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  1. Finally received the TSi3 5W I ordered back on Christmas day. Was shocked to see that it's an inch shorter than my Callaway Epic Flash SZ 5W. Hit some balls with it on my SkyTrak, sound and feel are very muted and a nice solid thwack. Distance seems to be comparable but need some more sessions to truly know for sure. Not sure about shorter shaft length at this point...just seems odd that there's that much difference.
  2. I know this thread has evolved/devolved into other areas but I still find it hard to believe that a thread about Jon Rahm moving to Callaway has generated 16 pages of comments!! I would have bet against that 8 days a week!
  3. Hmm..well I'll just have to wait and see myself once someone posts some side by side pics of old vs new. DCB is not even on my radar so it could be as big as a house and i wouldn't care.
  4. Are you saying the standard Apex 21s are larger and more offset than the standard Apex 19s?
  5. Ha, it's funny you say that because I have a Mav Pro being delivered tomorrow and I was going to see if it would do better for me than the Apex 19. If my results are like yours then I guess I'll still be searching. I've got a SkyTrak and can hit indoors so I'll know soon enough.
  6. So is there 1 or 2 new Apex hybrids? Guy above mentioned 2 of them. Really this (these) hybrids are what I'm most looking forward to since it's a problem spot in my bag.
  7. I've installed probably 10 original versions and 1 Tour version. I did not like the newer Tour version...or at least not as much as the original version. I will keep using, buying, and installing the original version as long as they keep making them.
  8. BRAND NEW Toulon Garage Palm Beach Putter. RH 34". This putter has never seen a blade of grass and is in PERFECT condition. A brand new BGT Stability graphite shaft with black tip is installed. The grip is a brand new Golf Pride Pro Only Green Star with cord. This is a super stealth package!! Putter comes with brand new Toulon Garage headcover. No Trades. $575 Shipped. $550 Shipped.
  9. Any word if there will be new Apex hybrids being released as well?
  10. Are all the TSI3 fairways the same head volume size? Callaway fairways get progressively smaller...like the 5W head is smaller than the 3W head. I'm only seeing one size mentioned on Titleist specs. Thinking the 18* 5W would be gigantic if that's the case...
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