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  1. Still rocking my black mist Newport.. waiting on them to bring back the black.. the blue looks cool too
  2. I say it's just a matter of time before he goes either Ventus black or back to his trusted Diamana..
  3. Anxious to try these.. not a huge hybrid guy but the one I do carry from time to time is the old 915hd.. So I'm due for an upgrade and need to fill the gap between my 3 wood and 4 iron..
  4. This kind of post makes me want to try the XC.. for more than 5 minutes this time...
  5. Just from personal feel and experience I would say the AD- GP. But I don't have anything scientific to back that up. Just a really good shaft for me.
  6. Anyone know if there will be any retail versions in this finish? Been a lot of years with my black mist.. might be tempted with these.
  7. The Pings are nice.. but my TSi3 3 wood is not going to leave the bag.. I really like it..but might experiment with a few more shafts for it...
  8. The LZ's are the new.. switched from regular project X.. not exactly walking on the wild side. but gave me an excuse to freshen up my irons.
  9. Looking for a Vokey SM8 60L 04. Thanks
  10. New irons.. same model but switched shafts..
  11. Really liking mine in my TSi3.. someone is really going to be happy with this shaft...
  12. I've always been a high spin guy too.. even as I'm getting older. I hit the LS the other night just for the heck of it and put the lowest spinning shaft they had in the store just to see. I left it at 9 degrees assuming that was too much loft, but wasn't there for a fitting.. just curiosity. I only hit a couple of shots. First one was around 2k spin but not my best strike. The next one was hit well... it had 17.4 launch @ 1780 spin. I've never hit anything that spun like that. I will go back this weekend and test some more. .but that was crazy. I'm coming off my 7th left knee surgery..
  13. Interesting about the leading edge of the T.. didn't realize it was flat when open. I'll check it out.
  14. So many good drivers out now.. the new Ping.. the Sim2. which looked better to me than the first SIM and the Callaway stuff.. good time to be testing drivers..
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