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  1. The XF is much more forgiving that the X for sure. But man, I hit one X on the screws on the launch monitor, and it was 4 mph faster ball speed than the XF. But that only happened in 1 of 12 shots, the other 11 were no faster than the XF. But if you could dial in the X, it would be a beast. I bet with some time, and some shaft testing, you could find magic with the X. But since I play once or twice a month, I'd better stick with forgiveness.
  2. So I PXG driver binged, a couple off the PXGExpress ebay site, and also picked up one locally. Did some testing, and I have "settled" on the 0811XF Gen 2. I only say settled, because I may just sell the other 2 and pick up the Proto X+ next. Here are the other 2: PXG 0811X Proto, 9*, Fujikura Ventus 6S stiff shaft (the OEM non-Velocore version). 45.75" long. Headcover included, no wrench. $375 shipped CONUS. or if you want me to part it out 0811X Proto head with headcover - $275 shipped Fujikura Ventus 6S shaft (OEM Version)- $125 shipped
  3. Well, I don't have great cleavage, so toes is what you are gonna get.
  4. OK, another range session in this morning confirmed yesterday's findings. The XF/Kuro Kage works well for me. The X and Proto are extremely nice, but not the right ones for me. Now I guess the only logical step is to sell the 0811X Gen 2 / Diamana and the Proto X/Ventus, and then order a Proto X+!
  5. Had my first range session with my 0211s today. Got lucky to get in early on the pxgexpress ebay listings last week. They were listed as "excellent" condition and they certainly were. Either PXG has the best golf club cleaner known to man, or these have never hit a ball. Mine have the MMT 80 stiff shafts. Unfortunately, I must say that i really like these irons. Great feel, nice distances, and really great looking. I say unfortunately because my 4 month old set of Maltby STi2 irons / Aldila NV85s has been doing great and I really don't want to switch to the 0211s. Performance and
  6. OK, just got back from a long range session followed by a trip to the launch monitor. Did a whole lot of head/shaft swapping: Heads: X Gen 2 10.5*, XF Gen 2 9*, Proto 9* Shafts (all stiff): Diamana S+ 60 Limited Dialead, Kuro Kage Black 55 TiNi, Fuji Ventus 6S Here's my general recommendation: First choice would be to go to a PXG fitter - there is enough differences in the head performance that the only way to know is to try them. Second choice if a fitting is not in the plans.....get the Proto. The Proto with the big weights can be self-fit to get pretty close t
  7. Dave, I should get some range time in tomorrow. And/or a trip to PGA Superstore to check them out on the launch monitors.
  8. HEY! Mind your own business. ColeJ's right, that was me. But I only bought two on ebay. I would have bought a 3rd, but they had a Ebay/Paypal snafu that prevented me. But I found the same one on Facebook marketplace. The facebook guy was my hero. Full PXG clubs, including a slick PXG bag with his name and his band's logo on it....all supplied by this brother. I called my Mom and yelled at her for not having another boy. I'll eventually narrow it down to just one. Unless I buy more.
  9. I have a Gen2 X, a Gen 2 XF, and a Proto X. Unfortunately, I have not hit any of them. You know the story.....find one gen2 at a good price. Even though you want the Proto, you buy then Gen2 anyway. See the 2nd Gen2 at a good price, say to yourself "get it and see which you like best"...and buy it. Then the day the Gen2 boxes arrive, you find the exact Proto/shaft you wanted for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Some day I will be able to answer your question though.
  10. Selling of some of my Adams gear and an Atomic driver Tommy Armour Atomic driver 9 loft, Accra Tour Z Stable Tip ST65 in R flex. 45" long. Headcover and wrench included. $95 shipped CONUS. SOLD****Adams Idea CMB irons. 4-pw, gw. Standard L/L/L. True Temper Dynalite Gold XP R300 in the 4-pw, Project X LZ 120 in the GW. I will also include the uncut DG XP and grip and ferrule so you can make the GW match if desired. All have Prosoft vibration reducing inserts. $250 shipped CONUS.***SOLD SOLD*** Adams 9088UL driver 10.5 loft, Accuflex Evolution Lite shaft in R flex. 4
  11. Look under Components, then look to the far right under "featured brands".
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