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  1. I tried both and initially wasn't thrilled with the standard SIM since it seemed hard off the face and I was fading it, which is my least favorite shot. With the Max, the feel and sound were fantastic, and even with a slightly higher launch, it puts the ball out there nicely. I'd even venture to say it's the longest driver I've ever hit. Both demo models I tried also had the TM version of the Ventus Blue in 6X and I was pleasantly surprised with it. Having a real TM fitting done tomorrow, so I'll look forward to seeing what Trackman shows. Since I've had awful luck with my 410LST lately, I'm s
  2. ...because "Driver vs. Driver" season's 1 & 2 were such an overwhelming success???
  3. The Max is fantastic. After not being impressed with the SIM, I decided to go back and give the Max a shot and am real happy. Sound and feel are amazing, plus it's just easy to hit. Even the TM watered-down Ventus isn't bad (have the Blue 6X) - may even sell off my VeloCore version and just leave the TM driver at stock length and SW.
  4. Have two Ping fairway shafts that were lightly and briefly used in a 3-wood, then professionally removed. One is a 75S and the other is a 75X. Both are low-mid launch models and as most know, made by UST and modeled after the Chrome Elements line. Tips are prepped are they are ready to be re-installed. The 75S is 41-1/8" long, torque of 2.9° and a weight of 68g. The 75X is 41" long, torque of 2.8° and a weight of 72g. No problem separating them, or can sell both together - $60 shipped for each or $110 for both. Feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions.
  5. This sums it up nicely. Have the Ventus Blue 6X (with VeloCore) in my G410 LST and took it out on the course with a Sim driver that had the "TM" Ventus Blue 6X as well. Both clubs were the same length and the same swing weight. Found that the Sim was a hair shorter most of the time and would spin off slightly right. Otherwise, it felt pretty similar and most golfers out there probably aren't going to know the difference. I only went with the VeloCore version in my driver and 3-wood since I got them new for about half price - couldn't pass them up and pleased so far, even with an occasional err
  6. Same here. Low single digit index and no regrets going all HMB's since they are so easy to hit and very forgiving. Had them bent just 1° stronger since the ball flight was a bit high, but love them overall. Never felt the need to fuss with any kind of blending, and most are probably fine skipping that whole route.
  7. You probably aren't going to go wrong with something in the 120g range. I had similar recommendations for my top three, and since I had played the Modus 105 previously, ended up with the Modus 120 in X, and love them (that one was choice #8 on the list). As it has been mentioned, the Optimizer is a great starting point, and it's even better that you can try a lot of other shafts to find what you like best. Even nicer with the newer model is the lie angle recommendation: it put me at 2° upright which is spot on.
  8. Good info on the head if you need to do any tweaking: https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1766463/mizuno-st190-swing-weight-custom-adjustment
  9. The inaccurate rumor mill strikes again. They are still made by UST and unchanged except for the graphics and designation. Plenty of us have re-gripped and/or pulled newer versions and the UST/Mamiya "Made in Bangladesh" label hasn't gone away.
  10. https://fujikuragolf.com/2020-catalog
  11. Tried the Sim against my G410 LST and was totally not impressed. Have the Ventus Blue 6X in my Ping driver (the real VeloCore version), and got a Sim to demo with the non-VeloCore Blue 6X. Both the same length and even identical swing weight. Consistently about 10 yards longer with Ping and couldn't stop hitting a baby fade with the Sim which I hated (probably had something to do with the shaft to be fair). The feel of the Sim was also awful - hard as a rock. Glad to have tried it out of curiosity, but once again, another one not beating out Ping.
  12. Hammer22


    No mystery there. All that can be deduced right from the info TaylorMade has put out on the balls.
  13. Hammer22


    True! I don't have any complaints about this versions color scheme, so when I get a $10 GG coupon, I pick up two more dozen (again, coming in at $25 each). Definitely a score for a current ball.
  14. Hammer22


    The TP5 is a fantastic ball, and the Pix versions from last year can be scored at great deals - around $25/dozen. Switched to them last season and haven't looked back. Paying $50/dozen for other "premium" balls is idiotic when these are so good.
  15. In the first line of the first post of this thread, the word "CORE" is emphasized noting the difference. With last season's TP5 Pix going for less than $30, it's hard to justify buying a ball similar to the project (a) that is more expensive. Glad I ended up liking the TP5 better.
  16. The full value comes from having a complete set. That being said, I tried them for one round back when Ping was giving them away and took them off. They are a bit heavy (about 7g from what I recall), and really screwed up the swing weight of my clubs. Perfectly fine without them and just prefer a very light GPS watch along with a laser range finder.
  17. These came out of a custom driver and 3-wood that played slightly shorter than stock (app. 1/2"). Raw lengths of these two shafts are about 43-1/4" and 41-1/4" (please know what lengths are appropriate for you!). Driver shaft is the 65g and the fairway shaft is 75g (Both again in S flex). Tips are prepped and ready for use. Awesome shafts still made by UST with actual weight and torque specs below. Would prefer to sell as a set, but can separate if necessary. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. $150 shipped OBO.
  18. As much as I liked these balls, just have way too many on hand although I primarily play the TP5 now. Selling off 5 dozen that I had stacked in a den caddy. All sleeves are loose since I tossed the original boxes, but they are all brand new and have never been out of the sleeves other than for the pictures. These are the third and final version of the ball from 2018, purchased last season. Mix of 00 (4 sleeves), 11 (3), 22 (7), and 33 (6). Already packed in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box: $100 shipped.
  19. Ping Tour shaft set, like new, in STIFF flex. These came out of a custom driver and 3-wood that played slightly shorter than stock (app. 1/2"). Raw lengths of these two shafts are about 43-1/4" and 41-1/4" - but it is your responsibility to know what lengths are appropriate for you. Driver shaft is the 65g (3.4°) and the fairway shaft is 75g (2.9°). Tips are prepped and ready for use. Awesome shafts made for Ping still made by UST as a derivative of the Chrome Elements line. Would prefer to sell as a set, but can separate if necessary. Absolutely nothing wrong with them - had just gone to X-fl
  20. Definitely became a fan, and will be back for sure. Maybe the next time it won't be so close to the API - happy to avoid that club-dragging rough! Luckily my season kicked off with a couple great rounds, so it was surely nice to only donate a couple balls over the few days.Was hoping for a dozen myself, but since I'm stocked on the TP5's and have several dozen project (a)'s in the stash for cooler weather, I should be set for balls this season and probably next. Looks like this ball will be a decent one though, especially if the HFM layer works as it does in the 5 & 5X. In any case, here's
  21. Definitely my assumption. Will be another box of balls on my stack of too many... So Bay Hill: played there recently and enjoyed it. With the upcoming API, cool to see most of the grandstands in, but the rough was crazy long. Amazed at how slow the greens were, but played well considering it's been several months. Look forward to making it a regular get-away spot (much easier access than Pebble Beach). Only ended up losing one TP5, but switched around between them and the project (a) with fine results. Some great history there for sure, just like Latrobe.
  22. Just got an e-mail through my FedEx account of a package on the way from Carlsbad, which I assume is a box of these balls. Must be a vendor that is shipping them all since it's not from TaylorMade, and I don't recall buying anything recently that would come from SoCal. Will look forward to checking them out, although I'm pretty sold on the TP5 and have a bunch of project a's left for cooler weather.
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