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  1. I hit the HMB's all season and had mostly fantastic results with them. They are relatively forgiving, but no way are they going to be more so than the HMP's. With the HMP's, it's almost too easy to launch the ball, even when wandering around the face a bit.


    I liked them so much that I decided for next season to go with an HMP/forged combo since my miss is usually towards the toe. The extra meat there is definitely beneficial in the 921 line. My set will be the HMP in 5-9, Forged PW & GW, then two ES21 wedges, which are also amazing.

  2. The fool-proof way to go (if you have access to a Mitchell), is to just order loft and lies as standard then tweak them yourself. Never anyone to blame there but yourself. Shafts and lengths are pretty easy, but the minute adjustments in the hands of someone else can always be off, even though it's expected for them to be spot on with a custom order. Has always worked best for me this way, and will do the same in the event I combo a set of 921's.

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  3. 9 hours ago, dlow206 said:

    Assuming you had the big right side miss with the SIM and SIM Max?


    I did. My apologies for leaving that out. They were both the most fade-prone drivers I've ever hit, even with the loft up and face closed. Every so often I'd have several decent tee shots, then it would generally be a disaster. A whole bunch of real good rounds got ruined by bad tee shots, but fortunately the rest of my game is pretty solid which has made a difference.

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  4. 9 hours ago, dlow206 said:

    I have given up on my SIM Max as of today. Can no longer keep it from going right of right. 

     I went from the Max to the standard SIM thinking I'd play it better, especially with the Diamana shaft (and the weight towards the Draw position), but I ultimately gave up on it as well. When it goes, it goes, but I was way too inconsistent with it and had days where I couldn't get off the tee for an entire round. 


    Went back to my all-time favorite: the '18 G400 LST, and couldn't be happier. Should have never chased the newer technology since the half dozen drivers I've tried after Ping really didn't offer any significant improvement. It will be a miracle if the G400 gets booted out any time soon.

  5. 8 hours ago, CaymanS said:

    If you fit properly into your current G400's, you're not going to gain anything by changing.  Yes, there could be a psychological benefit with new clubs, but not performance.  I like to change stuff now and then for the sake of change, not performance.  As they say, "your mileage may vary".

    So true. After trying a half dozen new drivers over the last two years (including the G410's), put a G400 LST back in my bag. Maybe could hit something like a SIM slightly farther, but it doesn't help when one misses fairways badly. The G400 line just works, and works well.

  6. The Ping Tour shafts are basically the Elements Chrome - which IS counter balanced. Granted, they aren't as extreme as the Alta, but there is a slight weight shift towards the butt nonetheless. Whether you have the Ping or actual UST version, they are both fantastic shafts.



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  7. Acquired this last year and have never hit a ball with it, although there is no plastic on the head. These are getting hard to find, especially new, and in this case with the X-Flex Diamana shaft that I think was a custom option for this club. Will never use it and figured there are plenty out there looking to put one in play. Length is 44", with an overall weight of 340g, at a D4 SW. Comes with headcover as shown, and a new TM wrench (not shown). 


    Info still up on the TM site: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/Original-One-Mini-Driver/DW-JJI11.html?lang=default


    Have been watching these on eBay and the new ones have been going for over $400 frequently. I don't need to sell it, but will let it go for $375 shipped (lower 48 only). Not interested in any trades.




  8. 1 hour ago, kwayneiu said:

    I see, besides dg those were my initial thoughts too. Wish 125x wasn't at an upcharge!


    Well, I went with the Tour Issue shafts, so there is also an upcharge for them. The difference is that all of them are in the fitting cart except for the 125's (the same case for some of the new-for-2020 shafts), so if I couldn't hit them, they would not come in to consideration. The DG's really are a great shaft anyway, so I'm glad I went that route - just wish I would have made the switch years ago.

  9. I have a fairly aggressive transition (well, according to the Mizuno Optimizer) and previously tried the Modus 120 in X with less than desirable results. Those shafts gave me terrible dispersion and the launch was insanely high. When I got re-fit, the top three choices were DG X-100, PX 6.5, or C-Taper X. Went with the DG, in Tour Issue and love them. Another option was the Modus 125X, HS1x, but since I was able to try all others except that from the Mizuno cart, the DG's won out. Fitting is the key. 

  10. 12 hours ago, Fairway14 said:


    My own definition of swing weight it's a measure of how "balanced" the club feels when swung.



    That pretty much is THE definition of Swing Weight. The concept should be stated as 'Higher' or 'Lower' rather than 'Heavy' or 'Light'. As it's been mentioned in this thread (and many, many time is repetitive threads on the subject!), it isn't about total weight. Still, it constantly gets referred to that way even thought there is an incredible amount of information out there on the subject.

