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  1. Maybe of interest, another very good video..
  2. fyi, The coach in Nottingham is Danny. A video of him teaching:
  3. Totally agree 100%, Brian Sparks owes it all to Bill Owens. However, I think Marcus has his own ideas and some of his videos are well worth a look. Have certainly helped me. Using the various boards etc, reduced my handicap.
  4. A different approach, worth a look. maybe not for some https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JK64lCllEY&t=480s
  5. This is another very good one on the short game.
  6. Some of you may find this of interest, some not. As least worth a look as we are all holed up. ZEN Golf Mechanic
  7. Method developed first by Bill Owens Triangulaid Golf in the early 90,s
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