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  1. I played them for a year as well. Very good shafts they just spun a little too much for me in the mid and long irons.
  2. Guys, the wife and I might be relocating to the New Orleans area and looking at living in the Northshore area, Covington, Madisonville, or Mandeville, and we will be looking for a club to join. We lived in Baton Rouge for 6 years were members at University Club but the only course we ever played in the Northshore area was Carter Plantation in Springfield. Thanks
  3. I played the 712, 714, and 716. The 716 was the worst set for me. They weren't bad just not as good as the other two.
  4. I was a longtime X100 player who due to injuries went to graphite. I dropped down to DG 120 X100 for about a year before going to Steelfiber FC 115X. It helped make the transition easier.
  5. I just ordered a Combo Set of Apex/Apex Pro with the MMT 105 TX. Like you, I have elbow issues after years of playing X100 and Nippon 130X. Year before last I dropped down to DG 120 X100 then last year I went with the Steelfiber FC115 in my Apex Pros. The damping was night and day with the FC115's but they spun a little too much from the 5-7 irons. The MMT 105 TX weigh in at like 112 grams so the weight will be about the same as the FC's. Hopefully I can report back once I get the new sticks.
  6. They just showed his bag for a minute on tv and his irons surely looked like the I59 and not the Blueprints.
  7. It sure did look like Tony Finau had the I59s in his bag today.
  8. Yep, the programming is already suffering. I will miss watching Feherty though even though all the shows weren't great.
  9. Sorry for all the divots but your lawn was so pretty and green.
  10. Man, I can remember the days of the 10 year run of the Eye 2 and now people are upset if a company build an iron so good its hard to improve it. How the world has changed.....lol.
  11. Yep, I was looking at that on the Callaway VIP site. I would guess when the actually specs for the combo sets come out they would do what they have always done with the lofts on the combo sets.
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