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  1. I’ve recently learned that hitting into water isn’t that a big of deal (especially if one is considering laying up). If the hazard is in front of me I can go to the point of entry, hence I lose a stroke but not full distance. Provisional balls off the tee just kill a score … especially if you do it twice in a row! This is what I don’t understand. I would assume within reason that water is always a hazard. I don’t take a provisional ball. I instead take a drop at the entry point. When I tee off and instead of water ….. it’s a massive field of thick bush …. is this normally marked with white stakes or hazard stakes? I won’t be able to get to a golf course soon hence why I ask here. thanks !
  2. I always hear about Hogan’s right hand being weak. From my understanding… what he promotes with the left hand in Five Lessons is super strong. Is my perception correct? He has a super strong left hand grip and a very weak right hand grip.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I’m one of those people that manipulate the club trying to ensure a square club face. I enjoy swinging freely but realized when I was doing it last year that my shoulders were turning flat and my trail arm would always collapse in the backswing. It just got me thinking if guys like Sadlowski etc would be able to get such high swing speeds with serious faults ..... or if their speeds are a product of amazing mechanics.
  4. Does a swing speed increase usually translate to a lower handicap? What I mean is this ..... Can someone flip the clubhead through impact or come steep OTT and still get into the 115 mph or do these poor actions prevent swing speed?
  5. These two are both great instructors but I’ll say this. I can swing a club freely towards the target (ie Shawns perpetual motion walk) and it feels good .... but I’m actually collapsing my right arm tremendously each swing. Swinging freely after addressing this problem was of great benefit.
  6. Love this club. Do these have very little or a lot of bounce ?
  7. Seems like a nice guy and I enjoy the content. Maybe golf instruction in general isn’t as good as it could be.
  8. I know there are many variables to answer easily but I have a general question. When the shaft is at P6 ..... if the toe is directly upwards .... is this square or open? I know some teachers like to have the leading edge on the same angle as the spine. What is this benefit ? Is it that you simply have to rotate to square the face?
  9. A strong grip allows you to hockey ‘wrist shot’ the golf ball easily towards the desired target. A weak grip doesn’t allow you to do this because the ball slides right off the toe. In order to shoot straight you’ll need to bow the lead wrist. The hands lead the shaft which thus lead the club face. If this is true .... you either need a strong grip or if you choose to play with a weak grip ... you’ll need to at some point bow the left wrist.
  10. I play the Ultradyne II with the crest in the middle. Does anybody know if they are the exact same as the ones with the spelling instead of the crest? I want another set but don’t know how picky I have to be. love these irons
  11. The 1950s M85 (non Colokrom) are the best irons ever made.
  12. When I have a tip diameter of .350 ...... a .350 shaft will fit or do I need a smaller diameter shaft (like .335) to be able to fit?
  13. I’d like to buy this but just one question. For someone that conceptually doesn’t understand a proper backswing ... does this explain it? Or is this mostly just about transition?
  14. Swing posting. A recovering hooker (under plane) of the ball. Am I losing my angles simply because of a steep shaft? IMG_1806.MOV
  15. It’s that he doesn’t have level shoulders post impact ?
  16. Trying to understand this. Shoulders turn 90* to the spine which have some tilt at address. Right shoulder feels low (address), high (end of backswing) & low (impact). What does Dustin do that is so extreme and an outlier from Monte’s perspective. I am not experienced enough to understand what Dustin does that is so unique.
  17. haha it’s an important topic! So many poor players eventually learn to swing from the inside and then unleash this power they never knew they had inside them. Then they start coming from the inside .... with a stall ... a flip with a closed face and duck hook the ball over and over again. This makes them question their sanity. So my question is this ’You can come from the inside as long as you ........ 1) Have space between your right elbow and torso at the top of the backswing ... What else ?
  18. If your right elbow falls in front of your right hip (and the shaft shallows) but you’re aimed far right ..can you be stuck ?
  19. I have the 1976’s as well. I’d love more clarity. Cool irons. All the Haig’s are blades right ... even with the perimeter weighting?
  20. If I place a golf ball a couple millimeters beside a brick wall .... and learn to swing without breaking my body ...... is there any way I can still come OTT? Or will I be assured of ‘inside-square-inside’? Seems like the best way to teach a rounded swing that will ensure A PROPER RIGHT ELBOW ACTION.
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