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  1. I loved the red and black but I couldn’t get this wood line to go as far as other brands when I was testing. The blue vapor line was up there in performance for me but this line was lacking about 10-15 yards unfortunately. pretty stick though! I’d def hang it up on a wall too
  2. They are^ Hopefully said flag abuser Is gone now. Sucks that we have to live with a permanent deduction against our status as a member for someone abusing the community moderation protocol though. ????
  3. The issue is that I do buy and sell through the BST in season and if someone were to do their due diligence and see a bunch of flags or spam, that could potentially hurt me. And it’s not 2 anymore, one guy is up to 7 and every single I post is flagged now. Someone clearly doesn’t like me. I did reach out to GwrxMod, so thank you!!!
  4. I created a post requesting to speak with a mod about this issue. Hopefully I get a quick response.
  5. would like to discuss a situation with a mod if possible. Thanks!
  6. I got flagged much earlier in this thread as well discussing my T22 and thoughts on Scotty vs Mizzy putters ???? It’s ridiculous as clearly, there’s nothing wrong with your post above. Everyone is entitled to their own respectful opinion, which it was.
  7. Can’t dial in your preference without one though ?? I agree, once you have it keep it but you need one to play around with weights in the first place. My new stroke lab black ten is the same price and needs another $50 if I wanted to bump the weight up ??
  8. Thoughts on adding the heavier weights from the weight kit to the ten? Should increase MOI even more right?
  9. Not sure what Rick was thinking, maybe it was the ball honestly because the putters feel amazing.
  10. Yeah, that looks sweet as all get out! I want the black but the blue finish with that shaft is fire!
  11. So you have a shaft with a full inch of extra length, which also significantly contributes to the faster clubhead speed. And Callaway is known to have longer than normal length driver shafts too.
  12. Are the shaft lengths the same? Something has to account for the 2-4mph variable in the club head speed. I’ve owned the Ping G30 and there’s no way the turbulators account for that gain in club head speed (lol at Ping). Especially when your Mavrik can surpass your ping tempo.. just an observation
  13. Found it. BoP has the Ten beat by about 300 MOI
  14. Which has more MOI, the ten or the bird of prey?
  15. Local GG had 34” and 36” of all 3. Man, even through the plastic, they are soft like a true carbon putter.
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