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  1. 1050s are or were special order through golfworks. I asked them once. They did make parallel tipped 1050s as well.
  2. I think the small specks/scratches are moot. It is a used club. Let's say it was not damaged by the purchaser - it should be refunded. The seller's pictures are suspect with the bright lights reflecting off of the crown. This is a tough one.
  3. The lighting in the crown photo can possibly mask a defect. Not saying that it is, but I would want more photos if I were the buyer.
  4. Now your turn for photos @LeftyMan Then the "jury" will vote.
  5. Golfworks has not had a code since COVID started.
  6. Both. Velocore material in ventus is premium, and not found in the F3. F3 is less stiff in the handle.
  7. I would eat BBQ with anyone. Golf-wise, I would want to play with Ari, Monte, LaMont, and a lot of people in the instruction threads. Definitely want to check out some of the creative bags like Stu and Cardoustie. For the story, I would want to golf with Opinder. Is his swing as creative as his club building methods?
  8. This is why I am sticking to my 565's for now. Srixon has a winning release this cycle, and kudos to all of the new Srixon owners coming over from other OEM's.
  9. From what I have read, 130 is stiffer than 120. Reg 130 might be a place to start compared to 120 stiff.
  10. Agreed. Just showing both sides, and not “new”.
  11. There have been some stories of Srixon builds being “off” for years. This is not new.
  12. Hello, picked up a driver. Would you be able to check 224664DM, please?
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