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  1. You may not have time to get one 902 anymore. Stock won't last that long at the clearance price. The MODB-1 clearance sold out fast.
  2. Another XCaliber vote here. I'm using the Avalon 5 - great shaft. The Pro TSL is a low launch 55 grams.
  3. Sorry, did not take any side-by-side pictures, and I no longer have the 902s.
  4. Ah, thanks Cardigan.... Yes, I have had both. 902s are a bit smaller head, great looking and feeling. TS-1 are more forgiving, very good looking, don't feel bad but not as good as the 902s. If you play a lot and ball striking is a strength, then 902s will flat out perform with precision. I gave up on the 902s pretty quickly, as I am not playing nearly as much lately, and that really showed with the 902s. I have nothing negative to say about the TS-1. Great heads.
  5. Just happened to order these heads from Monark yesterday. They are 30 miles away, so they arrived today.
  6. I've purchased from them 3 or 4 times over the years.
  7. Having had both the 2nd Gen X and XF, and the Proto X and X+, I can say that the Gen 4 X is much more forgiving than the G2 and Proto counterparts. I will agree that the G4X launches lower than expected, I got the 10.5 G4X when I had been playing 9* in the previous models, and the launch is comparable. As for the shaft, while I am fond of the stiff Riptide at my 100 SS with my power fade, I don't think that would be my choice at 105-110 SS with a hook miss. I'd agree with the other recommendations for a HZRDUS.
  8. Even better, MODB-1s are $449 for 4-pw, which includes loft/lie adjustments and a good selection of steel shaft options. Shipping and tax included in that price as well.
  9. I drive my two kids to high school, so for a few years my sunrise golf is rare. Good news is I am finally using those GN codes.
  10. I have a lot of input on this one, hits close to home. First on the heads - the TS2 is a step above the STi2 or KE4s, but if you have to choose between the latter 2 I much prefer the STi2. It is a great head, and has a much more playable sole grind than the KE4. I played the STi2 for about 9 months, and just switched to the TS2 mainly because the 85 gram shaft I had in the STi2 was just a little lighter than I like, and at the same time I found a set of used TS2 heads to buy as well as some used Recoil 95s. It was hard to sell off the STi2 though, that head is great for the price. As for the switch from a Modus 120 to graphite, be careful. With most graphite shafts around 80 grams or less, that is a big 40 gram change. And if you are a high ball hitter (as I am), most graphite shafts will launch higher than the Modus 120. Make sure you give the Modus enough of a chance. That is one of my favorite shafts, and I prefer the stiff even though I hit about 1 club shorter than you.
  11. Hard to get a better deal than the STi2 these days. I'd just wait for them.
  12. I haven't tried those yet, I've heard good things. Going to try some Recoil 95s next.
  13. Yep, that was them. 902s did not work for me, those Penley 6.0 shafts were really stiff. Jut sold off the 902s as well. So now I am using a Maltby TS1/2 combo set, but still trying to find the right shafts. I have some 79 gram Wishon shafts in there now, but that is just too light for my liking - very inconsistent. I probably jumped the gun on selling the STi2 set. Even though I was not happy with the short iron accuracy, in all they were better than most I have tried.
  14. I don't think TAIII was ever involved in the Tommy Armour company. The brand name of "Tommy Armour" has been bouncing around between different owners for probably 25 years.
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