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  1. ****Shaft remaining***Up for sale is my Callaway Mavrik Triple Diamond 10.5 driver shafted with Hzdrus 70x Hulk with tour issue green dot adapter. This adapter allows for -2 degree of loft vs the -1 on standard tip. Shaft was also SST Pured and Driver is 44.75” in length, D3 swing weight , no tipping. Head is also hot melted. All work completed by Will People’s. Just to note there are a few blemish spots on back edge of driver. Cannot see from address position. My son knocked the driver over when it was standing against the bag at driving range. Head sold Shaft $225 obo
  2. 4 Greyson polos up for grabs. Wife bought polos recently for b-day without checking my current Greyson polo size. All polos are new without tags, size medium. Asking $40 obo per polo
  3. Parting with a used for 3 rounds, 2020 Toulon design Atlanta putter. Putter is 35” long has stroke lab pistol grip and stroke lab shaft; standard length, lie and loft. Standard Toulon head cover included. Asking $220 obo.
  4. Selling my Taylormade Spider x Tour model double bend. Grip is Larkin sink fit skinny. Playing length is 35”, std lie/loft. Played for 10 rounds. Looking for $old Up next is a Fuji 869 Tour issue shaft with TM tip, griped with grey/black mcc+4 midsize. Played in a TM M5 3wood, length is about42 3/8”. Shaft has about 3-4 rounds. Purchased from Will Peoples. Asking $140 obo Next up are a few Swag golf head covers, 1 Stitch, 1 iliac golf cover. Defaced Franklin mallet used for 3 rounds, San Francisco Takeout Drive
  5. Looking to move some of the items from my closet. First up is a Ping G410lst 9* with VA Nemesys x-flex shaft. Length is 44.75”, D4+ SW, golf pride MMC +4 midsize grip. Tipped .75”, work was completed by Will Peoples. Used for 5-6 rounds with no range sessions. Small scratches on bottom of head from son taking out of bag and placing on our stone tile. Comes with Ping headcover. Looking for $OLD Next up is a Taylormade M5 *15 3 wood. Plays to about 43”. Tipped .75” Shafted with tour issue speeder 869 tour spec xflex. Same shaft as DJs driver only in heavier weight. MCC+ 4 midsize grip. Smal
  6. just switched from a g410lst lst to Mavrik triple diamond. Could not stand the look of the crown on Ping and had difficulty with alignment. So far so good with Mavrik. Ball speed is up and hitting more fairways.
  7. Depends on what your looking. tensi AV white, Accra TZ5, VA shafts Rajin Black are good options to consider
  8. I have used liftgenie weightlifting tape. Stretchy and has held up in the North Carolina humidity.
  9. DFS PFD. I agree yes the heads are lighter and melt is added to where it’s needed per players request. However my experience has been taylormade for 3 different series prior to SIM, all of which have come with some hot melt from the tour van. I would say choose which ever one fits your specs (if Professionally fit) preference, visual on setup and feel (M5 and SIM are different). For me SIM was not longer in testing, just a bit better MOI on off center hits.
  10. Titleist 620cb are great option as well as Apex pro dot
  11. Yup and it didn't last long. If you were fit for the JPX's then go with them as you will see better results over the longterm.
  12. In addition to what others have mentioned the Tour heads are hot melted. I had M5 Tour Issue and tested vs regular consumer version with same set up (SW, Shaft, loft etc). I was able to better dial in my launch, head weight, lie angle (tour adapter) swing-weight, Face angle etc. This resulted in better accuracy and overall yards. Have not hit the SIM to compare vs M5 Tour issue
  13. I made the $1800 mistake of trying to go against what the fitter recommended for my preferred brand. Had preference for Titleist over Mizuno. Bought Titleist for looks, but ended up selling and buying the recommended set of Mizuno. When fitter is working with you suggest preferred brand, but you may find a better fit in another. If altering head and using shaft fitted for in other head, you may see variable results.
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