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  1. Pretty much the same packaging as the Proto (a) when they came out for '18.
  2. From the 2020 Product Guide:
  3. It’s the CORE that is advertised to have a compression of 40 (which is why I capitalized the word). As mentioned, the Project a had about a 70 compression with the same core, and I believe it’s still the case for the new ball. The ‘a was great, and I never saw any distance loss and have plenty in my stash for cooler weather. Who knows if the name was a killer for it, but it definitely does seem that so many golfers have an over-inflated sense of their skill - maybe why the connotation of ‘amateur’ made it “bad”.
  4. New ball finally up on their site: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/Tour-Response-Golf-Balls/DW-WZ925.html?lang=default Has a 40-compression CORE (like the project a), "affordably" priced at 34.99 (like the project a), three piece (like the project a), and a urethane cover (like the project a). Other than the "HFM" second layer, seems pretty much like a re-named project a. Also available in yellow.
  5. Yes, I felt it was mediocre, especially for the cost. It was absolutely no improvement over a Ping Tour shaft. For me, that was the case, but if others dig it, good for them. Hated the Atmos as well and really had no interest in the Ventus other than to just try one since it was available. Again, the TM versions are not the same as the expensive OE models, so it's a weak deal no matter what.
  6. Correct. That fact is mentioned in the very first post.
  7. It's been brought up many times already: the "Ventus" shaft used by TM is not the same shaft sold by Fujikura. Lacks VeloCore tip, and considering the shaft is mediocre anyway, this one is going to be even more not worth the up-charge. If you must have this shaft, buy it from a vendor and install it later.
  8. Have hit the new BX and BXS - definitely an improvement in cover feel from last year. Not that the previous BXS wasn't a great ball, but the BX was way too hard (my driver SS is around 110). The new balls from what I've seen on a launch monitor are nice, and the new BX felt only a touch firmer than the last BXS. Can't say I'll jump over to them from the TP5 since I have several dozen of them on hand, but Bridgestone would be my next choice for sure.
  9. Yes, it's a great deal. My HMB's went back for stiffer shafts and as mentioned, $20 per club including the grip. You do have to pop for shipping, but it's still a great deal. I would imagine it works for any Mizuno iron, new or old.
  10. I think you can send any Mizuno set back to them, but can't say to 100% certainty that they have to have been purchased through a vendor or custom order first. In any case, it's good to have friends in the industry as to avoid paying retail since my days of building clubs are long past.
  11. An even bigger secret is that you can send your irons to Mizuno and the cost to re-shaft them is $20 per club - including the grip. My relatively new HMB's went back since I didn't listen to the Optimizer and go with the Modus 120 in X (others suggested in X as well, but I like the 120 and have used them for several years per the last generation Optimizer). Went S since I was afraid to beat up my elbows - turns out I hit the 120 in that flex a bit too high and spinny. It still wasn't a bad deal to have Mizuno do the work. Live and learn.
  12. Like these much better than the 919F. They feel softer, are more forgiving, and just look so much better. Probably helps that I changed shaft flex going to the HMB,s (was launching too high), but I never really warmed up to the 919F like I thought I would.Am a few strokes lower than you in the index and went with the full set of HMB's. While the MB's look nice, the HMB's are going to offer just a bit more forgiveness which is beneficial to everyone. Setting them side by side on the ground, there is almost no difference in the look either. Unless you are a very consistent ball striker (pretty m
  13. Have played them both - great drivers for sure. Only 200 or so RPM higher spin in the Plus, but it feels much better and is more forgiving. Will take that any day. Launch and carry almost identical between them as well. Sold the LST and won’t be getting rid of the Plus any time soon.
  14. Totally mis-read your title - why I saw that as "410", I'm not sure. Oops. In any case, you won't go wrong with the "Max" either, especially with a Tour shaft! If you get the chance to hit the 410 line, you won't be disappointed either. I did actually play the 400LST a couple years back and stupidly sold it, but glad I found my way to the new stuff anyway. Good luck.
