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  1. For sale are 2 very nice Ventus Velocore shafts. I am the original owner, so shafts have not had any adapter pulls or tipping. They both have new GP teams multi-compound grips with 3 wraps underneath. The black is a 6x with a Titleist driver adapter. The shaft measures a little over 45.5" grip to tip, so this leaves room for tipping or butt trimming. I've only had the shaft in the bag for 2 rounds, so basically new. SOLD The red is a 8x with a Titleist fairway wood adapter. The shaft measures a little over 43 1/4" grip to tip, again leaving room for tipping or but
  2. I was there only once.. it was a strangely calm day as well. It was early evening in the summertime and there was no one playing, too hot the pro said, he was actually closing early because no one else was playing. very odd... incredible golf course with probably the best views, even from the pro shop, anywhere...
  3. Good point.. my 5th is due to show up on Thursday...
  4. Back in the market for a U500 2 iron.. still not getting along with my hybrid. Prefer standard length or longer.. Thanks
  5. Yes.. what was I thinking? This shaft has not been tipped at all. My apologies.....
  6. For sale is an almost new Tensei 1K pro white 60 TX driver shaft with a Titleist adapter. No tipping on the shaft. I received this last week and it has only been hit a few times. Shaft is gripped with a GP Z cord with 4 wraps underneath. It measures just a shade over 44 1/2" grip to tip. Not much else to add, shaft is basically new. SOLD
  7. For sale is a HZRDUS Blue RDX Limited edition USA 60TX driver shaft with a Titleist adapter. SOLD
  8. I just got my 1K in 60tx.. really anxious to see how it does...
  9. Been there.. and also changed irons at the turn as well....
  10. When you are hitting your driver farther and straighter than ever with your current setup.. but have another shaft on the way to make it "a little better"......
  11. The 2 I saw yesterday were both 9 degrees.. they didn't mention being able to get a 8.5 either..
  12. I saw 2 of these at the local store last night. I could not really tell the difference between the regular and LS models at first glance. The shape sure reminded me of the Mavrik triple diamonds. I did not have time to hit them but might get a chance today.
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