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  1. Taylormade P7MC 4-p all factory standard with kbs tour 120 stiff. Used for 1 round and some range work. SOLD Tour issue milled grind 2 60* low bounce and 54* mid bounce. Built directly on tour van with standard lie and DG tour issue s400. I’ve added a comparison pic of a retail 50* Mg2. The tour issue have a more satin finish and double dots on the hosel. Z cord grips. SOLD milled grind 2 TW grind 60*. Dynamic gold s300 shaft. Mint, hit a few shots with it. $150 delivered to cont us. No trades.
  2. 2020 P770 irons. 4-P with kbs tour 120 stiff and upgraded z cord grips. All standard LLL. New from TM would be just under $1,300 but not available until late November (see custom shop screen grab). Used for 9 holes and a few range shots. Mint condition. $1,175 delivered to cont us. No trades. Ready to ship immediately. pin 9/21
  3. Limited edition set of Titeist T100s irons. 4-G (8 club set) all factory standard with project x LZ 6.0 onyx shafts. Irons have seen 18 holes and a little range time. Set is $1,600 new. $1,300 delivered to cont us. No trades please but will listen to reasonable offers.
  4. Mint SIM DHY 3 iron with stock diamana stiff. Used for a round. $215 shipped to cont us. No trades.
  5. Great looking tour only Piretti Potenza high toe. Putter is mint and is 35”. Great stamping and comes with head cover pictured. $575 delivered to cont us. No trades please.
  6. Yes, not a full build staff but they are filling custom orders now.
  7. I have another i210 set along with several other brands.
  8. It was made for a Pga club pro on the taylormade Presidential staff so likely not typical retail head.
  9. Got to hit it at a demo day saturday. Looked good, all black with a Diamana shaft. only took a few swings off the ground. Very strong, low ball flight but very solid. Didn't hit it off a tee. Don't really see where it fits in anyone's bag day in/day out though. I heard some say that ball speed were comparable to their current epic flash driver.
  10. Irons are no longer available. Just have not figured out how to lock an ad yet. Thanks
  11. Right, Robert Trent Jones was a real hack. I hope you can get the sarcasm.
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