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  1. Those 'D' heads must be really naturally closed, since going down to the lowest loft opens the face back up 4°! It does bring the lie angle up from 56 to 58° (these drivers are flat!), so that probably is beneficial. Will be interested to see how it turns out. I like my Max 95% if the time (especially since I went away from the Ventus), but a tired swing still brings in some occasional fades. I have my 9° head set at 10.25° which supposedly closes the face 3°, but to my eye, that looks perfectly square. Might even try it full up to 11° and see what happens. Definitely hate those fa
  2. Maybe this will make you feel better. From directly below the center of the club face (the obvious dot), and going back perpendicular to the lower edge, it's still easy to see that the weight is offset. Yeah, who knows if there is any compensation inside or with the hosel, but considering that is what the 'D' version is for, and most guys are commenting about a fade bias in the others, it's not that hard to see why. I can state from experience that adding a heavier weight in that back port definitely made the fade worse. The Diamana S+, in 60X & 70X. It's
  3. Notice the "non-scientific" part. It's merely meant to show that the weight is offset to a position that favors a fade bias. NFS the angle of the picture is off - it was just grabbed right off the TM site for this; not like I was going to put a ton of effort in to it. If you actually look at a real head, you can see that the weight is not directly behind the center of the face, but feel free to do that on your own. Based on many comments from users of the club, apparently there isn't much going on inside to compensate since fades are common with these heads (unless the movable weight comes in
  4. Not scientific, but I posted this picture in another thread showing how the weight sits compared to the longitudinal axis through the center of the club face. Love my Max, but when I thought the Ventus Blue was for me despite lots of fades, I was re-fit into another shaft that is perfect (launch monitors and real world can sometimes vary). I had tried a slightly heavier weight in the back as well when playing it shorter with the old shaft, and that made it even more fade biased. My 9° head is now set at 10.5°, and even though that is stated as being 3°closed, it looks to be perfectly square. W
  5. Well, the only reason I worded it that way is because TM listed the specs somewhat differently for the fairway shaft, and the graphics aren't quite the same either - if that even matters. I did ask MCA about the specs and the rep that got back to me said the manufacturer numbers would be correct since they sometimes get measured differently by whatever company uses the shaft. Since it's a $300 shaft, with no up-charge from TM, I figured it was in the same boat as the VeloCore vs non-VeloCore Ventus where one was pricey and the other had no extra cost (but again, couldn't tell the difference be
  6. Can't really comment on the "before", but just switched to the made-for-TM versions in my SIM Max driver and Ti 3 wood. Playing a 6X & 7X and having much better luck with these over the Ventus Blue (tried the TM & VeloCore versions with about the same results). Really like the new shafts - smooth and easy to hit, plus I'm back to my natural draw versus a fade I would lose control of in the Ventus. Probably a bit more spin with the Diamana, but for me, it's what was needed. Pleased for sure.
  7. You’re welcome. Hope it goes well!
  8. An easy non-scientific start would be to watch Michael Newton’s videos on both. With just about identical swing speeds with the 7 iron, he’s a good club longer with the 921F. Lots of good things to say about the feel as well. Yet another winner for Mizuno.
  9. The options as to where lead tape can go are pretty much up to your imagination and needs when it comes to swing weight or shot shape. Before I tried the heavier weight (and even after it arrived) I trimmed a piece of the tape to fit right on the chrome strips - you almost couldn't tell it was there. Once I made my shaft and length change along with the stock weight, I put a small piece right near the heel like you already alluded to. Works fine and made the slight difference of the SW going from D2.5 to D3 which is fine. Since it's not as extreme as the MAX-D as far as placement, I'm fine wit
