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  1. Never have hit the ball farther and straighter than I have with the ST-X driver and ST-Z 3-wood (which is also fantastic off the tee). These woods are just as good if not better than any others out there. Also an incredible bang for the buck. There is a thread on them here with plenty of comments:
  2. There is no "Best" when it comes to balls, shafts, heads, etc. Everyone will have a different answer. Get on the web, start looking at specs from all the manufacturers and pick up sleeves of balls to try. That's the only way to figure it out what works for you.
  3. New section of their site with some items available for MCA fans, with introductory free shipping. Prices are okay, but couldn't resist a couple Tensei items since I've missed all the giveaways they've had. https://shop.mca-golf.com/collections/gear Stuff up so far, with some different color options also available.
  4. Put one in my bag last season and my putting has never been better. Liked it so much I bought a second one to practice with in my living room. Not leaving my bag any time soon. Still looks good as new, too.
  5. Several friends of mine have the ST-Z and pound them. I wouldn’t buy based solely on that test - these new Mizuno drivers are every bit as good as the more expensive, highly advertised clubs out there. I switched to the ST-X, and so far it’s just amazing. Once you match either with the right shaft, you won’t be disappointed.
  6. The ST-X head he's using has the 4g aluminum weight which is unfortunate since the club is an absolute hammer with the 11g steel weight. Mine is heavy both in overall weight, and a higher SW than I was used to and I love it. With a 75g shaft, it's only 10g lighter than my 3-wood and it's a bomber. First time in a couple seasons that I'm happy with a driver that I hit absolutely straight with plenty of distance. For some additional trivia, the weight port has an M12-1.0 thread, so it will be harder to adjust SW on these unless just using hot melt since Mizuno only offers the 4g and
  7. If you are sensitive to swing weight, it will definitely be lower when you add an extension. I put one in my GW temporarily since I was switching from a DG TI S400 to TI X100, but the shaft I had was shorter than I play by 1/4 - 1/2”. It was something like a C9 before using a bunch of lead tape, but once the correct shaft was installed to the proper length, it was back to D4. I neglected to weigh the extension, but it did add noticeable weight to the butt.
  8. It's all right on the Fujikura website...https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/ventus
  9. Hammer22

    JPX 921 HMP

    They rock. Feel and forgiveness is amazing, and the ball flies off the faces. Went 5-9 in HMP and 921F/ES21 in the other four wedges and couldn’t be happier.
  10. That and the face angle: it's 1° open in STD compared to the square face with the X. Also the lie angle is definitely flatter: 56.5° at STD (the X is 59°).
  11. Would be curious how they stack up to the GolfPride Z-Cord. That one is also about 50g, on the slim side, and firm like these. Great score for sure, and at $0.99, there's no worry about trying to remove and reuse them if you are doing any testing with lengths, SW, etc. Nice find for sure.
  12. Screen shot right from one of the presentation videos:
  13. Mint UST Elements Chrome X flex driver and 3-wood shaft set. In mint condition and only used for a few rounds to test. Great shafts similar to the Ping Tour. Not a thing wrong with them, just went to a heavier shaft and no longer need these. Driver shaft is 43-1/2" long @ 65g, played at 45-1/4". The 3-wood shaft is 41-3/4" @70g, played at 43". Tips are prepped and they are ready for installation (were butt-trimmed only). These are no longer in production, but full specs are still up on the UST site for reference: https://www.ustmamiya.com/golf-shafts/brands/elements/discontin
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