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  1. You ever roll your thighs,pure torture but man feels so good when done.
  2. Get yourself a foam roller,roll your whole body. Roll your back then hips even hamstring's everything. The pain from rolling hips and hamstrings is intense but man it works.
  3. Vest are great for mobility and keeping our internal organs toasty. A thin windbreaker that can be carried in a golf bag if needed are key. Nothing better than being prepared for what nature has to throw at ya.
  4. So many outlets,kinda like the NHL A waterd down product.
  5. Concept 2 rowing machine strengthens legs,core,back,arms. Whole body workout and killer cardio.
  6. My fault for assuming that. So it seems you enjoy this group just except it like the other guys and why not up the bets. He says $50 you say $100.
  7. Its Not worth your time,but dont understand "win back his money" he never paid you.
  8. Probably takes him 4hrs to watch 60 min,lol.
  9. Thanks TIScape,very fortunate to have a beautiful piece of property with a killer pond. It's easy to block out all the real world problems. Here's another cool shot.
  10. Watching the osprey steal my trophy bluegill from my pond. Was hitting balls in front of my property,think it missed on first attempt. I was able to get to house and grab camera for money shot!
  11. Bing Crosby,Lee T,Arnold P.
  12. Love my Bowers&Wilkins 600 series. Not the best for rap heavy bass stuff as my daughter found out. Or I should say after they had a party and blew them. But a good warranty took care of the issue.
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