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  1. The champions choice is miles better than my t22.. I thought it was a step in the right direction
  2. If there’s another release in a few weeks, I might snag another. One to take and one for the wall, this Champion’s Choice feels that good.
  3. Got my Newport today, was flipped to me. Looks and feels so much better than my T22 for some reason. Head cover is also a nicer quality, feels like it would hold up to wear and tear better.
  4. Just polish it out? The face is going to do tarnish anyway, especially if gamed.
  5. When you can’t get one due to various reasons and your only option is buy one on a flip market.. it is what it is. I have no choice anymore but to buy my Newport on the flip.
  6. Super clean! Ugh.. this is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you see it
  7. I’m afraid I’ll be looking for someone flipping “my putter” (lol) at a reasonable price point
  8. Anyone have this in a 3 wood yet? I’m getting one in my driver but as someone who wants a little a kick and was about to get an AD IZ for my 3 wood, I’m curious about this now.
  9. I’m on a reserve list. I know when I got my T22 Newport, there was a secondary release. Fingers crossed I get one before searching for it on the secondary market. I have the perfect display on my wall for 4 Scotty’s.. this is #2 I’m trying to add. Newport or Newport II 35” righty
  10. I want a Newport 35” right. Everything in my area is already spoken for within minutes apparently I have a 35” T22 Newport hanging on the wall with room for 3 more.. I need this
  11. Oh my!! Mizuno keeps bringing the heat year after year! Futuristic lines in a classic design, love it.
  12. Vapor Pro Combos were fire as well as the dual sole engage wedge. Best single club for me was the Vapor Pro Combo 2 iron with an AMT X100 shaft. Straight fire
  13. I got a shelta osprey with a narrow brim, love it
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