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  1. They are distance monsters for sure. I’ve had shots with these irons that I’ve never hit in my life. Crazy distance is nice, but flying the ball too long can get annoying. Enjoyed the consistency I have with the HMB’s, so looking forward to the new version.
  2. Good info in this chart from one of the reviewers out there. Have loved the HMP's but decided on the 225's since the soles aren't as wide (my one gripe with the HMP's). I still have my HMB's in a second set and can't bring myself to unload them, so I know the 225's will be a hit.
  3. Lightly used ES21 forged RH wedges, in 55.13 (Wide sole) & 60.10 (Standard sole) with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts. In nice shape with signs of use, but well cared for. Not a thing wrong with them - I just changed to different lofts and bounces. Great feel, especially with the centered CG. Lengths are approximately 35.75"., with swing weights around D7, but can be trimmed easily enough. Grips are the Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid that are in perfect shape and will easily go another season. Specs are on the Mizuno site, but feel free to PM with any questions. Looking to get $175 shipped for the set.
  4. Search the web. There is a ton of information out there on swing weight. It's not hard to figure out the correlation between length and SW or any other combination that effects it.
  5. Mint condition PING Tour 75X driver shaft. Raw length is 43.5” which will play to 45.25”. Tip trimmed 1” which is standard when this shaft is used in a driver. Can easily be trimmed for use in a fairway wood. Shown next to a 75X un-tipped 3-wood shaft for reference (that shaft is sold). $80 shipped OBO (lower 48 only).
  6. It's definitely a quality ball, and an incredible bang-for-the-buck with the recent sale. Even the guys at TXG have it on par with the ProV1:
  7. I actually do have a 65X driver shaft - still in the LST head. Has the 410/425 tip and a Lamkin ST+2 grip. Can make it a package deal if you want it and the 75X fairway as well.
  8. Some leftover PING graphite shafts from some recent acquisitions. First is an Aldila Rogue White 130MSI 70S driver shaft with like-new Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip. Tip is for a 410/425 driver, with an overall length of about 44.5”, which I believe will play at 45.5”. Tip looks to be aftermarket. Pulled from a driver I bought that was in like-new shape. Next is a Tour 75X driver and 3-wood set. Both were pulled and prepped, with no grips as shown. The driver shaft is tipped 1” which is standard for PING (lined up graphics so it can be seen). Overall length of driver shaft is 43.5”. Looking to get $80 shipped (lower 48 only).
  9. My local GG was clueless on this even though I showed them the link (before the code was fixed, apparently). I stood my ground with the manager and they gave in at that price. Had a couple $10 rewards coupons, so ended up just grabbing six dozen since it was such a deal: $115 OTD.
  10. Lightly used for a few rounds #4 (20º) Fli-Hi. Nothing wrong with it - just decided to stay with a 4-iron. Some impact marks on face thanks to the sand in the soil at my club, but in good shape and clean. Shaft is an upgraded MMT 105TX which is not stock from Mizuno. Standard length of 39.25" with like-new Lamkin ST+2 hyrid grip. Comes with headcover as shown. $110 shipped (lower 48 only), OBO.
  11. Interesting pic I found a while back. Flipped my driver shaft 180° so it's something like 3° more upright, and there is definitely more of a pronounced draw. The variation in lie angles with all the drivers out there is interesting, so at least there are plenty of options for adjustment.
  12. Really enjoy being able to warm up with mine and immediately hit nice high baby draws with it. I did also bend mine 2° upright to match my normal clubs, but it’s still been a fantastic way to start my rounds wether hitting it from a tee previously, and now making great contact off grass with the lie tweaked. Always fun getting questions from members at my club and letting them try it out.
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