  10. But...if you bought the SIM or Max without any preconceived notions about any fade bias, most aren't going to want to spend the coin again (although some lead tape towards the heel would essentially do the same thing). Otherwise, the Max is still a great driver if you have the right shaft and set the head in a position that is beneficial. Mine's a 9°, set at 10.5° which supposedly closes the face 3°. Really looks to be square to my eye, and with the "new" shaft, it's a dead straight bomber. With a 193g head, playing at 45.5", it really feels great. The Ping drivers I had used over the last few
  11. Wasn't sure I was going to like this driver (coming from a G410), but made two changes that really brought my Max back to life. As much as I thought the Ventus Blue was the way to go - which looked great on a launch monitor - was sill hitting fades frequently. Since I was playing it at 44.5", I had replaced the stock 16g weight with a 19g to bring the SW back up slightly. Oddly enough, when I played the demo with the non-VeloCore Ventus at the stock length, no issues at all and really liked it. So on a whim, I put the original Diamana S+ back in (at 45.5") and re-installed the fact
  12. The info is right on the Mizuno site... https://mizunogolf.com/us/irons-comparison-table/
  13. Very lightly used Ventus Blue VeloCore shaft with TaylorMade RH tip, 7X. Great shafts, but just a bit low spin for me. It is 41-3/4" and played about 42-3/4" in a SIM Ti 3-wood. Has not been tipped, just butt-trimmed. Lots of info on the web and at Fujikura's site, but specs are also attached below. Retail is $350, but here's a great deal for sure: $230 shipped, lower 48 only. Not interested in any trades.
  14. The 4120 in the 921 line is softer than the previous versions. As much as I love my HMB's, the Mizuno rep was sure I'd like the 921F line even more, especially for the improved feel. Here's a snapshot of the new catalog page for them as well, but lots of detail on the website in any case.
  15. Had a chance to handle all the new heads today, and they are nice for sure. Even the ES21 wedges are going to be a hot seller. Wasn't able to hit any of them, but I could definitely see a bump in performance from the 921F compared to the MP20 HMB (my current set). With the new 4120 Chromoly that has allowed for a thinner face along with the perimeter weighting, they could be crazy forgiving - in the 4-7, that is (from #8 down, they are 1025E). My HMB's are currently bent 1° strong (same specs as the 921F), and I'll look forward to actually comparing the numbers soon. Also, the Mizu
  16. Digging through my den caddie and forgot I had these in the bottom. Not in the original boxes, but all brand new. White, with no logo's. Comes out to 2.5 dozen (10 sleeves) with one sleeve being a very cool "PROTO" that TM sent out earlier this year. It's a great ball, but I prefer the TP5. Plenty of guys like this new Tour Response, so here's a chance to score a bunch at a nice deal. $60 shipped USPS Priority, lower 48 only.
  17. It's nice to have friends in the business - got both of my Ventus Blue shafts for cost, around $220 each. Otherwise, I had tried one of the non-VeloCore TM versions prior and really couldn't tell a difference. If you can get one of those of eBay, it can be a nice score.
  18. If it's primarily for off the tee, then deep-faced is the way to go. That was specific to Mizuno last year with the ST190TS 3-wood. Ended up going with the SIM to match my driver, and somewhat miss that Mizuno head. It was a bomber for sure.
  19. All of these! I actually came FROM the 120X to the DG (TI) X100 and haven't had any issues. The 120 did produce a ton of spin and launched so high I was losing distance. That, and the dispersion was definitely weird. The Mizuno Optimizer put me in the DG and glad I made the switch back. It also recommended the 125X, but since I didn't have the chance to try them out, it was DG all the way. Wish I would have gone back to them a couple of years ago after playing the Modus 105 for a season.
  20. Hammer22

    Maxfli Tour

    No idea - I don't play them. You'll have to read the article and/or search the web for those answers.
  21. Hammer22

    Maxfli Tour

    There's a good article at MGS about these balls. Produced by Foremost, who makes balls for "...several mainstream OEM's..." , along with Vice, OnCore, etc. Title of the article (and easy to find on the web): "Product Spotlight: Maxfli Tour & Tour X Balls" When they go on sale or if you constantly have the $10 off coupons for Dick's and GG, these are priced decently.
  22. Great ball, just ended up with a few too many boxes. Three dozen here - all white - no logo's. Lots of info on the TM site, but feel free to shoot me a note with any questions. $80 shipped lower 48.
  23. Some website should publish that information so everyone would know...http://www.golfwrx.com/602416/tiger-woods-witb-2020/
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