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  1. New Level 902 irons. $600 shipped CONUS. 4-pw. And 50* M wedge. Penley IMS graphite shafts (105 gram). 4i-9i have 6.0 flex, PW and 50 have 5.5 flex. Lamkin Crossline Plus Wrap grips. Clubs have been played 4 rounds, with 4 range trips. Headcovers always used, so they are in excellent condition. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I don’t have the SS for these shafts which play very stiff. Lengths (the way I measure it anyway J 50* 35.75”, PW 36”, 9i 36.25”, 8i 36.5”, 7i 37”, 6i 37.5”, 5i 38”, 4i 38.5”. Swingweights D1 in long irons to D3 in short irons. PXG Driver Heads:
  2. The STi2s are back in my bag. After a while with a different set, it became obvious it was not the clubs.
  3. I've been through all of the Gen 2 / Gen 3 PXG drivers. Picked up one of the used 0211 drivers. It is 10.5, and my gamer is the Gen 2 XF 9*. I play a high fade, so 10.5 never works for me. The 10.5 0211 has a more level flight than I expect from a 10.5. I've only gotten one round in with it on my home course, but I did get a bit longer drives than I expected, so it might be a few yards longer than the G2XF. I will say the XF is more forgiving, but I think the 0211 has a slightly larger (taller) face. May have to try a 9* 0211 since somebody just bought my Wishon 519s
  4. My SS is similar, but I am smoother (i.e. not strong enough to be aggressive). I have two stiff shafts (Pro TSL and Avalon 5). The Pro TSL definitely has a lower flight.
  5. True, but I must admit I've never had short iron success with a <100 gram shaft. My 902s all have 105gm Penleys.
  6. It wasn't so much a noticeable performance problem. I still think the STi2 are the best performance/$ head out there. But after 7 months playing them, I noticed that although my GIR was the same, my scores were up by 2 per round and my birdies were down. I couldn't remember a round where I was really knocking them close. I'd hit greens, but rarely knock them stiff. I suspect it was more the wedges than the STi2, but with the 902s I have a 10 yard gap (instead of the 12-13 with the STi2) and my distance control is much better.
  7. I played the STi2 with NV85s for 7 months. I absolutely loved the long irons, but I never really got the short irons dialed in. I am about 2 months into my next set, the New Level 902s. Exact opposite, I am having all sorts of problems with the long irons, but the short irons and wedges are awesome. But I do hit the 902s a full club shorter than the 902, maybe 1 1/2 club. Hard to accept going from a 175 yard 5i that I had full confidence in to a 160 yard 5i that I am not sold on. But I am hitting the wedges and chipping so much better. I still have the STi2 set. I like
  8. Wishon 519SHPR is around 410cc I think. Great head if you like the smaller ones.
  9. LOL...yeah. Performance was almost identical to my PXG. Not a fan of the Tensei though, so I don't think it will make it into the bag. Considering a reshaft, but I thought I'd try to sell it as is before I mess it up.
  10. OK, got a few things for sale SOLD Wishon 519SHPR driver. Like new, only hit for 3 range sessions. 9* loft. Tensei Orange CK 60 series, S flex. 45.5" length. $160 shipped CONUS. SOLD SOLD Tommy Armour Atomic 3 hybrid. 41" long. Project X hybrid shaft, 6.0 flex. $50 shipped CONUS. SOLD SOLD KBS C-Taper 120-S pullout shafts (2), wedge lengths - raw shaft length 34.25" and 34". Winn grips. 0.370 tip. $30 shipped CONUS. SOLD
  11. I e-mailed Eric, and he said standard ferrules. ID 0.370, OD 0.545.
  12. Are the Honmas 0.355T or 0.370P hosels?
  13. I'm going with the Golfworks Pak - Maltby STi2 irons with TT Score shafts. 8 irons, built to your requested specs, for $199. Not the fanciest club out there, but a solid head and shaft.
  14. Public courses - Torrey is a must if you've never been there. I got to play there quite a bit when I moved to SoCal, from 97-2000 or so, until they raised the rates for everyone not SD City resident. I can't stomach paying several hundred when I remember paying $50-$60. Outside of Torrey - Avaira is outstanding. La Costa has improved greatly over the last decade. Maderas is a great track, Barona Creek is great. Nice Mid $ to Low $ Bargains - Arrowood, GC of California in Fallbrook. The Crossings in Carlsbad , Enagic GC, Mt. Woodson. And it should always be
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