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  1. Had a chance to play the Tour Response the other day - finally - and was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the performance. Was able to run out for a few practice holes before the "real" round and was comparing the TR with the TP5 as well as the project (a). I found the project (a) to be about 1/2 club shorter off the irons, but all were comparable everywhere else. The TR is definitely a bit softer than the TP5 and feels fantastic, plus it goes and stops real well. Ended up playing my actual round with the TR and it was one of my better ones this year (mid 70's). Ended up playing the
  2. Was a neat little experiment. Ultimately, all I needed was the new 19g weight in place of the original 16g (head weight now 196g). This head plays very well when light - kept mine at a D1 after going to a 45" length and it is amazing.
  3. Still greatly enjoy the orange/yellow graphics on the TP5 from last year, especially since the ball is very inexpensive now. Nice that TaylorMade is bringing out a new USA version with the Clear-Path Alignment just in time for the Fourth of July. Even better for those that prefer the TP5X.
  4. This was brought up in another thread. I tried mine out with some lead tape and trimmed two pieces to fit nicely. Ultimately removed it since a new rear weight was all that I needed. Do whatever floats your boat.
  5. This right here. If you "read the archives" on swing weight and didn't know that adding weight to the butt end decreases it, you didn't do enough research. Plenty out there on the concept with a search of the web. Play it as it is, then add small strips of lead tape until it feels "right" (if they are even necessary). Adding lots of weight to a driver head once it is shortened makes it harder to square the clubface, so it may play even better with a lower swing weight.
  6. They were announced at the PGA Show...back in January. There was a thread - or two - on the balls a few months ago.
  7. Was sad that I sold my G400...until I found the SIM Max. Shortened it 3/4" and put a 19g weight in the back to replace the original 16g and love it. First go with Twist Face and definitely find the misses in the fairway much more often than the G410 I had briefly. Never got along with that one, probably since the head was a bit heavy, whereas the Max is almost 10g lighter and also sounds so much better. Like it so much that the Ti 3-wood is in the bag as well.
  8. True. All that's needed is a nut driver with the correct bit. We're talking a few inch-pounds to snug it down. Seems as if lots of golfers should probably stay away from tools, though!
  9. The torque wrench isn't meant to fit - completely different size. Use blue loctite and snug it down - not complicated. A screw that small gets very little torque.
  10. Just took mine out: it's 2g and I think it has already been mentioned in the thread. Replaced it with the M4/M6 weight in 4g since I hate lead tape. With a Fujikura Ventus Blue 7X that is -1/2", the SW is perfect at D2. Love this 3-wood along with the Max driver. You can get new weights from Billy Bob's or they are easy to score all over eBay...
  11. After stupidly selling my G400 a year+ back, I tried the G410 and just really struggled. For me, I think the heavier head just didn't help, and I was always hitting weak fades rather than my normal light draw. Had I gone with a lighter weight (mine happened to be 10g), it may have been with better results, but I never got there. As soon as I tried the SIM Max, I unloaded the Ping driver anyway. With the lighter TM head and a SW of D1, I am enthralled with the new one. You really just have to see what works best for you, especially if you are sensitive to SW changes and overall weight. Since th
  12. Something else to think about with the smaller (and lighter grip): your SW will increase slightly since you have removed weight from the butt end of the club. Some people are sensitive to it, some are not. I have the MCC+4 in all my clubs except driver (standard MCC there), so you are looking at 52g grips vs. 47g. Not sure if there really is anything to the larger grips keeping the hands from turning over since I play a slight draw anyway, but I prefer the slightly lighter grip in my driver at least. The SW is perfect as well and I do tend to mostly hit it straight, so in my own mind, I'm fine
  13. Dabbled with the Atmos Black line last year and hated the driver shaft - was all over the place. Only had the 6S & 7S (the fairway shaft was decent, however) and now in the Blue Ventus 6X & 7X. Tried the Black Ventus, but just wanted a shaft that was a bit "easier" to swing. Maybe had I gone 6X and 7X in the Atmos, all would have been well, but with the Ventus, it's just the best of everything. Much happier - and straighter - now.
