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  1. Any word on a price drop with the P790's? I see that the new 770 looks like a replacement for the 760's, is TM planning on replacing the 790's also???
  2. Thank you, that was a great explanation and has got the wheels turning.
  3. Wondering if anyone here has a setup with their p790's or any other clubs? Is there any big differences really? With loft being the same and all. Thanks
  4. Any word if Nike is planning on bringing back the nikeid golf shoe this season?
  5. Love Srixon. Brilliant idea with the 60 day money back. With all that said 3 words still ring true:Tour Pro Validation Unless they are on board, the masses wont follow.(Unfortunately)
  6. signed up Ive heard a lot of different opinions on the align grips. Would love the opportunity to have my own.
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