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  1. I just got my shipment. First grab impressions... The Freedom Dual Color MCC clones feel good. Smell a bit like a tire factory. For $2, I am very pleased. The Freedom Air Cushion Cord - I hate cord grips, but these seem to be a very nice tweener. The Pistol Pro putter grip - more midsize. Very nice and grippy. Pleased with all of them.
  2. I'm here. Still check the new GEA out, but there just isn't much action there. Golfbuzz (the old FGI) is still fun. When I first joined GEA it was awesome. Bang/Geek Steve, SMT Mike, Accuflex Jody, LowPro Bryant, MyOstrich Tim were all there. Golfsmith was still producing components. Wishon didn't post there, but being a clubmaker heavy forum, the new Wishon stuff was hot. Derrick made a trip out to SoCal, so we had a dozen people meet up at the SCPGA course where we got to play in 30-50 mph winds. Accuflex had an introductory sampler when they started, couple of wood and iron sha
  3. Hitting a forged wedge off of a wood tee is so much better than hitting a cast wedge off of a plastic tee.
  4. GW also has some Tommy Armour full cord grips for $0.99.
  5. I'm old school components... Golfsmith Tour Cavity Forged Wishon 550c Maltby M05/TE Forged
  6. I am 56, 4 hdcp, driver swing speed right around 100. I play stiff shafts in everything except for wedges, the regular Kinetixx W shaft is plenty stiff enough for me.
  7. My 4 iron is pretty solid, and a consistent 185-190. That club is a keeper. Every hybrid ever made - I hit 194. Every one. No matter what loft, or length, they all go 194. My 3 wood is a constant 220-225. Pretty much the same story for every wedge from 50* to 58*, they all go the same 90 yards.
  8. No Bogeys is good. I've also heard that Arroyo Trabuco GC in Mission Viejo has good clubfitters.
  9. I like the Paderson Kinetixx wedge shafts. Great feel. Even the 115 gram regular is pretty stout.
  10. I do mine until it clicks. No problems for me.
  11. I am playing the NV85s stiff in a set of STi2 irons. I've had them since August. I had been playing older heavier graphites (UST Tour Weights and Penley IMS) which both were around 110 gram, but I wanted to get something lighter (although I'd had bad results from sub 90 gram shafts). Talking to Golfworks, they thought the new NV85s were very stable for the weight). So I gave them a shot. Really surprised by how well these shafts performed from the start. I am an early releaser, so I tend to hit everything way too high, and lighter shafts just exacerbate that. But the NV
  12. I get the torque wrenches about 50% of the time. One e-mail and they send one right out. But yeah, it seems like they often miss the small stuff even though there is a packing list that you'd think they'd check.
  13. My Maltby head summaries....only the M890 comes off as a clunky cavity back, so pass on that one. I've owned all the ones below. KE4+ Tours are nice heads, but really have been surpassed by later offerings. Sole grind does not appeal to some. TS2 is probably the top head they have. Performance, feel, looks. Winner. Only the thick top line does not appeal to some. TS1 is more blade looking than the TS2. Performance is close enough to the TS2 that if blade is your preference, so TS1 versus TS2. PTM is the best looking and feeling. Many love it, and rightfully so, but f
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