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  1. I'll play. Looks like something from forged in fire.
  2. Love college football. It was nice to see Michigan get some playing time for upcoming freshman. Mel tucker at mich st looks the part, Spartan fans should be happy that Fickle turned the job down. The Big 10 east could be brutal this yr. Go blue!
  3. I second this, maybe college kids going back to school is effecting the overall work force.
  4. Second for champions hill. + your only 15min away stop in five shores in beulah for a beer afterward.
  5. Just a really fun course,the greens roll really nice. It's a beautiful piece of property old park setting with alot of topography.
  6. Played leslie park and thought the same thing.Local conditions seem really good for all the rain we've gotten. On another note,The mosquitos at pierce lk are horrible on back 9.
  7. Just being up there (TC) makes everything feel and tastes better. With that said hop lot is close to bahle farms along with manitou passage. Cant go wrong with either.
  8. I agree with the o.p But The mosquitos are so bad in S.Michigan right now A carts needed to make a quick getaway,lol.
  9. Detroit just got over 6" of rain friday with more forecasted this week. Will be interesting to see how course handles all the water,I know it's pretty flat.
  10. Catching Smallmouth bass off a popper is a thrill. Float the huron river which runs through Ann Arbor is a treat.
  11. Northern Michigan is beautiful but cant touch any of these suggestions.
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