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  1. Just started to play a TEE XCGV Tour Spec 16.5 with the stock shaft. First 3 or 4 wood that is working off of the tee and deck for me. Also have the XCG7 beta 3, 4, and 5 woods that I am experimenting with different shafts. The tall face from 2009 is winning at the moment.
  2. Have three on the bench. The 7 wood has been better for me lately. XCG7 beta 22 is ready when I need it though.
  3. I play a mix of Cleveland and Vokey wedges. Sales and deals on demo clubs thank my wallet. My 56 Cleveland has been with me the longest, and is my go to wedge. My 58 Vokey is mostly used on short shots around the green. Since you have the 56, how does it play for you? You are already pondering selling or returning it, so maybe it is to late to keep it. I say go to the store, and test a few different 56's and see which one is your favorite. Purchase that one and a 60 (that you test as well). Bending the 56 to a 55 might not make that large of a difference, though testing will make you more comfortable with your decision. Wedge thoughts: -If the 56 M grind is not working, how about the S grind? -Cleveland is releasing new wedges this fall. There are great deals on the 2.0's with free shaft and grip upgrades if you do not want to wait
  4. The Matrix shaft in your 3-wood is probably the proprietary (made for) shaft. It should be a lower weight shaft with higher torque. I liked the one in my XCG7 beta 5 wood, though not the 3 or 4 wood. I am realizing that they are all a little too light for me, though I am still gaming the 5 wood. I have since switched out the 4 to a Fubuki and the 3 wood to a Graphite Design YS. If I were to switch them all to the same shaft, it would be a Tour Blue or real Red Tie. As a GolfWRXer, I am now experimenting with a 4 wood, 7 wood XCGV set-up. Anyways...I do game a Matrix Red Tie in my driver. I really like it, and it has improved my dispersion when I do my part.
  5. If you want to tinker, then you can get 70 gram x stiff shafts from $45-$100 if you search. Aldila NV or VS Proto come to mind. Buying a new driver with a proper fitted shaft might be less stressful in the long run.
  6. XCGV 7 wood update. This club is staying in my bag for the foreseeable future. Forgiving and easy to launch. I tee'd it up on a hole, and it was a moon shot to 210 yards - down hill with little roll. The face is a little taller than my 5 wood, and I can make decent contact with that. My biggest appreciation of this 7 wood, is that I have greater confidence than with a hybrid. Looking forward to long par 3's and attacking more greens. Pros: Easy to launch Forgiving Moon shot - soft landing - little roll Cons: Not a club to hit out of the rough Moon shot caught in the wind
  7. I know someone who bought the Callaway X2 Hot 13.5 with the Tour Blue 55 shaft that worked well. The shaft might be too long, but an inexpensive option (on Callaway pre-owned).
  8. I have been experimenting with a ping 9 wood. Would be curious to see a review of that 7 wood Thank you for starting this thread. It has been very informative. Unfortunately, I have not been on the course with it yet. On a couple practice swings it seems faster and more forgiving then my XCG7 Beta 22 hybrid. I will update once I have a little more time with it...
  9. I wanted the lie of my Rocketbladez adjusted this year, and was told the same. I went to a highly respectable golf shop, and appreciate their hesitation. I believe the 8-PW are easier to bend, though I did not want a broken iron. My next irons will be purchased with this in mind.
  10. Over the past year, I tried three different hybrids. My 5 wood worked better for me in terms of forgiveness and distance. Out of the rough is the major difference. My Tight Lies hybrid was better out of the rough, though for that shot an iron would lay up the same. Testing a 7 wood to see if I will go sans hybrid.
  11. High handicap observation. I play a 50, 56, 58. Originally played 50 and 56, and purchased the 58 on a demo deal. The 58 fits a specialized role of flopping and short green side chips. My 56 bounce is better for sand, and I am pretty confident with the role of each one.
  12. I have been contemplating this for 6 months. Yes, I think too much...
  13. Just bought a XCGV 7 wood to experiment with. A back-up set of clubs may be in my future... Set 1 TEE 3 wood TEE 5 wood TEE Hybrid Set 2 TEE 4 wood TEE 7 wood
  14. I read a rumour that they will be releasing lefty this fall (on the 745 or 545 thread here?). Nothing concrete though... If they release a 565, I will have some choices to make....looking to join the Srixon fan club!
  15. Similar experience. Once I dialed in a different shaft it has been a fairway finder.
  16. Moved from a Callaway X 3-wood to XCG7-Beta. While I wanted to try the E8 Beta with a Rogue Black, the price, and forum comments by Nessism affirmed that I made a good choice. Side by side, the XCG7 Beta performed and looked better for me over the regular XCG7. Currently, I have a 3, 4, and 5 wood of the betas. My 5 wood has the regular stock shaft, and I am testing a Fubuki Z 75 gram fairway shaft (making progress) in the 4 wood. I just bought a Tour Blue 65 shaft that I might put in the 3 wood. Eventually I will pick the one or two that works best... From my research, E8 Beta has a better shaft. XCG7 Beta head is more forgiving.
  17. Loved the 5 wood, so I bought the 3 and 4! I might have a problem, but now I can play different set-ups as my game improves.
  18. Armypilot - Thank you for the suggestion of the Cobra shafts. Jason - I appreciate your feedback. I agree with geochitown, as the original shaft in the betas feel light to me as well. My 5 wood performs for me, so I do not want to mess with it at the moment. When I bought the 3 wood, I had problems with the length and feel, and started to mess with it. I also found a 4 wood with a stiff shaft for the head if I go with a 4 wood set-up. Currently I am experimenting with a Fubuki 75 Z fairway in the 4 wood. I will test this for a while, as I know the largest issue is my swing as of late. My previous experiments were the UST Proforce V5 (hard to describe - not as smooth as the Red Tie for me), and the Aldila NVS (lost distance and feel with the soft tip). Next I will look for another Red Tie, Tour Blue, or Diamana S+ to experiment with. I know this is subjective, though hopefully this will help someone else who is pondering a similar set-up. Thank you for all of the responses.
  19. Thanks Peanut. Yes, I saw that late last week. Looks like I missed out on the regulars... Good luck with the tinkering Scratch!
  20. Thank you for the suggestion on the Diamana and buying an Adam's for a pull. I have a couple options to ponder... ScratchHack - Maybe you were able to find the specs of the shafts on the Tour Edge website: R 60g MID/HIGH 4.5 S 63g MID/HIGH 4.0 X 66g MID/HIGH 3.5 Lighter and higher torque in the made for shafts. As we all know, shafts are subjective to personal ability/perception. I do not think the Tour Edge versions are bad. I have one that works for me in my 5 wood, and want to try the real deal in a 4 wood for comparison...This coming from someone who is new to clubmaking, and having fun tinkering.
  21. Any shafts comparable to the Red Tie? Originally, I have the made for Tour Edge Matrix Red Tie in my 5w, and it is a great fit. After a few experiements, I placed a 60q4 in my driver, and it is performing for me as well. In trying to find an affordable Red Tie 6q3 to put in my 3 or 4 woods, it seems like most places are out of stock in regular flex. Any comparable shafts I should consider? The regular red tie has a great feel and dispersion for my swing. Thank you in advance.
  22. The XCG7 Beta or E8 Beta might be more comparable and forgiving. The RBZ stage 2 is a popular fairway wood, so hopefully someone can share their experiences.
  23. XR set at 11.5 with Matrix 60Q4 regular. I tried the White tie, too loose. Then went to Aldila Tour Green and Rogue Silver, both too tip stiff. The Red Tie is right for me at the moment (both in driver and fairway). I want to try the Tour Blue sometime...
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