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  1. We all need a break sometimes. Take care of yourself Howard!
  2. You did it because you are kind, and wanted to share your passion for golf and golf fitting. I knew nothing about golf shafts or fitting when I joined. I read your threads over multiple times to comprehend the concepts. As a noob, it was a foreign language to me. Now, I am trying to make each club a “favorite club”, as you have described. Just a few more to go to get to 14! I appreciate your generosity in sharing your knowledge. You have expressed your boundaries, and it is unfortunate people still are crossing them.
  3. I will not click that link. Wow, I did not know this. What a shame. Sorry it happened to one of the best resources on this website. There is a trend of people abusing the forum for personal business use. I am not talking about the instruction or sponsor posts/threads.
  4. We are not talking combined moi, correct? I thought g400 max was 8000 range and mavrik max was 7000 range for combined.
  5. If it is not broken now, and may break later your friend owes you nothing. It sounds like someone else is the stingy one.
  6. Both irons are played on tour. I believe there is something else besides design causing the issue at hand.
  7. Any more details for constructive feedback? Same shafts and length in both sets? How many rounds with the zx7s?
  8. Yes. 1050 will launch higher than modus. If you like the height of 950, then 1050 will be a good experiment. Modus 105 is stiffer and lower launch than ns pro 950/1050. Raw nippon ns shafts are shorter than their modus counterpart. The cut to club length weight of 1050 and modus 105 will be closer than you think. I liked 1050 more than 950, but prefer modus 105/115. YMMV
  9. The tour edge versions have a different prepreg material than velocore. Not the same “tech”.
  10. The old humble brag thread. Nice to see you again. “i can throw my 7 iron 30 feet to the bottom of a water hazard”
  11. Lots of reading material available below:
  12. Plenty of threads already out there with this topic. Yes.
  13. I have hammers that have hit less nails than that putter.
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