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  1. This swing is from a year or so ago but probably still pretty similar. I know I have an issue with my right elbow being behind my right hip in the downswing. Not sure what is influencing this more, flying right elbow at the top, not laying the club down/shallowing with the right arm to start the downswing or hips firing too fast and outracing my arms. I'm generally pretty solid with driver-5 iron and wedges 100 yards in but mid irons and full wedges I am underperforming relative to my handicap based on stats tracking. I do spin it more than I would like with my driver but I also can hit toweri
  2. I ordered a set of blueprints last week from a local shop and they told me 3-5 weeks. After talking to their ping rep they relayed that the blueprints heads are not in high demand and that is why the lead time was reasonable. We will see if shop was overly optimistic or not. They also said that there were quite a few containers of ping equipment lost when that container ship lost a lot of containers in rough seas in the pacific several weeks ago so that maybe contributing to the backlog on certain models.
  3. Any idea if Ping is backed up on the Blueprints like they are/were on some of there other irons? I'm considering ordering a custom set before Christmas and don't really want to wait more than a month or so.
  4. Are the wedge heads the same price ($300+) when you reorder after your first run heads wear out? I would hope they would be less since they have all the specs already in the system but I can understand why they would be same price if they hand grind every head from a blank vs using a cnc mill and hand finishing.
  5. I got them off ebay for a pretty good deal. I think the king forged heads are probably the best SL heads short of the edel SLS. There is a reason Bryson is still using them. They are basically the only non GI or distance SL iron out there. The tip trimming isn't that big of a deal given the hosels are .370 and most or all .370 iron shaft are parallel tips that have to be trimmed anyways. Just a warning, at first I was looking at the Golfworks trim code for a guide but it is significantly different than the KBS trim guide for the same shaft. I used the KBS guidelines and the shaft plays exactly
  6. I bought a set of king forged one length heads in October and built them with parallel tip C tapers (I previously used c tapers in my VL clubs). I used a quarter inch tip trim progression from 4i to GW based on 7 iron tip trim at 5.5". I was shooting for a bit of a soft step in the long irons and hard step in short irons/wedges. I have the loft gaps set up at 4* through the set but considering possibly going to 5* to either add a wedge or a utility iron. My distance gaps right now are 10-15 yards between clubs which is comfortable for my game. I hit every club in the SL set about 3-5 yards fur
  7. I recently bought a set of cobra forged one length heads off ebay. Shafted them up with .370 tip C Taper 130x using a 5.75" trim on 7 iron and adjusted the trimming by .25" up and down the set to have something that is semi-flighted. Took them out yesterday and absolutely loved them. Made eagle on the first hole (par 5) after hitting the 5 iron to 4 feet from the fairway. It just felt like I could really go after each swing when I wanted because I had been grooving that same swing every time I had an iron in my hand. My ball flight dropped slightly on the 5-6 irons (5 iron is the lowest loft t
  8. I used to game the Hi Toe 64 and sometimes the 58 also. The low checker with the 64 was an awesome shot but that atv grind just has to much bounce for the bunkers at my home course. I'm in a Vokey 62 M grind now and its more versatile and $ out of bunkers but it doesn't hit the low spinner quite as well. I do think the Hi Toe's work better off fairway/tight lies the steeper you are, I tried the 52 and it was ok but distance control was an issue on anything over 75%.
  9. Edel irons have amazing turf interaction that they fit to your swing. Sadly they don't sell the variable length forged cavity back anymore. My home course has some fairways with small spots of bad common bermuda and an iron with the proper sole grind makes even those shots feel like a pured iron off zoysia where the sole floats right through either taking a thin divot or just scalping the grass. There is no comparison to my old MP-64s, it is an absolute confidence builder to know that if you put a halfway decent swing on the ball it will go about the right distance. Those dug in shots can real
  10. Nicotine and/or caffeine. I've never been a smoker/dipper but one of my friends turned me on to these nicotine toothpicks and they are amazing for sharpening your focus at the end of the day at the office or at the end of a golf round. Just don't use them too much or you will get hooked...Also, I'm a big coffee drinker and when I play early my morning coffee caffeine seems to wear off during the back 9 and if I'm feeling dull I'll just pop a little caffeine pill. The pills are also nice for when your are playing in a tournament and forget to drink your coffee because you are in a rush, helps a
  11. I got a pair of the SL Carbons at the beginning of the season and I love them. I thought last years Pro SL were not near as good as first generation, ankle cuff was a sore spot for me as well. To me the Carbons are as good or better as the original Pro SL's and they have held up way better. I usually walk 36-54 every week and the first generation SL's broke down pretty fast. I still think the Tour S is the best shoe FJ has made in the last 5 years though...
  12. Rawls course greens are in terrible shape right now. They tried killing all the poa annua in the greens and then resodding some bent the week before it was 105+ every day. Fairways are in great shape but I wouldn't bother with the detour. Amarillo CC is bordered by route 66 on one side and I played there this weekend and it is in great shape. They have some of the best bent greens I've ever played on and the best in Texas by far.
  13. SOLD Brand new inbox G Fore MG4+ Size 13. Price--$150 including shipping to lower 48. I got these as tee gift in a tournament this summer and I'm already all set with footjoy's for next 12 months. Never been worn
  14. ATX Green Graphene or Synergy Green/Black, they are all great. All the Whiteboard profiles are very good too, just have to get the tipping right on all these shafts or they will never quite feel comfy. On another note, I wish there was a company you could demo the same shaft at .5", .75", 1", 1.25", 1.5" etc. tipping. It would definitely have to be a online mail out type business because it would never make sense to have that many high dollar shafts in a brick and mortar store. I've never hit a TPT shaft, anyone had issues with them breaking? I thought I remembered reading some of the pro's u
  15. I have only had it happen severely once and very minor several other times and I have played C-tapers since 2014. I started with the 130x went to 125S+ and now I'm back in 130x. All my issues were with the 125 S+, I'm not sure if there is anything material about that or not. We go to mats at my main club November-March but i usually only hit 3-5 soft wedges to loosen up before hitting woods off a tee in the grass because I despise mats. The really bad bent tip was a 4 iron that looked like it had driver loft. I don't know when/how it happened but I bet I went after a ball that was around some
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