  15. The Plus is going to be more forgiving - going that route is always good. I've hit/played both and stayed with the Plus. The LST is nice, but the Plus just felt better, and the spin difference was only about 200RPM (we're talking 2200-2400RPM as the norm for both). Adding to that, the Tour shaft is just one of the best out there - keeps spin reasonable with fantastic trajectory and control. With your SS, I'd bet that a Plus head in 9° with the Tour shaft in Stiff would be perfect. Lots out there that you can buy used to try out, and worst case, it would be easy to re-sell. Obviously a proper
  16. That head weight is spot on. My Plus with a 16g weight is 202g. With a Tour 75 X-flex shaft, the SW is D3 since I play it -1/2". You can get weights up to 18g for the head, and after that, you are faced with using lead tape or hot melt. Since you added a heavier midsize grip, that is going to throw the SW off - basic SW info you can find all over the web. And just to clarify, the specified SW of the Plus is D3, not D2: https://ping.com/en-us/clubs/drivers/g410-plus
  17. No, just the TS 6S since X wasn't available. My driver SS is just a hair lower than yours, but in Ping I was using the Tour shaft in S initially then went with X since it just felt a bit better. With the 410 line, I was getting almost identical numbers with the Plus and LST, but the Plus just felt a bit better. Besides, it is more forgiving and I'll take that. Lots of info on the Ping site and plenty more on the web. Also look at the M-G-S Driver CG & MOI Report - Ping is a standout there.
  18. Had a very mediocre year of the tee with Mizuno drivers, not because of the head but the Atmos shaft. While it seemed fine on a launch monitor, I was all over the place on the course and was about as frustrated as could be. Rather than fool around trying all kinds of other shafts, went back to a Ping driver with the Tour shaft and it was like being instantly 10 or so shots better each round thanks to regularly finding the fairways again. That being said, went to the 410+ after trying the 410LST (I regrettably sold my 400LST) and could not be happier. Spin is always around 2400 with launch in
  19. Or just go right to the Nippon site and get the answer.Similar driver SS as yours and had been playing the 120S and just made the switch to the X, but that was because an initial fitting actually put me in to it. With the previous Mizuno Optimizer, the 120X was what came up for me (coming from the 105). The new one put me in several other X-flex shafts of the 120g variety, but I just didn't feel like I wanted anything to do with that flex, especially since the DG and PX shafts felt way too stiff (the Modus was still on the list, just a bit further down). Turns out the 120S was giving me an ove
  20. And $15K for that thing - wow. If it has an ETA movement, which so many Swiss watches do, it is ridiculously over-priced. Just goes to show what marketing and name recognition will do.
  21. Bushnell Tour V4 "Jolt" Patriot Edition. Lightly used this season and part of last. Well cared for, always kept the rubber sleeve on, never dropped, in good as new condition. Comes with case, manual, and even an extra battery (current battery is also brand new). Case also has a carabiner on the back to hook on your bag, but it didn't make it in the picture. Nothing wrong with it at all, just upgraded to a new version with slope. Good info right from Bushnell: https://www.bushnellgolf.com/products/laser-rangefinders/tour-v4/ Also, PDF of owners manual as an FYI: https://www.bushnellgolf.com/con
  22. Very lightly used G410 LST RH 9° driver with the UST-made Tour 65 Stiff shaft. Length is their standard 45-1/4" to end of grip cap. Not a thing wrong with it, but acquired it and a G410+ to test and decided not to keep this one. Comes with headcover, tool, and an aftermarket 14g weight (stock weight is 12g). Grip is the GolfPride Tour Velvet, which is good as new. Overall club weight is 325g with a SW of approximately D4.5. $325 OBO shipped, lower 48 only.
  23. It was copper (or brass?) for sure. No idea what the shafting depth was since I only cared about getting rid of it in a hurry. Definitely ended up not liking that shaft line.
  24. When I pulled the stock Atmos shaft from my TS 3 wood, it had a tip weight as well. Somewhere around 5g if I recall.
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