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  1. I was told Friday that Ping has removed the Tensei Orange shaft off of the option list because the wait time for that shaft is considerable; no idea why the other stock options would take longer than custom.
  2. Does the universal adapter settings include any flat lie settings such as Ping and PXG have?
  3. These are so sweet looking; if the shaft worked for me I'd be all over them!!
  4. Can anyone point me to the tip trimming instructions for the Matrix Ozik F15 95 iron shaft tip trim instructions (.370 version of course)? Thanks!
  5. I have a 5-AW set of Epon AF-505s. with Oban CT115 R+ shafts, if those interest you.
  6. I've been playing the Gen 2 XF the past year; going to give the X+ a try.
  7. I suspect you will need to carefully select the shafts; I played 565s for a couple seasons and the 585s for less than a month. For me the Srixon ‘65s and 85s were about as low spinning head as I’ve played—that was my biggest issue with them. I’ve been playing my 0211s for the past few weeks and I’m seeing more spin and stopping power, which I need, than wither of the Srixons. I played Nippon Modus 105s in the Srixons and am playing the Elevate Tours in my 0211s—for sure the Elevate Tours give me a higher ball flight.
  8. The earlier Callaway hybrid adapters will not work with the Super Hybrid head.
  9. I've had my 0211's for a over month now, but have not been able to him them due to recovering from a procedure on my elbow. Today is my 6 week anniversary and hope I get the all clear from the doc tomorrow afternoon and can get out and try these over the weekend.
  10. Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but I’ve always wondered what manufacturers do with returned clubs? They can’t sell as new, but I don’t know how they sell them?
  11. Ouch! Yep I’m guessing what you drove away from Jackie Cooper’s cost more than a few sets of PXG Gen 3s! Had platelet enriched plasma infusion in my elbow yesterday so I’m on the DL for a few weeks but I’m hoping it heals the tendon tears and my golfers elbow! If not prolly looking at surgery.
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