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  1. Screen shot right from one of the presentation videos:
  2. Mint UST Elements Chrome X flex driver and 3-wood shaft set. In mint condition and only used for a few rounds to test. Great shafts similar to the Ping Tour. Not a thing wrong with them, just went to a heavier shaft and no longer need these. Driver shaft is 43-1/2" long @ 65g, played at 45-1/4". The 3-wood shaft is 41-3/4" @70g, played at 43". Tips are prepped and they are ready for installation (were butt-trimmed only). These are no longer in production, but full specs are still up on the UST site for reference: https://www.ustmamiya.com/golf-shafts/brands/elements/discontin
  3. Played the HMB's last year and loved them, but even with the DG X100, still hit them higher than what I liked. Went 1° strong in loft with zero issues. I also play mine 2° upright if it matters. Even with the 5-iron now being at 0° bounce, I noticed nothing detrimental. Distances and ball flight are perfect now. That all said, my new set is the JPX921 Forged, but I like the HMB's so much still that I kept them for a second/spare set.
  4. Brand new Mizuno ST200 TS 3-wood head, 15° +/-2°. Head volume is 175cc's. Lie angle is 55.5 - 58.5°. Comes as shown (no loft sleeve) with last year's headcover, also new. Received this as a warranty replacement but decided to buy a new ST-Z instead. $150 shipped OBO, lower 48 only.
  5. Mizuno can do anything you want. Go to this site and play - shows all options that you can input and there is even a Comments box where you can specify anything additional such as SW: https://www.golfusamanhattan.com/ That's just the way it is with Mizuno. Their Optimizer is an important part of the fitting process and it will also recommend woods, so they place an emphasis on fitters/vendors for all the custom orders. It's not a difficult process at all. If you want custom and just feel like using the web to input your specifics, the site I listed above is another excell
  6. Go through a vendor - that's the normal process.
  7. As an update to this, the lie angles on the site under "Specifications" are correct. The graphs showing the sleeves are wrong and should be updated soon. ST-X: 59 - 62 ST-Z: 56.5 - 59.5 ST-Z-3: 55.5 - 58.5 ST-Z-5: 56 - 59
  8. Here’s a side view as well that shows the face heights: And some 3D drawings that show the structures nicely:
  9. Really liked the ST-X over the -Z. I got some nice numbers with it even using a very rusty winter swing. It's not overly draw biased at all and has a great feel and sound. Had my best results at the 8.5° setting and with the Ventus Black shaft. Liked it so much, I ordered one along with the 3-wood. The -X is definitely more upright than the -Z, but the numbers on the site are definitely off compared to the adjustment charts. Will have to contact a friend there to get clarification and report back. As an FYI, here's a face view of each with the lie angle differ
  10. Come one now, turbulators work, and Ping has known this for a while. Besides, function before form anyway. Here's all you need to keep digging Ping drivers...!
  11. I hit the HMB's all season and had mostly fantastic results with them. They are relatively forgiving, but no way are they going to be more so than the HMP's. With the HMP's, it's almost too easy to launch the ball, even when wandering around the face a bit. I liked them so much that I decided for next season to go with an HMP/forged combo since my miss is usually towards the toe. The extra meat there is definitely beneficial in the 921 line. My set will be the HMP in 5-9, Forged PW & GW, then two ES21 wedges, which are also amazing.
  12. The fool-proof way to go (if you have access to a Mitchell), is to just order loft and lies as standard then tweak them yourself. Never anyone to blame there but yourself. Shafts and lengths are pretty easy, but the minute adjustments in the hands of someone else can always be off, even though it's expected for them to be spot on with a custom order. Has always worked best for me this way, and will do the same in the event I combo a set of 921's.
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