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  1. Go to full cord grip, you won't regret it. I played the MCC+4 for a while, but in crazy humid conditions, the lower half would still get real slick. Had more than one shot go off line due to the club twisting in my hands. Even with the Finger-10 gloves (which are basically a rain glove), I hated how it felt like only half the grip was useful. Went to the Z-Cord and haven't looked back. The weight of both is about the same as well, so my SW's weren't changed either.
  2. This was hard...https://lmgtfy.com/?q=Titleist+EXP-01
  3. It's amazing how spot-on the new Optimizer is. I thought the thing was goofy with a +0.5° recommendation, but it sure has made quite the difference. That being said, even with a custom order, it's worth have the lofts/lies checked (friend has a Mitchell machine) and tweaking them if necessary.
  4. The people at 2nd Swing are great to deal with, and you did the right thing. I purchased a “Mint” TaylorMade SIM Ti 3-wood last month and they sent a brand new one. I contacted them to make sure it wasn’t a mistake, which they appreciated, and I was told to enjoy the new club. Awesome service. With some rewards points on my CC, the new club ended up costing half of the retail price, which was a great deal for sure. This was my third or fourth purchase from them - 100% satisfaction.
  5. Actually “Finger Ten”... Have been using them for the last two seasons - they rock. With their rain-glove-like grip, plus the way they breathe and stay dry, you just can’t not like them. Long lasting as well: I keep two in my bag and switch them out - probably have 20-30 rounds on each one with no sign of excess wear. My source on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-6-Pack-Golf-Gloves-Rain-Hot-Wet-Grip-Gray-Left-Right-Hand-Lh-Rh-Large-M-Rh/332629341548?hash=item4d7240f56c:g:4ooAAOSwK6RZGSVG
  6. Have sold many items here with zero issues. Other than the lack of feedback, I have realistic expectations what $$$ I'm looking for, and am pretty much always close to that number. Everyone has been great to deal with and I make sure to always ship USPS Priority so the stuff arrives in a timely manner. With eBay on the other hand, it is getting to be a pain since buyers cannot be left negative feedback for buying then never paying, or buying then backing out of a transaction. Big deal that you can mark someone as a non-paying bidder - no idea where that even shows up. I'm losing count of the
  7. They are the same as the 190 - call Mizuno and they will send them to you. Not sure if they charge now, but I acquired two at no cost back when I had a 190G.
  8. Sale might be pending, but waiting to hear back from the first PM I received.
  9. Tried out these MCC+4 grips on my new DG TI shafts and they just felt too big. Have nine of them that got in a couple range sessions and one round - good as new. Also bought four more that I intended to install on my woods and hybrids that were never used - still have the wrapper on them. Hate to toss perfect grips, so hopefully someone will dig a nice deal! All purchased from my local Golf Galaxy for $10.50 each. Standard, 52g ea. w/60 round core. $80 shipped - lower 48 only.
  10. This is so true. My first foray in to Mizuno a few years ago after a decade off from the sport put me in the 105S and they were fantastic. As my game got back to where it was pre-break, the Optimizer stepped me up to a 120-130g shaft. While the Modus 120 was way low on the list, I thought my liking of the 105 would transfer to the 120, which was a huge mistake. The 120 had a nice feel (in X), but I was just all over the place. Finally went with a heavier shaft in the form of the DG TI X100 and love them. Live and learn.
  11. Of course, but if you’ve tried the “old” Chrome Soft, then have a go at the new Tour Response, they feel remarkably similar.
  12. Lightly used set of Modus 120 shafts from my Mizuno MP20HMB set, in both X & S. The 5-PW are X-SS1x and are +1/4". The three wedges are S-Flex and were standard length in a set of S-18 wedges. Played for part of this season and then was re-fitted for a different model. Professionally pulled and re-prepped for a new owner. Lots of life left in the grips as well. Lengths for the 120X (from tip to grip cap) are 37-3/8, 36-7/8, 36-3/8, 35-7/8, 35-1/4, and 34-3/4". Lengths of the 120S are all 33-3/4". No idea what they are worth - $160 shipped ?? - but am open offers.
  13. This right here. Same 70 compression as well - nice soft feel. They go, and stop, pretty well. For the search impaired: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/Tour-Response-Golf-Balls/DW-WZ925.html?lang=default&dwvar_DW-WZ925_color=M71752&cgid=tour-response-golf-balls#lang=default&start=1&
  14. Was actually glad to get rid of the set I had - very inconsistent with them, especially with a snappier tempo at realease. Preferred the 105's a few years back, and even though the Mizuno Optimizer recommended the DG TI X100 as my #1 choice, I stupidly thought staying with Modus would be a good idea when I switched to the MP20 HMB's early this year (the 120X was barely in the top ten). Many/most of my shots ballooned with a decent distance loss and it really was hurting my game. Finally jumped over to the DG and couldn't be happier. Should not have doubted the Optimizer, which is a great tool
  15. If only TaylorMade put all the details on their site, or lots more to find on the web.
  16. The Mizuno CLK hybrid adjustment chart has floated around here and there (shown below) and gets brought up in discussion once and a while. These hybrids are fantastic and are the only two adjustable Mizuno clubs I have in my bag at the moment (the 3H & 4H). Since the Mizuno loft sleeve chart is printed just for their driver, I had a few minutes and decided to edit it and create two for my hybrids which are a bit easier to read than the generic one. As shown, the sleeve only has eight positions, which are labeled by what is in parentheses next to each loft setting. I play both of mine in
  17. Questions about the Optimizer get asked all the time. When it spits out the top three choices (and even the others), it's up to you to get them in your hands and see what feels best and what gives you the performance that is desired. It really is a great tool, and don't overlook the club length and lie angles spec's since they are spot on. My numbers are similar to yours (except my SS on it was low 90's) and I got put in the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 and am happy.
  18. Very lightly used MRH TaylorMade GAPR #4, 21° loft (+/- 2°) with the custom KBS hybrid 80g X-flex shaft. Have only had this on a course just a couple of times, so it is in mint condition. Not a thing wrong with it, just primarily use two other Mizuno hybrids instead. Grip is good as new and also comes with head cover as shown. Length is 39.25" (-1/2" from TM spec), which plays longer than standard 4-irons but shorter than a 4-hybrid. At this length, the swing weight is around C9 with the stock 6g weight in the bottom (overall weight 373g). If a new owner desires, I can install a 12g plug whic
  19. Welcome to two days ago: https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1838513/looks-like-taylormade-has-pulled-the-2020-tp5-pix-usa-stars-and-striped-golf-balls
  20. The idiot mob mentality, parroting whatever flavor of the week is popular, wins again. So sad.
  21. The SIM Max is the straightest, most forgiving driver I've ever hit, and sounds just fantastic. I liked the G400 before that, but the Ping heads are heavy and misses with them were high fades - my least favorite shot. Tried the G410 as well, but never warmed up to that. Play my Max 9° head at 9.75° Upright (all my clubs are upright) with a Ventus Blue 6X and just love it. Face looks perfectly square as well. I only carry the ball about 275 with it, but it's all about shot placement at my club, not distance. Liked it so much that I added the Ti 3-wood - which I hit off the tee a lot - and that
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