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  1. You sound like a video game complainer. Same tactic used by a vocal minority to “get your way”. Very trollish. This thread represents ~1% of Mizunos market. They will not “pause the release” for consumer surveys. Where do people come up with this bs?
  2. The negativity adds nothing of value to the pre-release threads, and is just forum sliding (talking about Beres irons now). Someone could start a separate thread in equipment though. Maybe call it, "Rate the Mizuno releases"? Your comment to me is the same behavior that you are calling me out for (?). I like the 223 design, and also the script logo that was used on the Mizuno MS-3 blades. Cheers!
  3. I agree that people can care about aesthetics without being “brainwashed”. This is not my first rodeo here, and people need to chill when manufacturers release a product that has a color or logo placement they do not like. Does that script Mizuno logo raise or lower scores? Or is it about “class”, as the person mentioned that I quoted? Every release has multiple people complaining about looks of the club (driver, iron, putter, even shafts). The complaints/rants about “a logo working” add nothing of value to the discussions. Maybe we just appreciate what is available, or create something else that makes us happy?
  4. This design is an homage to the Japanese clubs/market, and Mizuno is a Japanese company. You can always buy something else. Really surprised people care this much about a "brand". Brainwashed by marketing and logos much? Or is this all about the instagram points, and how your clubs look in the bag?
  5. You kind of answered your own question, in that you may have an ill fitting shaft for your aggressive swing. If 105-110 gram shafts are still too heavy, then you may need a different profile in 95 gram class weight. Quite a few different steel and graphite versions available. If you are uncomfortable with the NS Pro 950's, then it is probably not wise to adjust your swing to hit them well. Nippon Modus 105 Stiff or Regular may be a better fit. (This is all subjective on what you wrote.) Better off finding a weight and profile that fits you. Good luck!
  6. I think it is deceptive to even say that they are "made for a tour player". Bettinardi and Circle T can be made in limited runs with "tour" on them, but that does not mean it was made for a certain player.
  7. Adds a little weight for a feel perspective. I also do this sometimes, and have seen pictures of Hideki do the same.
  8. -Marketing -Fear of missing out (FOMO) -Diderot Effect (Timely topic as we are already getting the, "What 2022 cLuBs R tHerE GoiNg to Be?", and "DM me tHosE clUb pix".)
  9. ? It says that it is neutral, and not draw bias on the website.
  10. Any updates? Any photos of the shaft as well for reference?
  11. Interesting. My Ventus Red also has the small raised "grid or diamonds" in the silver graphics. Just like the pictures on their website.
  12. The US has Z forged. The picture from earlier today is from a tour photo, and is an unreleased version of the Z forged. Hype for no reason other than internet points.
  13. You get a delay thread, you get a delay thread, everybody gets a delay thread!
  14. Hideki's one-offs? It hasn't happened yet, but maybe they resurrect the "Srixon massaged" Cleveland 588 MB.
  15. I am adding some personal observations and thoughts as I am in a similar situation. I agree with Howard that LZ is similar to Modus 120. I like the weight, but not a profile I jive with. Modus 105 R hard stepped is nice, but a little too light and soft. I am working with Modus 115 S, and it is really close to the overall weight that I am seeking. I wish there was something in between 105 S and 115 S. I know this is splitting hairs. My main point is that shaft weight is most important for what I am comfortable with. Then I look at bend profile and stiffness. As someone who had injuries as well. I hope you can rest and recover. It makes the shaft fitting/finding process easier overall.
  16. You can use whatever you want, but removing duct tape from a club is a nightmare.
  17. Carefully use brass shims. Might take some engineering.
  18. I even paid the higher amount to avoid this. I was just late to the party, and must have received the lower grade putter. I do not see this putter making my rotation or collection after having it in hand. Cool model, but I am going to search for something else. Thank you, OP!
  19. I hopped on the #2 train, but was not as lucky. The grip was a little worn, and there is a decent scratch in the bottom of the putter. Not the condition that these others appear to be in. Going back to Cali...er Callaway.
  20. Thank you for another great video series, Monte! I have been working on NTC, though hitting a wall with progress. The hockey drill, sledgehammer, and Monte's explanations about the timing of hips, arms, and hands clicked for me. Looking forward to more efficient practice and swings!
  21. If you email them, Odyssey/Callaway may confirm that the serial number matches the model. They do not provide information on which tour (pga, lpga, college, etc.) or who may have played it.
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