  11. Borrowed these pictures from a thread where a crown popped off. Shows there is really nothing structually inside the head to compensate for the weight being off center (unless the hot melt is the norm). Granted it is a SIM, but I imagine there isn't a heck of a lot of difference with the Max (other than the obvious lack of the weight track). Would be nice to see what the Max-D looks like since there is an actual weight in there to add the draw bias. Even with what the GT picture shows as far as CG (very interesting, by the way), it's still hard to discount how many people are saying the heads are so fade biased.






  12. Still love mine as well, although it's been slightly less than a year. Full set: 5-PW with no desire to blend them. With the correct shafts, they are just fantastic. Even tried the JPX921 Forged thinking I might like those better, but they didn't show any gains over the HMB's (mine are 1° strong, however). Probably will just keep pounding on these until I see what the MP22's look like!

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  13. If you weren't starting the fitting with the Mizuno Optimizer, you're missing out. It's a fantastic tool that will greatly narrow down shaft choices. I'm 51 and it put me in DG X-100's last year, and I just rip the ball with them. Rather than screw around with all kinds of "try this" and "try that", it will get you in to three top choices, then you hit them and see the results. I'm in a full set of HMB's (starting with the 5-iron) and am very happy. Once it  narrows down shaft choices, you can just play with some of the heads to see what you like best. 

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  14. On 9/13/2020 at 2:04 PM, evoviiiyou said:

    Hey Hammer! How’s it? Yes played yesterday and a pretty type desert course style layout and really impressed with the set up of the MAX D head turned all the way down on the loft sleeve and it’s nothing but mid to higher straight bombs with lots of forward roll (much more roll out with the Speeder TR vs the Accra TZ6). The only odd shot that cuts is off the open toe (looks square on the paint line) but if you focus on the toe part of the actual face, the twist face in this setting is noticeably more open. It’s kind of helpful as it focuses my eye to align with the circle dots and steer clear of the toe. I did catch few slightly toe side left of center and the ball would start straight and then just at the end fall to the right. All very playable and compared to my 10.5Max in standard was seeming easier to hit the sweet spot a lot more consistently with better results. It’s going to stay another week ?


    I seriously thought about trying that experiment too, but ended up getting a deal on a mint SIM 9° head. Figured I'll turn it up to 10.25° like my Max and then fiddle with the sliding weight if need be. Worst case, I then end up selling whatever head I don't need. Or...I'll be checking out the Max-D head one of these days!

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  15. 2 hours ago, awtryau89 said:

    Thanks. Good information. I would be going the opposite way on loft to get more bounce and better turf interaction with either set. You and I seem to be around the same HC and the Mizuno quick fit guide always points me to MMC then give me the option of HMBs for more forgiveness. The MMCs are just not the direction I want to go because I know how I get on bad swing days. I want the help. The HMB gave me significantly better turf interaction over the 919 Forged when I tried the in stock configurations. I have gotten to the point where this is the most important thing to my iron game. I can take a standard lofted 34* 7 iron and hit it farther than a strong lofted 31* if it gets through the turf better.


    Yes, exact same boat. I went with the HMB's since I wanted more forgiveness. Even lofted strong, I've had no issues with the HMB's going through the grass. With the 5-iron essentially at 0° of bounce, it hasn't been problematic. If at some point I do want something a bit thinner, I'd check out the MMC's again for sure. With the right shaft, either one will be great though. 


    1 hour ago, harpua728 said:

    Has anyone else done a side by side comparison of the forged and HMP?  Curious to hear your thoughts on how they compare.


    I also hit the HMP. Just as you'd expect from all the reviews - a bit more distance (but not huge), with less spin. They felt nice though and are definitely going to be forgiving.

  16. 19 minutes ago, Masse1369 said:

    Super stoked for these.  Love everything I have read.  


    More people should really go with the wide sole in the SW assuming they play normal to softer condition like most of us do.  It works so much better out of all lies. 


    You definitely can't see any of the bulk once the club is on the ground - they look like a relatively normal wedge. And, they look pretty nice. I'll most likely order the 56 WS and 60 in Standard, but will hit them first just since it gives me something to do as the season winds down. Anyone balking at them due to their extra mass is probably going to miss out. 

  17. 11 hours ago, awtryau89 said:

    Who has HMBs and compared the 921 to them? I love the look of HMBs but want height and better turf interaction. Thinking about a 921 Forged set bent 2* weak down to 9 then 1* weak in PW. 


    I have HMB's (5-PW), lofted 1° strong, which are the same specs as the 921F. Compared 7-irons on both the launch monitor and a handful of shots out on the course. Saw no real difference in spin, distance, launch angle, or dispersion. The 921F may have peaked a hair higher,  but they gave me absolutely no reason to kick my HMB's out. 

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