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  1. So true. After trying a half dozen new drivers over the last two years (including the G410's), put a G400 LST back in my bag. Maybe could hit something like a SIM slightly farther, but it doesn't help when one misses fairways badly. The G400 line just works, and works well.
  2. The Ping Tour shafts are basically the Elements Chrome - which IS counter balanced. Granted, they aren't as extreme as the Alta, but there is a slight weight shift towards the butt nonetheless. Whether you have the Ping or actual UST version, they are both fantastic shafts.
  3. Just put a new one in 11.5 with a Diamana X-Flex F75 shaft in the Classifieds section. EDIT: Moving it to eBay.
  4. Acquired this last year and have never hit a ball with it, although there is no plastic on the head. These are getting hard to find, especially new, and in this case with the X-Flex Diamana shaft that I think was a custom option for this club. Will never use it and figured there are plenty out there looking to put one in play. Length is 44", with an overall weight of 340g, at a D4 SW. Comes with headcover as shown, and a new TM wrench (not shown). Info still up on the TM site: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/Original-One-Mini-Driver/DW-JJI11.html?lang=default Have been
  5. Didn't feel like reading through this entire thread to see if it was already posted, but here's a very cool site with all the 425 info (Australia and S. Africa): https://pingg425.com/
  6. Well, I went with the Tour Issue shafts, so there is also an upcharge for them. The difference is that all of them are in the fitting cart except for the 125's (the same case for some of the new-for-2020 shafts), so if I couldn't hit them, they would not come in to consideration. The DG's really are a great shaft anyway, so I'm glad I went that route - just wish I would have made the switch years ago.
  7. I have a fairly aggressive transition (well, according to the Mizuno Optimizer) and previously tried the Modus 120 in X with less than desirable results. Those shafts gave me terrible dispersion and the launch was insanely high. When I got re-fit, the top three choices were DG X-100, PX 6.5, or C-Taper X. Went with the DG, in Tour Issue and love them. Another option was the Modus 125X, HS1x, but since I was able to try all others except that from the Mizuno cart, the DG's won out. Fitting is the key.
  8. I have a SIM and a SIM Max, both 9°. The Max is 193g, the SIM is 194g. The stock back-weight in my Max is 13g as well. Might be a fluke, but I like them lighter, just haven't decided which one I'm keeping.
  9. That pretty much is THE definition of Swing Weight. The concept should be stated as 'Higher' or 'Lower' rather than 'Heavy' or 'Light'. As it's been mentioned in this thread (and many, many time is repetitive threads on the subject!), it isn't about total weight. Still, it constantly gets referred to that way even thought there is an incredible amount of information out there on the subject.
  10. Borrowed these pictures from a thread where a crown popped off. Shows there is really nothing structually inside the head to compensate for the weight being off center (unless the hot melt is the norm). Granted it is a SIM, but I imagine there isn't a heck of a lot of difference with the Max (other than the obvious lack of the weight track). Would be nice to see what the Max-D looks like since there is an actual weight in there to add the draw bias. Even with what the GT picture shows as far as CG (very interesting, by the way), it's still hard to discount how many people are saying the heads
  11. Still love mine as well, although it's been slightly less than a year. Full set: 5-PW with no desire to blend them. With the correct shafts, they are just fantastic. Even tried the JPX921 Forged thinking I might like those better, but they didn't show any gains over the HMB's (mine are 1° strong, however). Probably will just keep pounding on these until I see what the MP22's look like!
  12. If you weren't starting the fitting with the Mizuno Optimizer, you're missing out. It's a fantastic tool that will greatly narrow down shaft choices. I'm 51 and it put me in DG X-100's last year, and I just rip the ball with them. Rather than screw around with all kinds of "try this" and "try that", it will get you in to three top choices, then you hit them and see the results. I'm in a full set of HMB's (starting with the 5-iron) and am very happy. Once it narrows down shaft choices, you can just play with some of the heads to see what you like best.
  13. I seriously thought about trying that experiment too, but ended up getting a deal on a mint SIM 9° head. Figured I'll turn it up to 10.25° like my Max and then fiddle with the sliding weight if need be. Worst case, I then end up selling whatever head I don't need. Or...I'll be checking out the Max-D head one of these days!
  14. Yes, exact same boat. I went with the HMB's since I wanted more forgiveness. Even lofted strong, I've had no issues with the HMB's going through the grass. With the 5-iron essentially at 0° of bounce, it hasn't been problematic. If at some point I do want something a bit thinner, I'd check out the MMC's again for sure. With the right shaft, either one will be great though. I also hit the HMP. Just as you'd expect from all the reviews - a bit more distance (but not huge), with less spin. They felt nice though and are definitely going to be forgiving.
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