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  1. Hi guys, Selling a great set of irons. Sub70 699 (non-pro) 5-PW shafted with DG 105 stiff shafts and GP Z Cord Mids. These were ordered directly from Sub70 and are 1/4" long and 2* up. They have 5 rounds on them and no range sessions. They are in great shape. There is a small blemish on the 8-iron that I tried to show in the pics. The faces are clean and the grips are in awesome shape. They are very forgiving and long, I just found a deal on something else and pounced. They will ship in the black Sub70 box. Looking to get $450 for these shipped CONUS. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Hi guys, Just three things for sale today. All prices are shipped USPS Priority CONUS. I'd prefer to sell everything, but I might entertain a trade. 1. Cobra F6 Baffler. 42" long. Comes with a Flowerband Redboard 73s and a GP Z Cord Mid with one round on it. I bought this used and reshafted it. It has normal wear on the face and sole. No blemishes are visible from address. There are a couple of tiny paint blemishes on the shaft. I did my best to show it in the pics. I do not have the HC, but will ship it with one for protection. This is a fun club that just doesn't fit in my bag right now. Whoever buys this will enjoy it. I'll include the original shaft if you want it. $125 shipped. 2. Rife Barbados CS. 35" long and comes with a Lamkin Deep Etch Cord grip. Nothing major wear-wise considering it's age. There is some minor scratching on the shaft but again, it's not major. These are getting harder and harder to find and put a great roll on the ball. I don't have the original HC but will ship with one for protection. $120 shipped 3. Ping Gorge ES 58*. This wedge has seen some use, but has plenty of life left. Easy out of the rough and sand. S300 shaft. Standard length and comes with a Grey SuperStroke S Tech Cord Grip. $40 shipped Thanks for looking!
  3. Hey guys, Looking for a little assistance regarding tipping a Ping Tour 65 stiff shaft to put in a G25 4 wood. This pull came from the G400 Max and is currently 43.25" without the tip. Just looking for a trimming recommendation. Thanks.
  4. Ping Scottsdale TR Piper C and Rife Barbados are both great putters and fairly affordable.
  5. I’m at a 16. Currently playing Wilson C200 irons with KBS 120’s. They’re plenty forgiving, long, and don’t look half bad.
  6. The VR_S is one of the best.
  7. Hey guys, Looking to clear out some of the extras today. Not interested in any trades. I ship USPS priority and will ship tomorrow morning if purchased today. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks! 1.~~ Callaway Rogue Driver. 10.5 loft~~ Aldila Rogue I/O 110 MSI stiff shaft. It comes with a brand new Lamkin crossline cord grip. No H/C or wrench. Measures out at 45.25". HEAD SOLD SHAFT **$50 OBO** 3. Dynamic Golf AMT S300 shafts 5-PW. These are pulls from a set of Wilson Tour V6 Irons where they played standard length. I cleaned the tips so they are ready for install. The grips are GP Tour Velvet midsize and could be replaced. I'll remove them for the buyer if desired. **$~~80 Shipped~~ $70 Shipped** 3. Fuji Rombax 5X07 fairway shaft. This was pulled from a tour issue X Hot 4 wood. It measures out at 42" grip to tip and comes with a tour issue grey Super Stroke S Tech Cord Grip. **$45 Shipped** Pin 11/8
  8. Hi guys, Just clearing out the extras today. All prices include shipping. Only trade interests would be another stiff flex 4 wood or a center shafted putter. 1. Tour Edge EX 9 16.5* stiff flex 4 wood. Great club in great shape. Shafted with a ProLaunch Red Stiff flex shaft. 43" long and comes with a Tour Issue Grey Super Stroke Cord grip. I don't have the original HC. **$60 OBO**. 2. TaylorMade M2 2016 5HL stiff flex Fairway. This is really easy to hit and goes forever. It comes shafted with a Project X HXRDUS Black (non-handcrafted) shaft with a Tour Issue Grey Super Stroke Cord grip. 43" long. I don't have the original HC. **SOLD** 3. Mizuno MP T7 60.10 Wedge. This is beautiful and puts plenty of zip on the ball. Comes with a TT DG Wedge Flex shaft and a red and white Lamkin Z5 grip. 35.5" long. **$50 OBO** 4. Oban Devotion 08 stiff flex pull. 41.25" long. Brand new Lamkin Crossline Cord grip. **SOLD** **RECAP: Tour Edge: $60 TM: $75 T7: $50 Oban: $50**
  9. Wilson C200’s are really nice and are a good value.
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