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  1. Only holdovers from last year are my Tour Rat and my trusty 5 wood! SM8’s are on order, but will be part of the family soon enough... I am a Titleist Ho for sure: TSi3 9* (C1 setting) / Tensei CK Pro White 70TX 915 fd 18* (D1 setting) / Tensei CK Pro White 80TX U500 3i / MMT 105TX T100 4i-9i / DG Tour Issue X7 Vokey SM8 46F, 52F, 56F, 60D / Tour Issue Black Onyx S400 Scotty Cameron Tour Rat Proto Had to hang up the 680’s as I am not good enough to hit them anymore. Sad day.
  2. I can’t get a single shaft at the moment. I would have to just take a shot on a whole set. Not ideal. I guess I could buy a set of shafts and only install one to try it out...
  3. Long time X100 player here. I've dabbled with other shafts, but i keep coming back for the predictable load and launch window. I see a lot of folks here have soft stepped their 125tx shafts. Do any of the high speed guys have any issue loading these things straight in? I have a moderate to fast tempo, 120+ driver ss, 99-100 6i ss for reference. As an example, every fitting i have ever done, the fitter has recommended ctaper 130x straight in, or even hard stepped once. For whatever reason, i always felt like i needed to work harder to load the shafts then i wanted to, and it created bad habits.
  4. Yes. Not sure I guy the whole 110-115 170 ball speed thing and 40 yards of distance gained. Realistically, you will see more dramatic improvements if you are consistently 120+ with a higher spin profile... ie a negative attack angle with a driver. I’m still pretty confident most of the folks claiming their new love for this ball will be short lived.
  5. I have a Tensei CK Pro white 60tx tipped 1.5”
  6. I didn't realize there were so many Titleist snobs out there. We should all start a Thursday Night Men's League for Acushnet fanboys only!
  7. I have a 16.5 TS3 and I hit the 915 at 17.25 farther with the same shaft. It’s crazy! Thanks for the kind words on the setup!
  8. Amazing! Curious about the turf damage with those tires though.
  9. Thanks brotha! The bag was a PIA to get a hold of. Almost as hard to find as a mint set of 680's... lol.
  10. Miller was insufferable at times; however, he not only understood the game, but he could articulate what was happening quite effectively. Zinger may know the game, but he struggles to make any points throughout a telecast. On another note, does anyone know how long DL III's contract goes??? He is atrocious. Painful to listen to!
  11. Alright boys and girls.... I figured it was time to open myself up to some good ole' fashioned WRX trolling with some stick pics. I'm finally fully settled into a bag I'm comfortable with. I've tinkered to no end, and I always come back to a deep faced driver and blades. Without further adieu, here are the goods:
  12. Only green grass shops will potentially carry these in stock. Otherwise, you need to order them from Titleist.
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