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  1. The weight placement is explained on the site, although it's easily intuitive: https://mizunogolf.com/us/golf-clubs/st-series/st-g-220/ The head also sits 2° open at Standard loft, per the adjustment chart.
  2. Fantastic training aid. Have one in each of my two bags and use them for warm-up on the range or to swing during the round just to keep loose. Works wonders for getting your tempo and timing down. Once you are able to hit the ball with a nice high draw (which takes a bit of patience), your swing will be smooth! Training vids that accompany the 7-iron: https://pages.lagshotgolf.com/7-iron-training
  3. Like new G425 LST 10.5° driver. Hit on a monitor several times with tape on head so there would be no marks. Comes with choice of Tour 65 stiff, Tensei Orange 60X, or Rogue White 70S. The Tensei shaft plays about 45-1/8, the other two are 45-1/4. The Rogue also comes with an Arccos Tour Velvet grip and the others are standard Tour Velvet. Head cover and tool included as shown. Can separate all this stuff if anyone wants a shaft on its own. $350 shipped for just head, cover, & tool. SOLD $75 for Tensei or Tour shaft (Rogue sold). Not interested in trades.
  4. The demo XB head I am using is light: 193g. It has 6g of lead tape on it right now, but the one I ordered will have a 12g weight in it, bringing the head up to 199. I also tried a regular RADSpeed head and recall it being light as well, at least this is the case for the ones in the cart at my pro shop. There are a few posts in this thread where guys have weighed their heads and posted the info.
  5. Reviving this thread since I'm now a total convert to the XB as my new driver. Borrowed one on a whim from my pro shop and love it. Other than the head being overly light, adding more weight to the rear has made it even better - almost hard to not hit it straight. Also completely enamored with the Smoke RDX Blue shafts, so much so that I ordered the matching 3-wood without even hitting it. They are that good.
  6. Very nice G425 Max 10.5° driver with choice of Tour 65S or X shaft (both playing at 45.25”) with like new non-Arccos Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips. Light use of the driver over the last month or so, and has been well cared for. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, just prefer the LST instead. Also comes with a 23g weight (original, not aftermarket) for additional swing weight adjustment. Head weighs either 203g or 200g depending on which weight is used. Head cover included as shown and will toss in a new Mizuno wrench since I don’t have the Ping model. HEAD SOLD Tour 65S shaft sold, but 65X still available for $75 shipped if anyone is interested. Miniature Tiger not included.
  7. Didn't feel the need to do so since the 11g weight was perfect. Had I wanted to drop a couple grams, was just going to drill in the center from the back, but all went well with the current weight as-is.
  8. Went from the Modus 105X after a ten-year break from golf, to the 120X another year later and hated them. The ball ballooned like crazy and I lost distance and control. The X100 worked wonders after (since they are similar to the 125X which is similar to the 105X other than weight). Game was going great until my elbows and wrists started to ache, so in went the SteelFiber i110X. Would have just gone back to the 105X but wanted the graphite for ease on my joints. Still, loved the X100 and would have stuck with them otherwise.
  9. This was easy to find...
  10. There's a chart right on the Aerotech site that will match swing speeds to flex - and they do play stiff. Coming from years of the same DG X100, my elbows can't take the beating anymore. Tried out the i110 in stiff flex and could easily play it, even though it's lighter than the DG (the i95's were too light). Decided on the Recoil Proto 110's anyway, but don't be afraid to come down in weight and flex if you go the Aerotech route. Didn't notice much of a difference in flight between the two, but the graphite sure was more pleasant to swing. Looking forward to ditching the steel.
  11. There's info in the thread about these drivers. The thread for the weight is M12-1 - nothing out there that will fit.
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