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  1. With the success that Tiger has had so far and with what seems to be here to stay, has anyone thought about the idea or wonder at all about Nike getting back into the golf club business?
  2. Being a wrestling head coach takes up my off season. And golf takes up my wrestling off season. Works out perfectly
  3. Here are my thoughts, without even reading any responses to the OP.. Why in the hell are we questioning anything about Arnie? Any true golf fan who loves the history and game knows how caring and compassionate Mr. Palmer was, and for anyone to even question if that was wrong or not needs to do some reading on what Arnie has done for and meant to this sport.
  4. My daughter (7 this Friday) and son (turned 4 in August) both love when they are able to go golfing with me! Like many have said, there is no greater feeling! I have yet to really put together a great round or play a better than my average round when they're with me, but having them out has made each round the best and most enjoyable I have had in these first 4 years!
  5. I'm a 10 too, and twirl the club now and then. Am I wrong?
  6. Does this take place on the next tee too? If Johnny makes the putt, is he still able to tee off?
  7. I started playing in 2014, so this is my 4th year. Never had a lesson, not really that big on watching youtube videos for learning either. Practice routine? I maybe putt on the practice green for 10 minutes or so before a round. Never visit the range before I play, and have only had 3 or 4 range sessions in my 4 years. a month ago I finally broke into single digits. 9.5 as of now..
  8. I honestly don't remember the last time I rode in a cart. Walking is the best IMO, and I feel it makes one play better!
  9. Once again, all im going to say is Spieth is a freaking gosh darn cry baby..
  10. I have literally read every post of this awesome thread! Really looking forward to hear the more detailed version! Thank you for your service as well!
  11. Not sure which tees he played. Guess I could ask, but I wont because if he said he did I am not here to try and prove anything to anyone..
  12. Unless I am on the green, the left shoe from one of my sons first pairs of Nikes is on there protecting it
  13. Yes without a doubt. The VP of the company I work for played there the Monday after the 2015 Masters, with Jerome Bettis and 2 others. (forget the names of the other 2) At the time he had a handicap index of 11.4, and went on to shoot a 92. Course was obvisouly still in Masters Tournament conditions. He said the most difficult thing about the course was putting, which we already would have guessed. With that being said, I am pretty confident a scratch golfer could shoot a sub 85
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