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  1. ZU85 5 iron in my bag with modus 105. I play this shaft straight in, and cut it down to match the progression of my other irons. The other irons are hard stepped once. One of my favorite long clubs to play from the fairway when needed. I have the 4 as well, but a 7-wood currently fills that role.
  2. In the long modus thread, Mark has a matrix that would help. If you google “golfwrx, modus, matrix”, it should pop up. I am guessing stiff soft stepped once. Or wait for the modus 115 next year.
  3. I am strongly looking at the plus. My plan is to use this for some garage golf, and want some feedback instead of just hitting into a net. The rapsodo will not work for what I am looking for. Any other reviews from the WRX members? How is the range and five free courses. Are they just novelties?
  4. The below thread is quickshipgolf. They are the same as ksouth9: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1625446-quickshipgolf-fake-pxg-irons/ Yes, great deals to be had. I bought once from them, and had a good experience. 99.99% of it is real, and people need to do their due diligence. I make mistakes and people still work with me. It is okay to be an informed consumer, and still buy from ksouth and quickship.
  5. Search is not the best, and I remember reading this a while ago. Thought it would help.
  6. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1770190-callaway-epic-replacement/?tab=comments#comment-23187709
  7. I came here for the spider comments, and am not leaving disappointed!
  8. Not fake news. You can order from UK or other international sites. US release will likely be January/February.
  9. sorry, I am trying to be positive with all of the multiple re-posts of new releases. I should not take it out on wilson as tm, srixon, and callaway posters are the offenders. Please forgive my rambling...
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