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  1. ^^Those are for the driver, not the fairway woods.
  2. The easy way to drop the SW would be to shorten the shaft, unless of course you are looking for less weight overall, then a lighter shaft would do the trick (almost 20g lighter for the drop you want). If you cut the existing shaft down 1/2", you would drop 3 SW points as a general rule. You could also remove one of the TM weights then use lead tape or shaft tip weighting to bring it back up to where you want.
  3. Look at the KBS site - what a revelation. It's not a CTL nor is it a [stepped] Tour 105. The CT105 is proprietary and comes only with a parallel tip. I already provided the information.
  4. The '16 E6 is a great ball: I use it as my "cool weather" ball and really enjoy it. The shots in to the greens stop on a dime, and the soft feel is nice when the temps are lower. As seems to be the consensus, they don't spin as much on real short pitches, but it's a small trade-off. Ended up getting six dozen at a local Golf Galaxy and walked out the door only $60 lighter a month back. They'll be fine until summer when the RZN TP's (or B330S) is put back in to play.
  5. Put a thread up yesterday on this - should have searched a couple pages and would have seen this one. Definitely a proprietary shaft, but different than the C-Taper Lite. This one weighs 105g in both R & S and is a mid-high launch, mid spin, and with a mid tip stiffness. Torque is also 2.5° and it comes in only a 0.370 parallel tip. It also has a chrome finish vs. the satin finish of the CTL. For comparison, the CT Lite shaft (in 0.370 parallel) is 108g in R, 118g in S, and has a firm tip. On the TM list of custom shafts, they show the specs under the "Tour 105", but I was told that wa
  6. Yes, that I know. I should have clarified that on the GolfWorks list for TM shafts, specifically pertaining to the PSi & PSi Tour, they show the stock steel shafts as the Dynamic Gold and "KBS 105" (parallel tip). The true "Tour 105" shaft is stepped and has a taper tip, so it's just an error in the listing on the part of GW. They just need to correct it to read "C Taper 105". In any case, they at least have the specs correct there. Here's the list (the PSi is at the bottom of p.6): https://www.golfwork.../TaylorMade.pdf Also, the TaylorMade custom iron shaft booklet (that needed to
  7. Got a little bit of info from GolfWorks so far. They just refer to this shaft as the "KBS 105" - probably why I missed it. The shaft has a 0.370" tip, which I thought might be the case (TM makes the PSi head for taper and parallel shafts). Looks like the R flex shaft is 100g in the longest length and the S is 105g. Not sure if they are similar to the CT Lite with a soft butt and firm tip, but I'll probably get more from KBS soon enough.
  8. Anyone on this forum have specs on this proprietary shaft? Picked up a spare set of irons to try out with them (TaylorMade Psi), and wanting to compare them to my current PSi Tour set with the Nippon NS950. TM lists a CT90, and CT105 although there are no specs I can find on the 105 (I'm guessing the weights are between the Lite and 90). There is plenty out there on the Lite and a little bit on the 90, but nothing specific on the 105 - although I understand it is a higher launch/spin shaft. I sent an e-mail to KBS, but thought some more details would pop up here while I wait to hear from them.
  9. Those are the '14 model, although probably similar enough that most won't notice (the '16 version has "Tour" on the box): http://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/nike-rzn-platinum-golf-balls-12-pack#repChildCatid=1251950
  10. http://www.ebay.com/...Iwp1v_NR96qNpmQ Or this: http://store.nike.co...9/pgid-11792583 The RZN TP is one of the best balls ever, would be neat to grab a sleeve of these for the shelf. Plenty of unique versions of it showing up on eBay.
  11. Where are you guys finding them? All the proshops nearby are out of them (surprisingly have a huge stock of black) I haven't seen a single deal on the RZN Tour Platinums Everyone that knew these were great balls snagged them. Got mine for less than $30 per dozen, so all the local DSGs and GG's were relieved of them. Still have several dozen B330S's, so I'll be mixing them or will plan on selling some of the RZN's if I feel like it.
  12. Are you talking about the B330 or 330S? And this year's Nike RZN Tour Platinum? This year's B330 does not spin more nor backup more than this year's Tour Platinum. Maybe the 330S is different. But I've tried almost of the current models of balls and the B330 backs up less than most -- not saying they don't but they don't as much as the current TPx/V1x and definitely not a Platinum, much closer to the Tour Black. Not trying to come off as a dick, but I think most would agree with what I've found. Could the conditions have been different last night? Did you put the Platinum in play at all during
  13. A Google search for that brings up articles from '13 and '14 - totally different balls they were comparing. The RZN TP is about identical to the 330S and V1X from what I've noticed. All the distances there were comparable. I just started playing the RZN Platinum, not the Tour Platinum, and didn't feel they were shorter at all. My drives were longer and irons were pretty much the same. For '16, they were referring to it as the RZN Tour Platinum.
  14. I also have a bunch. Figured some would go up for sale at some point as well. Then again, they are an awesome ball to play, and once they are gone, they are gone.
  15. Wow! I thought the 30 dozen I grabbed was a lot, but good to know there are others that appreciate how fantastic these are.
  16. I'll agree to disagree with you then. Adding to that, I gave a friend of mine, a local pro who is a die-hard V1X guy, a dozen of the B330's and he didn't like them at all. While they went off the driver, he felt they didn't compare to the V1X off any other club. Even through a conversation with a rep at Bridgestone, he had affirmed that the 330S would compare well to the V1X and RZN TP. To each his own then.
  17. The 2016 RZN TP is a fantastic ball - right there with the Pro V1X and B330S. Anyone that has never tried it doesn't know what they are missing (I picked up almost 30 dozen of them as they were being cleared out around where I live). There's a good reason why Rory McIlroy made sure to stock up on "...three year's worth..."!
  18. B330S (blue box) = Pro V1, Tour Preferred, Chrome Soft, etc B330 (black box) = Pro V1x, Tour Preferred X. SR3, etc I wouldn't say that at all. Having tried all of these except the CS, IMHO, the ProV1X, B330S, and Nike RZN TP are about identical with the Snell MTB coming in close. The B330 has a very firm cover that puts it in a league of its own. Here's a chart that Snell used on their site comparing some pitch shots, but it's not too far off a realstic comparison of a the balls overall.
  19. New to the forum, and figured this was as good a place as any for a first post. This chart should come in handy with some comparisons with other balls, even though it is based on wedge shots. That being said, I have found the ProV1X, B330S, and Nike RZN TP (the latter two being my faves) to be about identical in performance, which makes sense since they are clustered on this chart as 13, 2 & 6 - right near the Snell MTB. I'm guessing this new Kirkland ball will be in that area as well. Cheers.
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