  14. After plenty of tinkering and lots of trial and error, I discovered my preference for stepping SW's up through the set. My new TM driver was a D4 from the factory, but cutting down to 44-3/4" and ultimately ending up at D1 was perfect. I tried adding lead tape to bring it back to D4, and it was like swinging a brick. As it has been said, once you change the length of a club, it's SW is out the window compared to how it felt at its original length. Here's how my set looks as an example (and all clubs are 2° upright FWIW - another important part of fitting is lie angle!). Driver: D1 3-wood: D2
  15. The Twist Face is definitely nice. Played a great round yesterday with a sore back (still broke 80:)) and hit a few of my tee shots with the Max towards the heel. They had some curve but were all in the fairway. Even being in some pain and swinging easy, I was happy to get the ball out there 270ish. Last week when I wasn't sore, it was a cinch to blast them straight and longer!Yeah, something about this head - it really didn't like extra weight. The demo I tried for a few days was 100% stock, but just an inch too long (that head was 193g @D4). Adding the new weight from Billy Bob's with just a
  16. Turns out the Max plays a lot nicer with the lighter head. After part of one round, I yanked both strips of lead tape off since it just felt like swinging a brick. Absolutely loving it now with the head at about 196g and a D1. Probably why I didn't get along with the G410 since the head was so heavy - always hitting slight fades which I hate. Almost hard not to hit the Max straight and relatively long, however. At least the tape looked good for a while! Liking the driver so much that the Ti 3-wood is joining it shortly. Definitely something to the Twist Face!
  17. This is easy...https://lmgtfy.com/?q=used+golf+balls
  18. Guess I forgot to mention that: mine’s -1” (44.75”). Also, I have the Ventus w/VeloCore transplanted from another driver, so just an FYI for anyone using the TM version (non-VeloCore) - there is a weight difference between the two shafts. The VeloCore shaft, cut to the same length as the TM version is about 5g lighter. Since I don’t have hot melt, adding the extra lead tape was what it took to be at D3, and that’s using a 47g MCC grip.Great driver for sure. I liked the ST190 head, but hated the Atmos shaft. Thought it was a bad idea to unload the G400, but since I ended up with the new Max, I’
  19. They are available from Billy Bob's in San Diego. Just added a 19g weight to my Max in place of the stock 16g. I ended up needing the 19g weight + 4g of lead tape so I could hit a D3. Got creative with two pieces of tape so it looks decent, and you really can't even tell it's on there.
  20. Billy Bob's came through quick with the weight, but I needed an additional 4g so I could hit D3 (same SW for my 3-wood and two hybrids). Total head weight is now 200g with some creative use of lead tape along the "inertia generator" (hate the look of lead tape strips and don't have access to hot melt right now). I also had my Ventus Blue VeloCore shaft transplanted over and play the club 1" shorter than stock. Interestingly enough, the non-VeloCore shaft in the exact same length is 5g heavier since its walls are thicker - probably how TM got the shaft to feel "close" to the OE version. Almost
  21. The G400 was one of my favorites a couple years back. Stupidly, I sold it to give the Mizuno ST190 a try (all Mizuno bag anyway). Liked that head but the Atmos shaft turned out to be horrible for me and it wrecked my game off the tee last season. Should have gone back to a 400, but decided to try the 410. Ultimately, didn't get along with that driver real well since I tended to hit high fades at the worst possible times (even with the weight in the draw position). As of recent, just jumped over to the SIM Max and totally dig it. Sounds great, very forgiving, and hit it long and straight. Had I
  22. I do like to tinker!! Already ordered the 19g weight for mine since I'm cutting it down 1". The stock weight is 16g for the head I have being 193g overall. Fortunately, I use the standard 47g MCC grip in my driver and 3-wood, so it will be easy to keep the SW versus with the slightly heavier MCC+4 grips in the rest of my set. Glad Billy Bob's keeps coming through with these things!
  23. A thread here on the ball - just a few pages in: https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1810983/taylormade-tour-response
  24. The 75S is sold. If no one snatches up the 75X, I'll just give it to my buddy to have in the stash at his club repair shop.
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