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  1. “Hard pan under a tree”. Sounds like the ground was too hard.
  2. For me G400 max driver is more forgiving than Mavrik Max. More fairways with the Ping.
  3. Modus 115 is live on the Nippon site. Interesting that regular is added, as it was not an option for the Limited Editions. https://nipponshaft.com/product/steel_modus_115.php
  4. This thread is more appropriate in October when we have a lot more data and real world experiences. By then the 2023 TM driver thread will be at 57 pages though.
  5. Counter balanced Ventus? Or new 40 gram ventus?
  6. MC Firm with a putter head weight of 327g works for me. YMMV
  7. It was launched as a Limited Release. Correct, it is no longer available from TM.
  8. I can admit I am a hypocrite. Even though you use a bad example. I wanted to try the 115’s and waited months for the retail version. Once it was confirmed that the retail version was delayed, I bought the Limited 115’s. Yes, these are only available through Mizuno’s currently. I will gladly buy another set when they hit retail. Thanks for forum sliding and gaslighting. Bye!
  9. No worries, I have mine. I also did not want to wait, and took the plunge with zero regrets. Did TM and other OEM's release clubs with massive delays, and component sourcing issues last year? How many threads about "where are my clubs"? Those OEM's did not care about delays, because people still bought them and paid $$$. Maybe Nippon was being more cautious with their strategy? You keep on harping about "bad marketing", though there are other factors involved if you opened your eyes. Nippon probably saw the COVID issues coming, and decided to DELAY the launch, and wait for more favorable conditions to launch a new product. You mentioned that they CANCELLED the launch due to poor marketing and feedback. Thank you for doubling and tripling down on being wrong though.
  10. The 115's were delayed due to COVID. This is obvious, and people claiming otherwise are making up straw arguments. The 115's are available in Mizuno 22X. Mizuno may have paid Nippon $$$ to be the first OEM to have these exclusively. There was a rumor that Ping was also going to do this. Outside emailing Nippon for an answer, I can estimate that the retail 115's will be available at retail this fall or in 2023. Patience is a virtue.
  11. Google has spoiled people with near-instant gratification of information. People want an instant and direct response to “their” situation. People who grew up using encyclopedias, and the Dewey Decimal system are not afraid to search, and read for information.
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