9/10 condition. Asking $SOLD shipped conus
  2. For sale is a an immaculate Odyssey O works 2 ball. Like new condition, 33.5 in., brand new SS slim 3.0 grip. Magnetic headcover included. Asking $SOLD shipped conus, obro.
  3. He also cut off the official, but if you don't see that as disrespectful then we just have differing opinions
  4. People keep posting that they saw nothing wrong with saying "I don't believe that" while completely dismissing the tone of it and how it was said. He literally cut off the rules official mid-explanation. Not handled in a very classy manner by a guy who supposedly idolizes Payne Stewart.
  5. Had to check my computer hadn't frozen TWICE while Cantlay just putted
  6. Three Scotty putter covers for sale and one Golf Iconic cover. Prices include shipping (conus) and paypal fees. 2009 Cinco de Mayo Bandito Bulldog cover - $150 now $135 2017 Cinco de Mayo Masked Scrapper cover - $150 now $135 2012 Cinco de Mayo Worm Burner cover - $SOLD Golf Iconic serape cover - $SOLD Ping 1966 TR Anser 2, 33" with custom paint scheme, PP58 grip. Great shape with very minor wear. Looking for $120.
  7. Huh more Covid WDs, who would have thought?
  8. Spieth with the casual 3 putt from 5 feet
  9. My favorite argument against club covers is when people say "they're being slammed into the ground!". I don't know how bad your swing is but the BACK of my clubs will never hit the ground
  10. Check out the ads on here I know bearyjohnson had a set of mp67 that are in good shape for a good price
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